Pixio Got A Curved 144Hz 32-Inch Display!

Pixio got a cool very large monitor that is made for professional gamers. Especially with the high 144Hz in mind. It’s called the Pixio PX325c! The display is using SVA technology which is better than the low-end TN technology.

It comes with a 178 degree wide viewing angle, Anti-glare screen, AMD FreeSync, Flicker free, Low blue light, no tearing or input lag because of dynamic fresh rate control, 4ms response time, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and VESA 100×100.

The ports on Pixio PX325c you get on it are: 1x HDMI, 1x DVI and 1x DP connection. As we have seen with other gaming monitors this one also features in-game crosshair for better aim and in-game timer. The curved display will suck you in more into what you do. Even amazing for watching movies late at night. You can tilt it for best view. But not just that it also can be pivot, swivel and elevated.

Most other monitors on the market will only give you 60Hz refresh rate. Which means you may experience lag and motion blur more on those. That’s not something you want on a gaming monitor. That’s why the 144Hz will be amazing!

Also keep in mind that the AMD FreeSync technology will only work if you use AMD Radeon series graphic card. Not NVIDIA cards. It should also be pretty flicker free. The in-game crosshairs you are being offered comes in at least 4 variants to suit your needs. There is also options to enable visual presets.

I am not a huge gamer myself but I can imagine in the latest FPS games that milliseconds truly matter. I will stick to my more basic display because I mostly just do writing and video editing work. A bit slower work! But if I one day decide to go and become a gamer pro then I would need something like this monitor. Here the Pixio PX325c monitor is available.

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