How To Become Real Wise!

Identify with your ignorance. Because it’s boundless. If you identify with your knowledge you think you know stuff. And you become limited. You need to understand the depth of your ignorance and how little you know. You don’t know a single atom in the universe. Intellect is not intelligence.

Keep your intellect but use it for it’s limited area. It’s good for survival. It’s good for entertainment. But it cannot take you into real intelligence. By identify with your ignorance it will open up the door to know. In evolution the intellect is a new thing. So we haven’t fully developed ourself how to deal with it.

Many start to cripple themselves with chemical solutions because they go crazy by their intellect. They get pimped by their own intellect. Don’t get pimped by your intellect. In our western education they overhype the intellect as a magical tool. It’s not. It’s useful in certain situations when you need to dissect something. But you cant understand the world with the intellect.

The intellect always tries to grasp for knowledge. Trying to take small bits and pieces. Real intelligence comes from enhance your perception. Look at things a look time by being an intense life form. You are the most advanced life form we know so we need to look with intense eyes on what did you do the last 10 minutes, 1 hours, 7 days…. That’s when real intelligence starts to kick in.

The universe does yield when you start looking into areas. I saw this wise man that said you can tweak the whole universe with your ring finger. Now that is fascinating stuff. Or how certain sounds can bring you into a specific energy field where it feels like your brain is in tune with another dimension, you can go real deep in true intelligence

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Becoming More Involved in Life!

Your thoughts can never come up with something new. It can only re-cycle thoughts from your past data and experiences. Nothing new will happen in your life if you get stuck on data. The scary part here is you can look at something in your phone and feed your intellect. But the intellect can only compare to the previous data you collected.

So it can never come up with something new! It’s extremely limited to your little input. You need real life data experience. There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is you don’t know anything. You don’t even know if I am a human or robot! You don’t know anything how your body works. The good news is now you have time to explore the world again.

Because seeing the cosmos through your phone is not seeing and understand the life process. Scientist haven’t even seen an atom and it’s suppose to be 99% empty space! So we have no idea what any of this is or how it works. Which means we really really have to pay attention to exactly everything that is in our life experience and in front of us. Everything that is in my surrounding I have somehow generated.

So clearly this is where I need to start paying attention. Being so deeply involved in whatever you do. I saw it with the Italians how deeply involved they was in life in southern Italy. Truly amazing how alive you can be, a full fledged life. That’s what you wanna become. You are alive. That’s the most important thing happening in your life right now!

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Technology is Speeding up Life! Ideas How To Deal With It!

Technology has speeded up our life in terms of how much easier it is to make a living. The good thing about this is that we don’t have to speed ourself up. We let technology do all the fast things in life at the same time we slow down our own life outside of technology. When you slow yourself down you don’t do stuff out of reaction. But you do things because you wanna do them and you are aware of it at the same time. You are not running on autopilot.

Walk 3 times slower. Do things 3x slower. Even though you do things slower you actually do them faster because you actually do what the situation demands. You can’t compete with the speed of technology so why even try. You dive into acceptance when you do slower. You feel more capable. And you feel joy in what you are doing. Outsource your speed needs to computers. Now you get the best of the two sides and you become mega powerful.

Time fades away when you do things the slower way. So it doesn’t really matter what you do. Look at what’s needed to be done with a distance from your body and mind. And you see and do it without label the current experience. Joy is being created inside of your body you have full control over that. Can you feel joy for something you do super fast? It becomes harder. But slowing down and you can truly feel the joyful experience of being alive

I’m looking for a way in life when I can walk around in the world and do all my work with just my mind. So that my work get read from my thoughts and shipped away to a website automatic. Right now the closest I get is software that listens to my voice and turns it into text automatically.

But eventually I want to have a mind reader. Or a way to scan my fingers to be able to write anywhere and ship it away into the universe without no touch on the phone. Be able to do it all digital without any large device. I’m curious how much of a robot you can become. And what this means in terms of evolution. And what it will mean to be a human

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Phones Will Be Free in The Future!

Phones will be free in the future, as well as transport, everything is dropping in value. You will have a nano robot that can build you a Ferrari for free. But what will be the point in owning anything if all can have it? No point! So investing in expensive clothes, cars, houses or phones it’s all getting pointless. It will all be free.

I’m fascinated about what humans will do in the future. So you have this massive wealth. That will ultimately make people realize they are just consciousness. Which will cause people to panic and grasp for an identity. But what work can a human do when a robot is better at all! People try to grasp for something to hold on to. Then the robot comes: You human you are only awareness! Stop trying to grasp! Let go! What will people do when everything has been done. What will their identity and life meaning be. When you can experience all things with ease.

Even the wealthy their status and money means less when all have it. This is a race of who will make the fastest and strongest computer. In the end seems like you will have to surrender to be fascinated looking at a fork. Hey a fork! Exciting stuff. The abundance is staring people in the face and it scares them so much

Be careful to not fall into the trap of doing a simple job. Simple is risky. Many can do it and you are replaceable. Always do something that is a little more complicated and that requires some thinking. Fast Food = Unconscious, Healthy Food = Used some consciousness and thinking to be a little more.

You don’t have to outrun the bear. Just run a bit faster than majority. A person works at McDonalds. Your job is simple do this instructions. At least learn how the ice cream machine works better than the rest. So you use some consciousness. Have a little skill that stands out. Something rare and in demand. Human awareness will be in demand still in the future

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Momentum and Riding The Wave Is So Important!

Let’s say you ride on a wave of momentum in life. Typically what you first wanna prove to yourself is that you can create a stable line of success. Where you can see over a time span a few months that you everyday have been getting similar result. That you everyday is very close at hitting your top.

You wanna see that you can stick to something and be just at the edge of your potential. And now you can see the motivation that if you just push yourself 10% higher you can pretty quick see result of that. Because it will stick out in your graph to a way higher level. But you need a longer track record of success in a graphic line.

This will make you be able to develop an extreme faith in the long term results. You are riding very close to your potential and one day you do a bit extra and you can quickly see that in your graph. You don’t wanna have this mega growth super fast. But you wanna prove to yourself you can stick to a task. And that it’s stable. Just like a surfer rides on the edge that is the most joyful part.

When you are just on the edge and you know the day is coming when you break it and you totally have earned it by putting in the stable work days. The stable line you can be proud over. It’s like everyday you get satisfaction on the edge compared 1 fast spike. The slow stable way that sticks with you long term gotta love it. You want to develop an extreme faith in long term results.

The most high status thing you can do is work hard. People are a distraction. Socialize is a distraction, impress others is a distraction, all in all humans have very little to offer you. The work should be kept hidden. Showing it is a distraction.

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