Compact Mini Portable LED Projector!

YG-300 is a super compact portable LCD projector! Ever wanted to have a projector you can bring with you but can’t stand the large projectors that exists? Look no further! YG-300 will handle stuff for you.

Specs on the projector: 1080p, 400-600 lumens, 320×240 pixels, home cinema, 800:1 contrast ratio, razor-sharp images, AV/CVBS/HDMI/USB interface support, Over 30,000 hours LED lamp, Infrared remote control and within 1.5 meter distance for best result!

YG-300 projector comes with a nice fashionable design, 245 grams of weight, white and yellow colour and ABS plastic material. Can also use it has a portable charger. The colour standard the projector is using is DCI-P3.

The main ports and buttons: TF Card slot, Power button, ON/OFF, CVBS 3 in 1 input, HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack and one USB port. The LED light the projector is using is American Bridgelux LED light. With power consumption 10-24W.

If you are worried about noise then there is some good news here. It comes with an advanced cooling system with good heat dissipation and low noise. As you can see on the design of the projector heat can flow out from more than one side to provide effective cooling.

There are also some buttons on top of the projector where you can navigate through things. The weight is 0.29kg. And full size of the gadget is 126.4×85.8×47.7mm. Video support formats are: MP4, RMVB, AVI, RM, MKV and more! Standard image formats also supported like JPEG, BMP and PNG. Audio file support MP3, WMA, AAC and more!

Reviewers have stated that YG-300 is more of a fun projector not a complete home theater. But can be used for projects around the home for fun. It has great sound and is quiet and that it’s not HD but still okay quality.

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UNIC Has an Affordable LED Projector!

UNIC has come out with a brand new LED projector called UC46! This one comes in a beautiful black colour and with a very affordable price. Compared to other projectors on the market.

The specs are: 1080p resolution, TFT LCD, 1200 lumens in brightness, contrast ratio 800:1, native resolution 800*480, Lamp is LED and last 20K hours, Lens is F=125, Manual operation mode, Projection distance is 1.07-3.8M, Size of projection is 34-130 inch, Aspect ratio works in both 4:3 or 16:9 and Keystone correction ±15°.

I like how UC46 comes with a wireless connection! UNi-Link wireless connection, wide screen, high quality glass lens and built-in AC power adapter. The wireless tech means you can easily connect with your smartphone. It also supports DLNA, Miracast and iOS.

On top of the projector you can adjust the focus with an adjust handle. The optical lens is a high quality multi-chip-coated which brings you good colour reproduction, great transmittance and excellent temperature resistance.

Ports on the projector are: Audio Out, 3in1 Audio and Video, HDMI, USB, SD Card, VGA, IR Receiver and USB power bank. You also get full function keypad on top.

Other specs is: 55W max power consumption, 8Ω 1W speaker, remote control run by 2x AAA batteries that isn’t included, 10m remote control connection, 23 languages built-in, WiFi over 2.4G, 1kg in weight and the exact dimensions are 201*153*67.5mm.

Some of the reviewers that bought UC46 have said that you need to be in a complete dark room to get a good image. If you have some light in the room then the image will be bad. Also you have to point the remote control to the rear of the projector. Not at the screen! Remember if you use over wifi that the connection might be unstable sometimes. Do you think this is a cool projector for it’s low price?

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