Firefox Quantum 57 Beta Browser Looks and Performs Amazing!

The New Firefox Quantum browser looks amazing! Around 10 years ago most people used a browser called Firefox. But then Google Chrome browser came in with better performance. Now Firefox has a brand new browser soon coming out on November 14. But you can already right now try the Beta!

First of all this browser is 2x faster than last year because it comes with a new engine. It uses 30% less memory. It has a more beautiful design than what you get in Google Chrome I think. Chrome feels more engineer in it’s design. New Firefox Beta has amazing animations you see when you for example bookmark a page.

Another thing that I noticed was how the scrolling is now more smooth than in Chrome. It has a very cool built-in feature where you can take a screen shot of various areas of a website and saved it in a location for easy find all your snapshots.

Firefox just as Google chrome has a ton of extensions available. But in this new Beta a lot of them may not be compatible for the moment. They also have great built-in privacy to block ads and trackers so you can make pages load up to 44% faster!

There are three versions right now of the new Firefox browser that you can try: Beta, Developer Edition and Nightly! The current Beta is version 57.

Mozilla also did a speed comparison launching popular websites. New Firefox 57 vs. Google Chrome and most of the times Firefox loaded up faster! The latest Firefox nightly is already on version 58.0a1.

One cool thing with Firefox browser is how you can send tabs to other devices like your smartphone. You also have a fast way of search with different search engines right from the URL Bar. The quick search engines you could use are Amazon, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Twitter and Wikipedia!

One feature I love is how you can pocket pages. And leave tags on them. Reminds me about Evernote. With you can keep track of all your list and saved pages. This is a bit different from bookmarking a page. Maybe you don’t wanna bookmark every page but you wanna “pocket” certain cool things you see so you can go back and find them later.

I also like in this Firefox 57 version how it’s easy in menu to find: Bookmarks, View Pocket List, History, Downloads, Synced Tabs, Screenshots and Recent Highlights! I feel like they are making it easier than Chrome to quickly find back to what you where doing. For example you can navigate download in the menu without having to open up a larger window. It’s a better UI design!

I will test out this new Firefox version more to see if I want to make a full switch back to Firefox and leave Chrome behind. I have a burning heart for amazingly designed apps like this new browser version!

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