Super Inexpensive Portable Black Speaker!

Sansui T18 is a stylish looking portable speaker. It looks like an expensive speaker but comes in at a much more affordable price. Let’s take a look.

Specs: Wireless bluetooth speaker, 1200mAh battery, Subwoofer, Portable, HD dual speakers, Great compatibility, Bluetooth 3.0, TF card support, Flash drive, AUX plug, FM radio, MIC, Sound effect, Bluetooth calls, Music play and Battery display.

On the back side on Sansui T18 you have the USB port and TF card support. This is great because you can take your full storage MP3 music collection and plug it in! The AUX input let’s you connect the speaker to a computer.

On top of the speaker you have three buttons Play, Previous Song and Next Song. The total size is 188mm Long X 54mm Depth X 64mm Tall. It also comes in three different colours. Black, Blue and Red.

Some more technical parameters are: Audio microphone, Bluetooth connectivity, 10m transmission distance, 3W*2 output power, ≥75dB SNR, 20KΩ impedance and 50-20kHz frequency response!

This is not the most premium bluetooth speaker so you can’t expect too much. In the package when buy it comes with 1x USB cable and 1x Audio line.

A lot of reviewers have said that they totally love the sound from Sansui T18 speaker, and that the delivery was super fast and competitive. Some people have complained that the sound is worse with AUX cable than Bluetooth connection.

There is also no english instructions because the manual is in chinese language. She also speak chinese inside the speaker if you decide to use the voice thing! Some other people have complained and said that the bass is poor. But that the speaker is loud.

But with an amazing 4.9 star rating you can’t really go wrong here. Sansui seems to be able to do an amazing job at deliver a speaker at a super affordable price range.

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Klipsch Nice Looking Bookshelf Speaker RB-10!

Klipsch got some nice looking speakers. Especially when you consider their excellent colour choice. Black and Copper colour. These speakers come in pair. They are called the RB-10!

Some of the specs on these speakers include: Video-shielded, Bass-reflex design, Frequency response 90-20,000 Hz, 8-ohm impedance, sensitivity 90dB, handles up to 50 watts, Tractrix horn with 1″ titanium tweeter, 4″ cerametallic woofer, black woodgrain vinyl finish and keyhole slot for easy wall-mounting.

RB-10 speakers is suppose to deliver you with a superior sound-quality when it comes to music and audio listening. Is it true? From my experience Klipsch can deliver really balanced sound with their in-ear speakers. And I’m sure these bookshelf speakers doesn’t disappoint!

It can also be placed near computer monitors or other gadgets without any strange interference and keep up same quality of audio. One of the materials used here is partly anodized aluminium. It also has great internal wiring with quality components being used.

It has a keyhole on the back so you can easily mount it on the wall. I have always been to lazy to set up my speakers on the wall but it’s nice how it exists! I do enjoy the low price as well for this pair. Same price as their quality Klipsch X10 in-ear headphones. What do you think about the RB-10 in design and feel?

These days I think for standard gaming or just regular YouTube watching that built in speakers in monitors or laptops will do just fine. But if you are someone who watch lots of DVDs or Bluray movies regularly then some speakers might be worth to invest in.

Especially if you want some dramatic effects to be added in movie scenes. Or if you want to build a home cinema room then speakers is a must too. Sound is important in gaming too but most people that play professionally just use a pair of headsets. For music listening some speakers can be nice as well but not play too loud then the neighbour will get angry!

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Klipsch Got These Cool Wireless Speakers!

Klipsch which I have always loved their in-ear earphones have some pretty cool wireless floorstanding speakers. It’s called the Reference Premiere HD.

You get three speakers with this system. Two RP-440WF Reference Premiere HD Wireless floorstanding speakers in colour black. And then one RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless Center Speaker. You also get the Reference Premiere HD Wireless Control Center.

The connections that you get on the wireless control center hub are: 4x HDMI with 4k Pass-through, 2x Digital Audio (1x Coaxial and 1x Optical), 1x Analog Audio, Wireless bluetooth tech, 5mm IR input, 8 channel WiSA-compliant wireless audio up to 24-bit/96kHz and lossless wireless audio transmission.

The most cool thing with the Reference Premiere HD system is how you no longer need to have annoying cables to build up a home cinema. You can upgrade to a 7.2 surround sound system eventually for a cool home theater experience!

Obviously with this wireless system it offers you to put the speakers anywhere in the room. Without confusing your setup. And it shouldn’t be that much problem using this over WiFi if you have many other devices because it creates it’s on independent dedicated network. You should be up and running within minutes of unboxing.

The design of the speakers in the Reference Premiere HD system are also very much Klipsch in look and beauty. It will really overall be a clean home system. Nobody ever liked to use cables for their setup. It was too confusing and makes your room ugly.

In the future we will have even more smart technology and cables will be removed more and more. We see wireless charging and Smart Tech coming out that is smaller in size and easier to use.

The question that I’m mostly curious about is if we ever will be able to charge devices faster wirelessly. We probably will eventually but it will take some time to get there. These days to do it on a phone can take over 3 hours for a full charge!

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