It’s Not Hard to Win in Life! New ideas about Music For More Alive Life!

It’s Easy to win in life once you start in a certain field. The hard part is to create cascades of winning and long term winnings. Winnings that blend together. Fear of Death and using Bravery is challenges.

Whatever you put attention on you will pretty quick start to see great progress. But the things you really should be doing usually don’t scream the loudest. Those small tweaks are really key. The bigger things will probably have most effect but you already do them on autopilot so you don’t think about them that much. Therefore it’s the little new daily tweaks you notice and creates the shift.

And you will start to have more faith in them as you see the great result they bring. Whatever distracts you in life is Evil. People will tempt you with so many distractions in life. Just remember your attention is the top and of the highest value. Have attention and the whole world is yours.

Distractions especially these days doesn’t just come from Friends or Family but your ability to see what people from the whole world is up to doing. This cause you to compare yourself against the top 1% in the world and it’s really unfair towards yourself.

In the world we have been making amazing progress the last 100 years. Things have never been this good in the past! But still people are trying to find the negative with these times even though everything is better. We quickly adjust and can become very entitled. We need more stop and smell the roses moments.

A good thing you can do with music in life to not make it a zombie experience is find a website that daily release new songs in your niche from new artists. Download some songs. And actually question: “Do I like this?”, “Is this good Music?”, “Is this Bad music?”, “What makes me like this song?”. This makes music into more of an active engaging process instead of just clicking on a new song in Spotify.

This makes it into a more exciting process. It takes more work but it’s also more rewarding to listen to. But it’s more just about teaching you to do it with consciousness. It’s actually way more fun! Because in the end you are an alive human being. And what’s most rewarding is being truly engaged in a process right this moment. By amping up the intensity of your attention.

Many times this is even greater music because it’s not mainstream yet. Mainstream stuff needs to be dumbed down to suit the mainstream masses. What we call music these days are mainly just stuff formatted in a way to make the most amount of money. To do that you need to do more simpler works that larger groups of people could relate with.

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Be a Lion in Life! A Free Experience!

Lions don’t concern themselves with opinions of sheep’s in life. There are more sheep’s than ever before on this earth. Especially on the Internet. Do we really need another one? Surely you can be a sheep in life but there are risks with that eventually. You will probably get eaten sooner or later. As in someone will outcompete you. Because sheep’s are more predictable in life.

You are easy to replace because many sheep’s can do what you do so you aren’t in demand. You will get Paid in life in proportion to the problem you solve. As a lion you will be more brave and face fear of death more, but the lion will also live more in safety because of it and with more excitement. And will probably have 100x more fun in total! Because there is a demand for a lion, he does the work everyone else is scared of doing.

When everyone is scared and think there is no opportunity left that’s when you charge full steam ahead and you see limitless potential because of your bravery. And I really mean charge full steam ahead so you break the barrier and then you can float on success. Just as a spaceship does.

It charges up full speed maxing out to break away from Earth. Once you are in space you can expand less energy but still keep up the same speed. Because you have Momentum on your side. Same way success works. Look at the ordinary person and see the sheep in their mentality and look at what they are afraid of doing and do just that. That is a quick way to an interesting life.

It’s Easy to win in life once you start in a certain field. Nature is kind and always gives more than what we put into a task. The hard part is to create cascades of winning and long term winnings. Winnings that blend together. Bravery is something that is not being talked about but it’s really is a major key player in life.

I live like a house wife in life. Mostly in my home, can do all my work with a keyboard. It’s very calm and can focus on Beauty and Wisdom. This is clearly more relaxing than running around like a maniac in the external world trying to keep up with the latest “trends”.

There is so much Beauty to explore in your home already… Every little particle is a deeper exploration adventure. And if you need more information you do have The Internet, no need for a university anymore. All knowledge is close to free. Especially in the Age of The Internet. Use it for knowledge mainly instead of “Social Media”. It’s way wiser. Kindle is a great app to discover new quality books. Many old books you can get for a very cheap price like 1 dollar.

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There is No Universal Truth!

Something that is very interesting about this world is how everyone has a unique experience of it. That there is no universal truth. Everyone will have a different experience. Therefore history and future are as empty and unreal as any dream.

Our life is like a dream or simulation. We have objects around us that we can be aware of and they have a life of their own if we observe them long enough. Putting attention long enough on an object and it will yield eventually to us! This is what’s fascinating about the objects in this world. Then we have our own intellect that creates a dream world. We can dream up stuff so they feel real and our body won’t know if it actually happened or not!

Time is also a mysterious thing. Main reason why we feel time exist is because we have a physical body with a limit on earth before it goes away. What’s interesting is that when you live in the present moment and are really putting a lot of attention into doing something time fades away and hours can pass by fast like it was just a few minutes. Did we speed up time during that time or is that just an illusion?

I find life extremely interesting as a male I feel this deep desire to have energy flow out of me and share myself with the world. I find this expansive energy very interesting how it wants to share itself with everything. I have mentioned time in this article the other fascinating thing is space. Space as in emptiness.

Even inside our body our atoms that we are made of is mostly empty space! Yet we are walking around like solid looking creatures now that is very fascinating. Because the atoms if I have understood it correctly vibrates very fast. So we have the three magical pieces: Space, Energy and Time.

Space clearly is a large part of our existence so it has a large importance. Space between words, space outside of our galaxy, Space in our bodies and more! I have found that if you clear a room and just let it be filled with empty space you can observe a magic thing with the space. It’s like something is living inside the emptiness.

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Be Like a Bird in Life and You Will Find Life Exciting!

Be like a bird in life. They are humble in life. They just walk around and observe things. Birds mentality: “I don’t know anything so let’s just investigate everything!”.

This of course is the same concept as Focus and paying Attention as I have talked about in the past. But it’s a good reminder. You have a greater intelligence that is available inside your body. Usually with intelligence people get stuck on intellect intelligence. But that’s only the mind intelligence.

Then you have the body awareness intelligence. The part that knows how to make all food you eat into you. Ain’t that amazing? I saw a video how DNA was repairing itself it was a fascinating view! How amazing your body is it’s truly fascinating. When you just absorb the moment without thinking you let this intelligence into your life. It can do wonders.

The problem with the intellect is how it slice things up into smaller pieces all the time. Your intellect never gets satisfied. It always feels that it needs more data and information. More information in our culture is hyped up as intelligence. But most people just use it to brag or boast to sound smart. Especially these days when you can get information so easily by a quick google search. The true awareness intelligence in your body that’s the real intelligence. That works on a larger scale. You don’t need your intellect to be able to understand Life and Love.

What you do in life really doesn’t matter at all in the present moment. You can sit and observe your hand for 4 hours and same intelligence will work as if you look at a little piece of dust for same time. The important part is that you are aware and do the focused attention properly.

We take it for granted ah just a hand but in the awareness phase you realize the amazing machinery a hand is that you take for granted in your daily life. Let’s say you open a door, well you do it really perfect. You put something down you really put it down with awareness of it. In this way you will actually know what life is. It’s an acceptance for what is at the moment with no need to get somewhere else.

One of the biggest secrets in life that I have discovered when it comes to success is to interact and engage with people. Especially now in our future robot society. Nobody is doing deep caring or thinking about love.

It’s so much superficial stuff. So that deep real engagement and interaction becomes scarce and something that people really value! And now I actually mean that you go all in for it. And genuine actually listen and being aware of the other person without judging. Be present and in the moment. Because nobody is doing this anymore.

It’s very easy to gloss over this. But it’s real sharp. If you can’t care for 1 second what makes you think you will care in the larger perspective. Everything in life is tied together. The details in life is what matters and makes all the difference. If you deal with unconscious people then the challenge becomes to not get your ego to get triggered, it will force you to become more present to the moment. This will help them to become more present.

The more digital this world is becoming the more people will revolt and wanna get service and communicate with real people not a robot or a zombie human… Nobody talk to each other these days but everyone wear status clothes to impress others that they don’t know…

People are gonna get so tired at “perfect” things the “perfect photo/perfect vacation” blabla bla, people will crave for aliveness that is real and with passion, that shows flaws and vulnerability. That is rare and becomes scarce and valuable in a world striving towards “the perfect experience”.

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The Magic With Your Eyes and Ideas About Beauty!

Our eyes are some of the most amazing things we have. They should be celebrated more. Let your eyes look at more things with a deeper intensity as well as more moving objects at different distances. In different light conditions. Moving 3D objects with depth so less digital screens.

Let your eyes take in objects at a slower pace because what you will see at second 2 is not the same as on second 10. So the objects becomes more celebrated. Your eyes love a challenge. With this method your eyes will see things no one else have seen before. Like magic.

The unknown that only intense eye attention will reveal. Internet gives you an illusion of reality from a few peoples perspectives. Nobody ever have had the same exact experiences as you and the more focused attention you put into something the more unique life you will live that truly will stand out among the mainstream masses.

The Beauty on this sculpture is insane, I been thinking more how important Beauty is for us and the environment we live in. It’s not enough to look at Beauty in a phone you have to have physical large objects in your environment of the highest Beauty and you need to decorate your walls with the best Beauty. This also gives you a more personal physical connection with Beauty.

Print out the best stuff and blast it on all your walls. Pen and Paper draw and be creative. I’m gonna steal that from the italians the way they can decorate their homes with the highest timeless Beauty. It’s a reminder about that there is a higher Beauty and Level in life. It’s something extremely degrading to the human soul to only see BMW/Audi as the highest Beauty walking around in a city.

What life is that. Will it move you to a good place? It works on your subconscious mind the Beauty around you and it creates patterns and ideas in your mind so clearly always have the best around you must work amazing to push you forward in life

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