Hammer Dropped on iPhone 6 Plus to Test Durability!

In this video I will test the durability on the iPhone 6 front glass screen! So we all know that phone’s are usually pretty durable for basic things as be in pocket and knife screen scratch test.

But how does it hold up to a 1 kilo hammer? This is more heavier than even a drop test would be! The impact on the screen will test it super much. You also have to take into consideration that iPhone 6 Plus is larger than standard iPhone 6 so it may have bigger weak spots.

A smaller phone like iPhone 4 or 4S may perform better because smaller screen I think gives better resistance to heavy things. On the other hand they might have stronger glass inside the iPhone 6 Plus. Just as Samsung most years upgrade their glass with a new gorilla glass version.

Do you want to see me do a hammer drop test on latest iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Maybe it would be interesting to see what would happen. But from what I’ve heard the iPhone X breaks pretty easily! And it’s also priced at 1000 euro so I won’t buy it for a long time. It’s very overpriced.

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Watch me Pour Coca-Cola on New Nokia 3310!

So I decided to do a quick 3 minute coca-cola test with the brand new €60 euro 3310. This is a phone using the Nokia branding and the phones are designed by HMD.

This phone doesn’t have an IP-rating like the new iPhone or Samsung phone has! So it is a very interesting test to see how it performs. Let me know if you want me to Coca-Cola test any other phone. I have cool connections to be able to get access to most phones! Thanks!


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