First Waterproof BlackBerry Leaked?! iPhone X and Galaxy S8 Competitor!

New BlackBerry smartphone leaked called BlackBerry Motion! It looks like this phone will be water resistant. Something we hasn’t seen in the past from BlackBerry. BlackBerry was this premium phone brand that was super popular back in the days. These days they are more of a niche product. Because Apple and Samsung came in and stole the show away from BlackBerry and Nokia.

This phone seems like it’s code name is Krypton. And it will come out to compete against iPhone X and Galaxy S8. Compared to other BlackBerry phones we could see that this variant is focusing more on the display than the QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry is famous for.

You could see it has a large display and the design reminds me about Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It also has a home button which has the BlackBerry logo on. It’s running Android. It seems like BlackBerry is moving away more and more from their own operating system. It will probably have some of their own apps on-board.

The build is probably a metal build because we usually see BlackBerry come out with premium phone designs. We also saw a leaked photo of what is probably the back of this device. You still get a 3.5mm headphone jack with this phone which could be good to know. We will probably see this device be officially unveiled in the upcoming weeks.

Which is your favourite BlackBerry phone? I have both checked out BlackBerry Priv and Passport. I liked Passport more because it was running on their own BlackBerry OS which I find to be more premium and exciting.

I have a hard time to see this company be able to compete against Samsung. Maybe they can steal some market share from LG, Sony and HTC but they still got a long way to go if they are serious about building Android smartphones and compete in that space. Especially with Huawei and Xiaomi starting to expand in more places outside China.

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Microsoft Is Releasing a New Launcher For Android Smartphones!

Microsoft is launching a launcher for Android smartphones. In case you didn’t know the good thing with Android is your freedom ability to customize the OS experience. This is something you can’t do with iPhones or iOS 11. Apple wants to control the whole experience. That’s why Microsoft only is releasing a launcher for Android and not iOS.

Some famous launchers currently for Android are Nova, Google Now, CM, XOS and Apex. Let’s see what this new Microsoft Launcher brings you.

The main feature is that your recent photos, documents and more can be continued on your PC. So this is mainly great if you are a big fan of Windows products and use Windows 10 a lot on a daily basis and takes lots of photos and need an easy way to transfer them over to your PC.

On the home screen you can also do other things like put icons on your favourite people to access them quickly. The main thing in this launcher is “The Feed” where you can swipe to the right to see important events, top news, recent activities, favourite people and most frequently used apps.

The core good things here I see is recent activity and used apps that could be helpful. But this news thing I have always found to be kind of stressful to having to see world news that usually try to rely on shock stories to get you to react. I hope you can disable this function. I would love if it worked like an RSS reader where you could customize the feed exactly the way you want it. Just like Feedly is doing.

The cool thing Microsoft gives in this launcher is the ability to customize things. Colors and Theme and some other tweaks. It looks like the UI looks better than what I have seen from Windows 10 so maybe it will be great.

The problem with Microsoft can be that they usually aren’t experts at great design. Windows 10 I find is they use two themes one is the new tablet theme where they use lots of focus on making it “look cool” but it just gets more complicated.

The settings are in two areas one with new theme and one section with old theme. It’s not having Harmony in design like iOS and Mac products have. Windows 7 was the best designed Windows they should have sticked with that UI. But I think they panicked when they saw they missed out on phones and now they try to make up for it.

I am sure this launcher can be great! Microsoft actually had an Android launcher already called Arrow. But now they are renaming that to Microsoft Launcher. I really hope Microsoft can come back because they can do real great stuff. But I feel they are in a decline. Let’s see how they do in the future!




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Microsoft New Edge Browser For iOS and Android Unveiled!

Microsoft is launching a browser for iOS and Android! It’s called the Microsoft Edge browser. It’s main feature will be that you can send a browser page you are on to your Windows PC. This is great if you find something cool on your smartphone but want to view it on a bigger screen instead.

This Microsoft Edge browser is already available starting from today as a preview. Only in US region for now and just for iPhone users. It will soon be released for Android as well. And the continue on PC function will be available when Microsoft release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

My first question here is if Microsoft really can still compete and if people need them anymore? Surely they still have Windows OS and lots of people still need that. Google is trying to create their own ecosystem with Android and want people to use their products. Will it be enough to just be able to send a page to your Windows PC? Last time I checked my stats more and more younger youths are using their phones as their main browser.

So will they even have a PC they want to send their stuff too? Remember Internet Explorer browser on Windows 2009? It had over 50% market share but now they barely have 3%! And now Microsoft is trying to make Android users and iOS users to use Microsoft products again. But will they need them?

Other features in the browser are: Reading List, Favourites, New Tab Page and Reading View. But it’s mainly basic functions that we already have seen in the past. My main question is if this browser will be having an adblock function? This is something both Samsung browsers and Apple browsers are starting to do. Because Samsung and Apple is in the hardware business not in the Ad business.



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New Google Pixel 2 XL Smartphone!

Google has some new smartphones that they have unveiled. One of them is Google Pixel 2 XL. In many places you can’t even buy the original Pixel or it cost around 900 euro. And now we already have a new model out. Hopefully Google can release these faster out on the market. Specs on Pixel 2 XL goes.

Specs: 6” P-OLED Display, 12MP camera with recording in 2160p, 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 835, 3520mAh Battery, Android 8.0 Oreo, 64/128GB Internal storage, 175 grams weight, Octa-core processor 4×2.35GHz Kryo and 4×1.9GHz Kryo, 8MP Secondary camera and Bluetooth 5.0.

The use of two-tone shades of black on the back on one colour variant looks brilliant. It has a fingerprint reader located on the back like Mate 9. And the screen on the front side has interesting rounded curves. This design definitely looks like an upgrade from the old Pixel design. I really like the black + white back variant that exist. You get a nice G for Google on the back.

I like how they didn’t include a dual camera. That thing has gotten old real fast. I hope it ends in the future because it just looks a bit silly. But as long as Apple keep doing it Android phone brands will copy. Bad things here is how it has no water resistance like iPhone X and Galaxy S8 has. Which is stupid for an almost 1000 euro phone to not feature IP67 protection.

The main build is in metal and glass. Metal I like but glass is a really bad trend 2017. Because it usually creates tons of fingerprint. Nobody likes fingerprint magnet phones you need to put a case on them! Both Note 8 and iPhone X has glass sadly. Feels like we are back to iPhone 4 era.

Other features it comes with is Active Edge and Stereo speaker. I still feel like something is missing to truly feel it’s worth the price. Especially when you can get a Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro for around 200 euro and with 128GB internal storage and Snapdragon 820! The phone market is getting so overvalued.

From a design perspective this phone do fall behind Galaxy S8, Note 8 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Also looks like they removed the 3.5mm audio jack which I also find annoying. You also don’t get any Dual SIM option or expandable storage. And no wireless charging either!

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Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 Leaked Render Shows S8 Design!

Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 version has been leaked on photos! And it has the Infinity Display just as Galaxy S8. They have moved the fingerprint reader to be below the camera!

But there is still a problem here. It’s too close to the camera! So you might touch the camera every time you just want to unlock the smartphone. How annoying! I can’t confirm this I might be wrong. You can also see a Samsung Bixby button on the side.

To go over the A series a bit quick I can say that the original A5 came with I think a ceramic back and material. The second A5 2016 came with weird rectangle design and it was hard to hold. It had large sides that wasn’t comfortable in hand.

Lastly A5 2017 best so far they went back to a more rounded design that feels more smooth to hold. Still a fingerprint magnet just as 2016 versions but now they at least come with water resistant protection.

It looks like Samsung is trying to learn from it’s past mistake with battery faulty Note 7 and S8 Fingerprint weird location. Samsung stopped doing their Mini phones that we all liked S3 Mini, S4 Mini and S5 Mini. It looks like with 2018 A5 that they are trying to design a Galaxy S8 Mini but that it will be called A5 still.

A curious question now comes to me how the Galaxy S9 will look? Samsung has changed the design on their phones every single year since the first Galaxy S. It will be interesting to see what they will try this next time! Because 2017 was the dual camera + bezel-less design year. What will be the big thing 2018? Perhaps AI technology. That is what Huawei now is trying with their new Huawei Mate 10 that comes soon with AI friendly Kirin 970 chipset.



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