New Samsung Galaxy S9 Render!

Finally we have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ rendered images of how they may actually look like in real life when we will see these devices in 2018. These are renders from OnLeaks and 91mobiles!

The first thing we can see on these renders is that we first get a Galaxy S9 render with one camera on rear side. Then we see another variant S9+ render with dual rear camera. On both concept renders we can also see that it comes with fingerprint sensor below the camera. Right now in Galaxy S8 the sensor is located at the right side. Which is a bad complicated location. Also the S8 scanner is not as good as the one that we find inside Huawei Mate 9.

So I really hope they have improved the S9 scanner. But then we know this phone will come with Facial scanner tech that already works amazing if you are in room with lights. And we also know Samsung may upgrade their iris scanner to 3MP up from 2MP in S8. This will offer you another improved way of unlocking your phone.

Still seems like S9 will have 3.5mm audio jack. Great for wired cable lovers. These are images shared by OnLeaks which has produced tons of great leaks in the past. S9 will probably come with latest Snapdragon 845 chipset with Adreno 630 GPU and latest Bluetooth 5.0 support. And the latest Quick Charge 4+ which charge faster than the earlier version.

Also still seems like we will get that Bixby button. Which I don’t think that many people will use. Looks like S9 won’t use a in-display fingerprint scanner which we got news about a few days ago. So that will probably come more in Galaxy S10 in 2019.

Hopefully S9 will come with 128GB storage and 6GB of RAM as default. I really wish it comes with metal back instead of glass. Glass breaks too easy. They should go with Huawei Mate 9 back. Most comfortable I have found.

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Elon Musk Unveils New Tesla Semi Truck!

Tesla got a new vehicle. It’s called the Tesla Semi! This is a truck with a super cool clean design. Looks a bit like a sports car with it’s smooth lines and curves. Or like a moving space ship.

It can on a full load go from zero to 60mph in 20 seconds. In this truck you sit at the center. It comes with 4 engines. It has improved autopilot to avoid collisions, automatic lane keeping and automatic emergency braking. It can go for 500 miles at maximum weight and highway speed.

You have a guarantee that it won’t break down for 1 million miles. You also get Tesla armor glass on the windshield to make it super durable. You get a Tesla app that will have details about the truck. Production will begin in 2019. So 2 years away from now. It can also go faster up mountains to save money. And at faster speeds!

They have designed the truck more like a bullet to be more airflow efficient. Even better than some super cars! There is also a pickup truck semi variant. You get hardware included with dual touchscreens and great integration. This truck can charge in 30 minutes 400 miles of drive time.

You can lose two motors of the 4 and it will still beat a diesel truck! The breaks with an electric motor you can turn them into generators so that energy goes back into the battery. So you will never have to replace the break pads.

This truck also has one of the lowest cost of ownership ever. When they look at insurance cost and maintenance. Diesel truck will be 20% more expensive! It’s going to be interesting what jobs people will do in the future now when more cars in future will be more automated and need less from the human. How this also increase safety is really good.

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In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Coming For 2018 Smartphones!

New smartphones 2018 may feature an in-display fingerprint sensor from Synaptics. So currently the way fingerprint sensors work is that it’s either built into the home button or it’s taking up space on the rear side.

It’s in a way standing out a lot on modern phones. But that may change now with the first in-display scanner. This would make smartphone designers to have more freedom to have full display on front and still have cool safety features on board. Just as we seen with 3.5mm jack being removed the next thing to be removed on phones seems to be fingerprint sensor area. And instead mount it inside the display.

Synaptics has a new Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensor that they will hand out to the top 5 smartphone OEM. The clear ID sensor is the FS9500 variant. You push in on the OLED Panel and it detects your finger and unlocks.

We might see this under display fingerprint scanner in 2018 phones as Samsung Galaxy S9, Oppo phones, Xiaomi phones, LG phones, Huawei phones and many more. They said they already have this sensor in mass production.

Synaptics are experts in various areas like: Touch sensing, Display driver tech, display integration, secure biometrics, Voice DSP and more. Apple may not come with a sensor like this in iPhone 9. It seems like Apple more is aiming towards Face ID unlock to rival Android phones in safety.

I use Face unlock with my Galaxy S8 and mostly it works amazing. It’s only when it’s really dark that it may not work. But Samsung will probably improve this. Just as we got news that they may upgrade their Iris eye scanner sensor to 3MP for higher detail and better unlock speed. Right now it comes with 2MP!

It may also take until 2019 before fingerprint in display goes fully mainstream.

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Bitcoin Rise Above 15,000 Dollars In Value!

Bitcoin is up in value to 16,770 dollars! Last time I talked about Bitcoin was a few months ago when it was valued at 4500 dollars. The last month it’s being going up 100% in value! Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency also known as BTC. On Sunday it got launched on Cboe Global Markets.

So bitcoin this week has been started to be available on U.S. exchanges like Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board Options Exchange. This means you can start to trade on it and hold it in future contracts.

This contract allows you to buy or sell the bitcoin in the future at a certain time. So you hold the BTC asset and in the future you either receive more or have to pay.

This is used by banks and funds to use for risk management. And we really don’t know how it will affect BTC. Because Bitcoin right now both goes up and down a lot. It’s not in a stable stage.

This betting on the future value of bitcoin will be most interesting for investors with more money to take risks with. But Bitcoin is too volatile for the average person to invest in. Since how taxes and things like that work in each country becomes more confusing.

The Winklevoss twins back in 2015 founded a firm that trades cryptocurrency and it’s called Gemini. But the volumes are smaller than on some other exchanges. So it may not be accurate so it may be manipulated a bit. They also have had outages which can be a disaster for an investor.

Cameron Winklevoss said that Bitcoin may go 20 times higher in price. Which can mean eventually that 1 Bitcoin is worth 320 thousand dollars! So it might still be a very good investment. But should only be for people that have money they are willing to risk.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 To Feature 3MP Iris Scanner!

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ new Samsung smartphones we will see in 2018 we are rumored to get a 3MP iris scanner to more easily be able to scan your eyes.

Right now I am sometimes using the 2MP iris scanner on my Galaxy S8 and it’s true that it doesn’t always work so good. Sometimes it really takes a long time for it to detect your iris. And many times it barely even works. The S8+, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 all had a 2MP iris scanner. With this new phone they would bump it up to 3MP which is 50% more detail it can get and it will make it work so much better and faster! This will mostly be great for people that wear eyeglasses, moving their eyeballs, dark environment or too light environment.

Samsung want this process to unlock your phone in less than 1 second. As we know right now the Samsung fingerprint scanner can unlock phone in 0.1s. But I bet Samsung is working hard at improving the speed even more. Face scanners is getting more popular. Samsung first have an option to unlock phone with Iris another is that it scans for your Face. Unlock with face seems to be faster. But I bet iris scanner is more safer.

Apple is moving towards unlock phones with face too with their latest iPhone X. it seems like unlock with face will be the large thing in 2018. And that we will more move away from unlock phones with fingerprint or PIN code. Eventually we will probably have our phone unlocked the moment our body touch the device. It’s going to be interesting what other cool things that we may see in phones 2018. 2017 was the year we saw many dual camera phones and all-screen display smartphones.

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