Amazing Ideas in Life You Need to Know From an INFP!

Work hard to maintain sanity in life to not go crazy! There is so many distractions in our regular life now especially with phones and other devices that hard work is rare these days. Hard work puts us into a meditative state where we get more things done. Our modern curse is too much information. Working hard grounds you into reality.

When you wanna be successful as bad as you wanna breathe then you be successful in life. Desire is a major key to all life. How bad do you truly want something? Your desires at a surface layer perspective usually tells you very superficial desires. But if you dig deeper you can find the deeper more real desires that you want more. Things like the desire to surrender to true love. Maybe you don’t really have a desire to be “successful”. Dig deeper and find out the true desires things that really excites you.

A big secret in life to really win is giving. Secret to life is giving all the time! Be a true giver! Never have time to focus on your selfish desires! Always give. The magical thing about giving is that it seems to be infinite. The more you give the more energy you get to give even more. It’s like you open yourself up to the universe. It’s like you let your soul speak through you. You don’t try to force it out but just having the trusting ability that more giving will appear as you are trusting the abundance process.

Little tweaks matter! You may think doing something for 10 minutes each day is pointless. But that 10 minutes becomes 5 hours in 1 month! That’s insane! So you are not doing a 10 minute tweak. You are doing a 5 hour tweak! Which is crazy! I don’t use Facebook because I don’t want 1 more minute in my life spent on that site when I can focus on building my dream life. Working on my passions every minute of the day.

One amazing thing you can start to do if you want tons of people giving you stuff in life is learn to contact 10 companies everyday offering your services. Don’t have any to offer? Make something up! You are the creator in life. You can create anything. Learn to speak in ways that inspire others. Words are truly magical things that change everything. Try to use cool words that normal people rarely see.

Treat your time and money as holy. Count and value every penny, particle and second in the universe. Treat it like royalty and life will be kind towards you. Life wants a master like that. Someone with true deep humility! Don’t neglect things in life. Take care of everything and it will take care of you!

The idle mind is the devils playground in life. Always have new cool things you are working on. Be in constant flow in life. Be like Mozart always create amazing work. Be like Picasso giving full attention to your craft. Move your ship in life towards the place you find interesting. Eventually you will get there.

Something you will realise in life is that in the end it will come down to millimeters. The one who did just a tiny bit more work. The one who did 5 minutes more work. The one who stayed a little bit longer. Eventually this will add up with the power of momentum. It’s the small little things that makes all the difference in the long run. That little tweak creates 10X better results. Especially when you work super hard you will find tons of these tiny tweaks you can implement into your life. You wanna ride the wave of momentum in life. Don’t let go once you have momentum! Momentum is holy and very hard to get back to once you have it!

Find your unfair advantage in life. Something that you are extremely good at! And put attention and focus on that. Everyone has something they are super good at. That’s your unfair advantage that you need to exploit for maximum success. Once you start to hit into your early 20s you will start to see patterns in life of what works and what doesn’t.

This will help you more to dig down what you are amazing at. Also go and learn about yourself take the famous Myers Briggs personality test and learn about it from top to bottom. It’s strengths and weaknesses and learn about other types. See what famous people with your type dedicated their lives too. Read their quotes and find out how you can win in life. This is great shortcut to success.

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Amazing Ideas To Succeed In Life!

This is some of my main ideas I have collected in the last year. First of all my friends all is magical. Everything you find in life is connected to everything else. Everything matters and doesn’t matter at the same time.

People love attention in life! Give people your attention! We live in a culture where everything is so vain and surface layer pointlessness. Go deeper and truly listen to people.

To not act in life is immoral behaviour. Being idle is wrong. You are meant to be active and produce things in life! Don’t stand still in life my friends. Be always on the move.

Be grateful and feel lucky if a beautiful person with a great soul spends time on you. What a blessing! They have come to you to do good! Every second someone spends or invest in you is beautiful because they will never get that time back!

Try to stay away from things in life to learn to Focus in life. Remove distractions from your life! Focus my friends! Focus. It’s the key to life. Life will open itself up to you if you master this thing.

Have a vision in life to expand. Every area of your life wants to expand and turns itself into a brand new universe. Don’t turn your back on this magical effect. Remember that all your areas in life can become 1000x better! Because in the universe it doesn’t seem to be an end to depth!

Play to Win in life. Burn the boats as they would say. Put yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to succeed! This is a way where you are forcing yourself to succeed by putting evolutionary pressure on yourself. Just because life has become easier the last 100s of years now you will have to put the evolutionary pressure on yourself if you want to accomplish great things in life!

Only practice what you want to become in life. Remember that everything you do everyday that’s eventually what you will become. Every tiny thing is tweaking your destiny.

When you work hard you become sharper and more clear thinking. When you live in the moment you forget time and you see the world for what it really is. You are not stuck up in your mind. This will make you humbled by reality. You will be less delusional.

When you are making money in life consider what good you can do with that money. What good you can do in the world with it instead of just what it can do for your life. This will also humble you and many times motivate you even more to go out and get it because you see the bigger vision of that money.

How can you be more selfless and sacrifice yourself more so you can do greater things for others. Sacrifice as in maybe consider less about temporary pleasure you can indulge in and focus more on how you can have others have a good time and succeed.

Live as you are already complete and perfect. Live as you already have all the money you need. Be very grateful. Especially because the universe has been taken care of you up to this point. You are a complete person this is it. Your soul nothing can take it from you. Your perfect heart is complete too. Nothing can make it more perfect than what it already is.

Learn to study the great masters in life. Learn to listen and be humbled by the wiser people. Listen to the wise ones and follow their steps. Take what they did and build on that. You save time and energy by doing this. If you don’t do this then you will be reactive your whole life to others who are wiser. Either you take control over your life or you will fall into someone else vision.

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Best Way to Make Money 2017! Use Internet!

Best ways to make money 2017! This world is becoming more globalised. You are more free than ever before. Many people have no idea what they should do with this abundance of wealth that they experience. You are more rich than most kings from a few hundred years ago! You may say why is that? Because you have a smartphone!

This is a magical device! It let’s you access anyone in the whole world that has access to the internet! You have a voice in the masses! If you speak up you can get an audience. Remember that with the internet you have billions of people connected so there is an audience for everyone. What an amazing thing the internet is!

Clearly the best way to make money 2017 is to start your own website and build your own platform doing what you love and have passion for! It’s not that expensive to start a website you can usually get away with a low cost of 5-10 euro per month. To have your voice be heard! To fulfill your dreams! To make passive income while you are sleeping! You can make passive income while you sleep because people can visit your website 24/7. That’s the magic of working for yourself!

I have been living online full time since 2012! It’s been mostly from my famous YouTube channel with over 9000 videos uploaded. You may think I am superhuman and you could never do that but you can! Because it’s always only the beginning that is hard once you have momentum everything else just flows! Because an object in motion likes to stay in motion. It’s very lazy to stop again once it picks up speed! I am not perfect and never will be. But that’s fine because people love real people! They feel that they can relate to that!

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The Power of Words! All People Need To Know!

As we move forward into a more digital world I want to remind people about the power of the word. If it’s something that has been very true in the world then it is that communication is life. It can be done with your voice or with words. The problem with your voice is that it’s more limited.

People need to be in the same location as you are. You need to expand a lot of energy to transfer it to people. There are more distractions usually in environments where people speak. People can’t really focus deeply and with proper attention. There is a more effective way of communicating things. That is with words.

Words are easier to transfer these days because everyone has access to a smartphone. With the power of words you can inspire others and you can make them consider the world in a different light. Words create magic. Words go from your eyes into your brain that will generates new universes and ideas. Clearly that is a magical skill! Every human is unique and special. Imagine the possibility of each human with a unique brain never created before! How amazing.

You have the most powerful tool already in the world. It’s called your brain. But most people don’t use it’s full potential. Most people don’t use the power of words. Word’s are easy to write and can change someone’s life. A few words of care can make someone’s day feel much better. Because it takes them out from their own reality into someone else. Two brains connecting and creates even more new ideas than what 1 brain could do.

Our own subjective reality we experience isn’t some ultimate truth. It’s just one small perspective in a sea of billions of souls. We can’t listen to all in the world because of our limited time but we can find interesting people we like and pay attention to them. Listen to what they say in the comfort of our home. Words just sit there in peace just waiting for someone to come by and have a look at them. Consume them so that person can create a more alive life.  It’s taking a person out of auto-pilot.

I recommend that everyone write everyday to keep track of their thoughts and ideas. It’s like having an offline version of your brain. And you can go back everyday in your life to see what ideas you had on that day. Writing has been one of the best habits in my life. I feel it it purifies my soul. Makes me come alive.

I have been writing daily for last couple of years and every day I know I will get new unique ideas. I have faith they will just come to me. And they always do. And they are always interesting. There seems to be a universal abundance law that shows up when you are living in harmony with nature. I recommend everyone to communicate their ideas more either with their speech or in words. It helps you both to know yourself better but also to learn more from others when you get their input.

Many times you will notice you are not alone in the world with your thoughts. You will find supporters and people who admire your skill of being able to communicate the ideas you believe in. A lot of problems in the world has come because people haven’t been communicating enough. We need to be more brave in life and have trust that it will make things better.

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The Importance to Fail More in Life For Amazing Success!

One of the main ideas I like in life is to fail more. Fail more and faster at whatever it is you are working on. You need to fail. Outfail your friends! Outfail everyone. Every time you fail you learn new stuff. And we humans are very fast learners.

Just because most people are scared to fail it holds them back. So if you fail a lot you do something other people doesn’t wanna do. You become fearless and try everything to see what works. Now this is scarcity and creates value. Because there is a huge demand for innovation and people that test out new things.

Because here’s the thing. Even though you will fail a lot with this method you will also randomly run into success when you test lots of things all the time. It will make you very present to the moment.

One of my favourite laws in the universe is the law of large numbers or the law of averages. It means that eventually if you do something long enough you will get a ratio and can start to predict future success just by the amount of action you are taking.

Also you will not feel like “a failure” when you actually is expecting success. Richard Branson billionaire have said something about the main reason why he is a billionaire is because he has failed so much! The IBM guy said that the key to success is massive failure. Also what will happen is you will become like a kid again and see opportunities everywhere. Because now you can try out anything and the world becomes exciting again.

The other thing that I have talked about a lot also in the past is the importance of staying focused. And in today’s age that’s very hard. Because we very easily get distracted by things around us. Like friends/family/TV/News/Smartphone. Especially now with the smartphone age we have constant distractions around us 24/7!

What I recommend is that you create times during the day when you only focus. What has worked best for me is to do it in chunks. So focus for 90 minutes then take a break. Then do that a few more times. I think for maximum performance probably 3x90mins per day is good. You will need breaks to re-charge yourself. You can probably push it up to 5x90mins on extremely productive days. But I don’t think it’s good to do that for too much because it might burn you out.

But you will definitely have an edge in life if you can learn to turn off distractions and truly focus on your goal. Your RAS will help you to see new opportunity when you truly are focused on doing one task. Your adventure self will come to the surface! I recommend that you experiment around with cutting out distractions. Because in the future it will be even harder because virtual reality and better games will try to make you become an addict instead of doing something more productive.

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