Sony Ericsson K800i Photo Samples!

Today I want to take a look at the quality a 11 year old phone can take. You can play cool games with this device like Micro Counter Strike 1.4!

I will also include a video sample. These are photos from my Sony Ericsson K800i phone! The interesting part about this is how I feel the quality is amazing for an old 2006 phone. This was before iPhone era. The first iPhone Steve Jobs introduced in 2007.

Before that it was Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson that dominated the phone market. This phone has a 3.2 Mega Pixels camera with auto-focus. Something many Android phones didn’t even have in 2010.

Other specs include 64MB internal memory, 2.0 QVGA 240×320 display and 115g weight. It also has a little mirror on the back side so you can see yourself when you are taking a selfie photo with rear camera. The flash is Xenon flash. The BestPic mode takes 9 quality photos and allows you to select the best.

The phone also has a media player with support of 16GB Memory Stick Micro slot. This phone is also using ATI’s Imageon 2192 graphics. So 3D gaming is available with Java games.

The phone is very thick compared to today’s standard but still very beautiful and unique in it’s design. Here are photos taken from it. The first photos are taken without the flash. The last ones are with flash turned on.

I also did a quick video that was in 3GP quality and less than 1MB in size. Now clearly this was before video was important. YouTube started in 2005 just one year before this phone got released. So video wasn’t that important back in the days.

So what do you think about the K800i phone? I mean clearly it can have better quality on the photos but when you consider the price it’s not that bad. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will probably cost around 900 euro which will be around 25x as expensive as this little device! Hopefully you enjoyed these photos. Let me know if you want to see any other camera samples. I have many phones! I also took a photo of the phone’s beautiful back!

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Anica A9+ Fashion Mini Card Phone First Look!

Today I want to take a quick look at another mini phone. It’s called the Anica A9+! This one comes with a 680mAh battery, Dual SIM option, Bluetooth, And It kind of has the shape of an miniature iPhone!

It has a nice metal and glass build. You can take calls from another phone via Bluetooth. The weight is only 68g. It has an accelerometer so you can shake to switch between songs. It also has a built in Pedometer so you can track steps while you are walking.

It also has a function to remind you to not just sit down all day but to move around. It also has an anti lost function within 10 meters. Anti-theft alarm ring if you forgot to take your phone with you. The MP3 player can play music with bluetooth has I have understood it.

The mini card phone can also work as a universal remote for many gadgets. 72-90 hours of standby time. SD card and SIM card option. The resolution on the OLDE display is 240×320 pixels. And they keys light up nicely with a white backlight.

It really feels like this mini card phone is like if you would shrink an iPhone 5S! It has a nice weight to it which makes it feel premium. The keys gives you a nice vibration when you press them.

In menu of the phone you have: Call logs, Contacts, Message, Multimedia, Settings, Bluetooth, Tools & Remote Control. The tools are Pedometer, Reminder, Mobile Tracker, YaoYaoMP3, Calendar, Calculator, Alarm, My Files and Bluetooth.

For the price of this little gadget I find that it does more than enough! I am very impressed with the overall build quality they did. And that you can write text in the calendar on certain dates. You cannot play any games or take any photos or browse the internet with this device. But it would be nice to see that added in a larger more premium version. Check out this device availability over here.

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SATREND A10 Mini Phone – First Look!

So today I want to check out the SATREND A10 which is a Mini Card Phone! It comes with a 1.77 inch Display and 480mAh battery. It’s a very tiny phone that still feels very quality and has a unique look.

It’s a Metal bluetooth mini card cell phone. It’s as big as a credit card and feels great in the hand. It both support Standard SIM card + Micro SIM card. Or Standard SIM card + SD card. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack. It can also make calls via bluetooth by binding it to your smartphone. Both dial up and answer calls.

You can also remotely take a photography over bluetooth. Then you first need to install an app on your other phone. I will try this feature to see how it works. It also has an MP3 player but no default songs. Need an SD card in the phone to be able to use this. You also get a business leather while buying this phone. But it doesn’t seem to stick to the phone that well. Works mostly as protection.

It’s around 8mm thick, 90mm tall and 50mm wide. It doesn’t have any games installed. But it does have a physical keyboard. Dial and Hang up coloured buttons. You have a charging port at the bottom of the phone. On the back you have the text digital sound. And the logo feels nice.

The phone has an expensive premium feel. It’s hard to tell the price of it just by looking at it. It will for sure make people curious what it is you are having. This phone comes in 4 colors, pink, black, grey, and almost gold like colour. It also comes with a charging cable, a pin for taking out the SD card/SIM card tray.

Be sure to let me know what kind of tests you want me to do on this device. It’s CPU is MTK6261D, Memory is 32MB+32MB, Screen Resolution is 480×320 pixels.

In these times it’s very popular that the phones just keeps getting bigger. There was a time when 4.3″ was considered big. But now not even 5″ is big. So it’s nice to see some companies are going back to produce compact sized phones! If you want to check out this device then it’s available here for purchase.

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DOOGEE BL5000 – Review!

Audio Version:

DOOGEE sent me their latest phone to review. The DOOGEE BL5000. It comes at a price of around €130.

But with a massive 5050mAh battery, It weights 210g which is amazing for a phone. Never had a heavy phone like that before. Chipset it’s using is a MediaTek MT6750T, with the processor setup of: 4x 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A53, 4x 1.0GHz ARM Cortex A53. 8 cores in total. The RAM is 4GB clocked at 833MHz. 64GB of internal storage. The GPU is an ARM Mali-T860 MP2 at 650MHz.

The screen is a 5.5″ IPS Display 1080p resolution with Gorilla Glass 5 and 650nit.

Also in software it is using latest Android 7.0. Camera can record 1080p at 30fps. The phone is using Quick Charge 3.0 so can charge 40% in 10 minutes. The phone has a bit of a plastic feel on the back but it shines up nicely in the sun. On the sides it seems to have aluminium/metal material that feels like iPhone 7 material. The back of the phone reminds me about about the Huawei Honor 9 or Honor 8.

The UI is fresh and Doogee is using their own launcher. So they have put in some work into creating a unique experience. The notification area is in a dark theme with nice rounded toggles in a black and white and blue theme. The animations are smooth and I see no lag as I did with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The custom launcher has various settings as: Search Bar, Know On Home Screen, Application Manager, Show all app in desk (Which takes away your app drawer and put all apps on the home screens), Magic finger (Which can make custom symbols when you swipe across the screen for example hearts!)

Another option you have in launcher is Shake to change theme, Gesture settings, Backup home screen, Restore home screen and Reset home screen.

The toggles on the phone to quickly change certain settings involves: Eye Protection, Flashlight, WiFi, Do not disturb, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Location, ScreenRecord, HotKnot, Portrait, Sim Card Status & Battery Status. You can also add Hotspot, Invert colours, Data saver, Cast and Google Play Services Nearby.

The phone does have a fingerprint sensor you can set up. You need to use it either with: Fingerprint + Pattern, Fingerprint + PIN or Fingerprint + Password. You can also if you take PIN require a PIN when you start your device. Just as Sony did with Sony Xperia X Compact. You can also select if you want to show notifications on lock screen when device is locked. Or hide it all. The fingerprint is both fast to set up and works great.

The settings area has a white background and colourful small icons to the left. It’s easy to see things at a quick glance without having to go deep inside of the settings. You can see the amount of data used, storage used, average memory used, battery percentage, amount of apps installed, ringer volume, notification status all that just on the main settings page at a quick glance.

BL5000 also has an interesting DIY theme engine. Where you quickly can customise Icon size, Label Size, Colour, App Animation, Delete app animations. Icon sizes can go from small to big. Label size as well. With colour you can tweak the app label colour. App animation will change the animation when you launch an app. You can select between many: Slide Up/Down/Left/Right, Zoom and Rotate.

You can also change the transition animation when you change home screens. These are your options: None, Card Stack, Accordition, Cube In, Cube Out, Overview, Cross, Vertical Flip, Windmill and Wheel, Carousel Left/Right. All works smooth.

You can reach the multitasking page by holding in on the home button. When you scroll through many apps you get a smooth animation. Kind of like the effect you get on the iPhone 7. The scrolling inside the browser is also smooth. But can sometimes too slow load up a heavy websites content.

This phone got speaker down where the charging port is. An interesting thing with this phone is it can stand up on that side. Just like iPhone 5S can do. The phone has a news page if you flip to the left on the home screen. It doesn’t look like you can disable it. It will show you latest news in these categories: Local, World, Business, Entertainment and Sports. I wish they had a tech category.

The camera app has these different modes: Video, Photo, FaceBeauty, Blur, Mono, Panorama and PRO. The blur effect is my favourite. Because you can create the Photoshop effect fast and easy. The camera of course doesn’t take Galaxy S8 quality photos but for the price it’s decent. The focus is fast and taking new photos is fast as well. But a bit too much white most of the time.

The main selling point of this phone will be the large internal battery, the beautiful easy to use UI. Reminds me a bit about the ASUS Zenfone 3 but for half the price! And that it has Quick Charging 3.0. So charge up the battery fast which always is good. And also that it has Mali GPU. So many games will run nice with this phone. And I was a bit shocked at first the weight of this device. But for the low price it gives it a premium feeling. Sort of like the iPhone 4 and 4S had in their compact size. The curved sides makes for an easy grip and that it can stand up is also a plus.

For me it feels like Doogee put more work into the software than what HMD did with the Nokia 3. I like how the BL5000 has it’s own custom launcher that you can tweak. And that the UI isn’t stock Android but a tweak with a UI that stands out with the notification area.

There is also a built in System Manager where you can optimise these things: Power manager, Rubbish clean, Freezing room, App auto-boot, App Lock and auto clean. Many handy features that most people will find useful.

Quick Video: DOOGEE BL5000 vs. Xiaomi Redmi 4 – Which Is Faster?

So I did a quick speed test with two new phones around the same price-range.

A second video comparing new BL5000 vs. old DOOGEE DG310:

And a third video comparing BL5000 vs. New Nokia 3!

Overall I really like this device! The darker shade in UI will be perfect for people who enjoy darker colours. Even the Audio slider is a darker black colour. This phone is available a GearBest! The phone is also available at Banggood!

I will probably do many test’s with this device depending on what people wanna see.

Let me know in the comment section what phone you want me to compare BL5000 against. Have an awesome day.

Best Regards,


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Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 – Review

Audio Version:

The new Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Edition I really do enjoy because of it’s premium build quality. The aluminium unibody is really a nice step up from the boring plastic feel from Galaxy J5 2016. This new model feels more like Samsung’s A5 series. Which always has been a bit more premium feel segment.

The last year’s A5 was kinda in a bad shape I think. I hated the glass back, Samsung still have glass back on the new 2017 edition but it is way more smooth rounded on A5 this year. Which makes it feel better.

But the new J5’s aluminium unibody feels even better! And it’s the perfect material if you would drop the device by accident. Because there is no glass back that would break as with the A5 series.

This phone comes packed with the latest Samsung UX, and Android 7.0. Which means it has some UI features designed the same way as the high-end Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus. The display is fairly large at 5.2″ with 720p Super AMOLED Screen. I’m not sure if I enjoy that. Even the cheaper phones constantly getting bigger. I would like to see more phones at 4.3″ again as the Galaxy S2 had.

The J5 has a fingerprint reader and Samsung Pay. The chipset is also good; Exynos 7870, 14nm: octa-core 1.6GHz Cortex-A53 CPU. The GPU is Mali-T830MP2. The Mali GPU performs well with Android’s GTA games. The camera is primary 13MP and a secondary 13MP as well. And Samsung is delivering good quality with the camera!


There are some bad things you still have the old microUSB port so it charges slower. And no Always-on Display feature, the A5 series have Always-on Display. And some people think 16GB is too low these days.

But then again this device is a mid-range smartphone. And of course you cannot remove the battery. The good old days with that feature with Samsung phones is more disappearing. You also don’t get a notification LED for new messages.

How does this phone compare to other popular phones? I have done some videos like Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 vs. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and there is very little difference between them. A5 Glass Back, J5 Aluminium. A5 IP68 Water and Dust resistant, J5 no IP-rating! A5 Always-on Display so you can see notifications even when the display is turned off, J5 no feature like that so you have to wake up the device old school way.

Is there any good cases available for the J5 2017 edition? Yes in fact Spigen premium case maker have made two nice cases. One is called Liquid Crystal. This case is a see through case. If you want a clarity case. If you want a case with better grip they have also released a case called Liquid Air Armor which is using a premium TPU layer.

How does the J5 compare against Samsung Galaxy S8? S8 got 570 ppi pixel density, almost double the J5’s 282 ppi. S8 is using Exynos 8895 and it’s Geekbench score is 6375 in multi-core. The J5 global is getting 3766 in multi-core. So the S8 is around double in terms of processor speed. S8 will come with Samsung DeX (desktop experience support). You need to buy a external gadget for around 100 euro to get DeX. It will turn your phone a bit into a laptop by using a bigger display. S8 also has faster battery charging (Quick Charge 2.0 with Type-C 1.0).

Then S8 has IP68 certification just as the A5 series. One of the big difference is how S8 comes with 64GB internal storage and 4GB ram. The only J5 2017 that comes close is the J5 Pro which has 3GB ram and 32GB storage. But the standard J5 the global edition comes with only 16GB of storage and 2GB of ram. So you will only be able to install a couple of high-end games like GTA San Andreas.

S8 also has a more beautiful edge-to-edge display and slimmer in width which gives it a more premium feel. But it also has a badly placed fingerprint sensor on the back which many times won’t recognise your finger. Or it can be hard to reach it. With the J5 the fingerprint reader is on the front so easier to get it right the first time.

It is also true that the Galaxy S8 has 4K video recording capabilities and some other features. But really who records video in 4K that much? The J5 can record in Full HD. The S8 cost almost 3-4x as much depending on the region you live in. Is it really worth it? The J5 is a great deal for the price it cost. I’m glad Samsung has brought out such a premium device at such an amazing price range.

It is even cheaper than when Samsung released the Galaxy S4 Mini for around 350 euro a couple of years back.

In terms of build quality as you can see my Galaxy S8 from a drop test the glass got shattered very badly. If it would have been a drop test with the J5 the back wouldn’t have gotten destroyed. So you even get a overall better build quality on the J5 it’s amazing. The S8 features Gorilla Glass 5 on front that might be stronger than the J5’s front. But if you buy a screen protector for J5 you can get decent protection fast.

Overall there is very little to complain about with this phone. I just want to say that Samsung did a really good job here. And I hope it won’t start to lag 6 months in. As Samsung’s Galaxy S6 lineup has suffered lot’s of problems with software that is slow.

Even my S8’s software is pretty badly optimised and I can detect lag in the photo gallery app. I hope Samsung works out their hardware and software failures which happens from time to time. Like with the Note 7 fiasco.

Best Regards,


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