Massive iPhone Speed Comparison! Which is Fastest?

In this video I am doing an epic speed test video between some iPhone’s that came out a couple of years ago. Many of them still cost a bit of money!

The cool thing that I realised was that I could start all iPhone’s at the same time if you plugged them into chargers and then turn the power on! This was way more effective than if I would have tried to turn them on just with my hands! It’s very hard to do that when you are a 1 man show. EverythingApplePro can do it because he has cool friends that help him with his content!

This video got a lot of attention it does seem like people love to see startup speed tests! Usually the boot speed may not have to do that much with the phone speed when it’s turned on. Usually most people keep their phone on all the time so it doesn’t really matter that much how fast the boot is. The fastest boot phone I have used have been HTC devices that have something in the settings you could enable to make it boot megafast!

I am surprised not more companies have adopted that. Usually takes around a minute still to start a device. I would love to see it get down to 1 second! Because sometimes you want to take a picture of something fast. Then you need a fast boot phone! Do you like this video and do you want to see more like this? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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Hammer Dropped on iPhone 6 Plus to Test Durability!

In this video I will test the durability on the iPhone 6 front glass screen! So we all know that phone’s are usually pretty durable for basic things as be in pocket and knife screen scratch test.

But how does it hold up to a 1 kilo hammer? This is more heavier than even a drop test would be! The impact on the screen will test it super much. You also have to take into consideration that iPhone 6 Plus is larger than standard iPhone 6 so it may have bigger weak spots.

A smaller phone like iPhone 4 or 4S may perform better because smaller screen I think gives better resistance to heavy things. On the other hand they might have stronger glass inside the iPhone 6 Plus. Just as Samsung most years upgrade their glass with a new gorilla glass version.

Do you want to see me do a hammer drop test on latest iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Maybe it would be interesting to see what would happen. But from what I’ve heard the iPhone X breaks pretty easily! And it’s also priced at 1000 euro so I won’t buy it for a long time. It’s very overpriced.

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All My Samsung Phones! A Video I did a Few Years Back!

In this video I will show you all of my phones that I had at that time that was only from Samsung brand! I want to thank everyone for the support over the years! We are only getting started!

Samsung is one of the main brand I have been buying the last couple of years. Mainly because they are the top company when it comes to sales in Android phone division. Other companies have tried to outcompete them like Sony, HTC and LG but they have all failed. Maybe they have all failed because Samsung is involved in so many niches so they can afford to spend more money on marketing and advertising.

The other phone company that people talk a lot about is Apple. Sadly Apple the last couple of years have started to become more boring and stagnant. Nothing exciting is happening and the jailbreak excitement that existed back in 2009 has slowed down. That community made the iPhone more exciting by all the cool tweaks you could get! But Apple didn’t like that.

In this video I will show you many Samsung phones. Which one is your favourite? Do you want me to do an updated video 2018 on all my Samsung phones? Or perhaps all my Apple phones? Please let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear your opinion! Have an awesome day.

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iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Water Freeze Test a Very Long Time!

In this video I did a quick test with Apple’s iPhone 7 vs. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 in how they would perform in a Freeze Test!

What was cool with the iPhone 7 was that we didn’t really know how it would hold up in a fluid test. Because Apple doesn’t come out with a official certification for that iPhone about if it was IP rated or not. But usually Apple creates phones that are pretty good in quality so I thought it would be fun to test out the durability!

And of course it would be more fun if I did it side by side with Samsung’s high-end phone by then which was the Galaxy S7. And S7 have an IP68 rating which is one of the best phones comes with. Watch the video to see which one you think is the clear winner!

I consider to do more fluid comparisons if people find it interesting. Some of my most popular videos has been how a phone will perform inside a fluid. Other videos that I have made that have gained popularity has been hammer test and drop test. Is there any specific test you want me to do then please let me know in the comment section down below.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Coca-Cola Durability Test!

In this video I tested to see how the Samsung Galaxy S6 would perform if I poured Coca-cola on top of it! What’s interesting with the Galaxy S6 was that it’s not a water resistant phone.

Samsung did gave us water resistance with Galaxy S5 somewhat. The S5 wasn’t fully water resistant because you could remove the back side and if you wasn’t careful enough then it could get soaked on the inside with fluids.

Then with Samsung Galaxy S7 we got water resistance back again fully. The only main downside with many of Samsung’s phone that has water resistance is that they still get problem with the audio jack that can complain that it needs to be dry hours later. It can be very annoying and they should fix that. For example Apple iPhone’s never have that problem.

I will probably do more Cola test in the future on phones. But it does seem like more phones are getting permanent water resistance so it probably won’t be that fun to try it in the future if it will always survive. Need to come up with something different!

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