Earn Bitcoin Super Easy By Completing Microtasks!

Lately I have started to use a brand new service which pays you in cryptocurrency to do basic simple things. It’s a service called Earn.com. You can get paid emails to you by connecting your email and also by completing microtasks like joining Telegram groups and Twitter accounts.

You need to verify your profile first but usually not super hard. After that you could join lists based on the skills you have and earn Bitcoin by doing small missions. I have gotten over 40 missions sent to me most of them was easy to complete in just a minute. The website has a very nice design and you can cash out your Bitcoin after you hit around 3 dollars.

Companies are looking more for expert answers on the Internet that is why they are interested in using a service like Earn.com. The great thing about being paid in cryptocurrency is that it may go up in value in the future. Some even have said they think Bitcoin will go up to 1 million dollars in the future. Which would be 147x increase in value! So 1 dollar you earn today could be worth 147 dollars in the future like 2022. Of course this is just speculation but still fun to know. Why would it go up? Because there is a limited amount of Bitcoins out there.

What Bitcoin is in short is Peer-to-peer transactions without a Bank involved. So you can do borderless payments. It also has built in fraud protection because of the awesome Blockchain technology being used that is very safe and use math. Nobody controls Bitcoin and everyone can be a part of the system.

Something else that is good to know about Bitcoin is all the transactions are public. My Earn.com payments have gotten to my Bitcoin wallet usually under 1 hour. Which I find very impressive. It’s also nice since you learn so much about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space by joining these Telegram groups. You can also earn even more by getting Airdrops with free Tokens by doing simple tasks!

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Here is HOW MUCH Money You Would Have if You Would Have Invested In Bitcoin 2010!

Based on stats from CoinDesk then 1 BTC did cost $0.06 July 19 2010. With these stats we can draw out some fun statistic how different your life would be if you would have invested back then!

Let’s say you invested in Bitcoin on July 19, 2010. And let’s compare it against the value of Bitcoin September 2, 2017.

Invested in 1 BTC for $0.06 would be worth $4,991.66
Invested in 10 BTC for $0.6 would be worth $49,916.6
Invested in 100 BTC for $6 would be worth $499,166
Invested in 1000 BTC for $60 would be worth $4,991,660
Invested in 10,000 BTC for $600 would be worth $49,916,600
Invested in 100,000 BTC for $6,000… Be worth!: $499,166,000


So this is pretty interesting and important lesson. 6000 dollars can end up in close to 500 million dollars with some deep humility in life and openness for learning new things. Remember that there are always new opportunities out there to invest in. Do find the things not everyone talks about. Research new markets and stay humble. And you may find a goldmine someday. But never stop looking!

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Bitcoin Value Going Up To $4650!

We live in very interesting times when it comes to opportunities in life. Especially in this digital age. Where computers are becoming more what people use to generate value. It can be in form of video/text/music/digital art but many new creators can now find an audience that would have a hard time in the past to reach out to people.

With the open internet you now have access to 7 billion other humans. Just imagine the potential in that. A website is a form of mini empire where you can create whatever you are interested in and can find an audience that are interesting in the same kind of topics. This bitcoin thing I have found to be highly interesting to follow. It’s a digital currency that has gained a lot in value since 2010.

I first noticed it in 2011 but didn’t have the humility to actually invest in it back then. Then 2013 it did rise up to 10 dollars per coin. Me and my friend was talking about investing in bitcoin back then but we didn’t.

If we would have invested 1000 dollars in Bitcoin early 2013 then it would have been worth 460,000 dollars by now! Wow that is crazy! This is the wild times that we live in. Which of course is highly exciting for the youths.

There are so many opportunities out there these days with the internet that if you pay attention then you can jump in and take advantage. Read and educate yourself because it’s so cheap and easy to get access to quality information these days.

Via Amazon Kindle app on Android or iOS you have access to thousands of high quality books. With a ton of value. I have bought over 200 books since 2014. It’s my main way of reading books these days.

A good advice is don’t follow sheep mentality but try to think for yourself. The thing now with Bitcoin is when everyone invests in something then it’s usually a bad idea to do it. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

And most importantly invest for the long term. Life is a marathon not a sprint. This is not just in the money area but all area’s of your life where you invest time and energy into.

Something that comes fast usually also leaves you fast. Progress in nature usually happens slow. Because it’s like you are a tree. To grow tall and big you need to grow deep roots. And that takes slow time. This doesn’t mean the journey will be boring. You just gotta learn to truly love the process.

Bitcoin is just one part of this new digital world. The world of programming I also find highly interesting. Because not many people know it so well. So there is great value to gain there if you are willing to learn complex things.

Remember in life that you get paid in proportion to the problem that you solve. So if you solve an easy problem then you probably won’t be paid much. But if you solve a problem that requires more deep thinking then you will be rewarded higher.

The whole world of programming is so cool because you can create anything you want. There are truly no limits there. At least not as far as we know. There are always new problems to be solved. If you want to create your own game for Android or iOS then you have Unity you can work in. That will do most of the behind the scenes work to make your games work on any platform you want.

I am also super curious to see where Virtual Reality will go in the future. One problem with it now is it feels clumsy to use. The HTC Vive headset feels too heavy and it has a large cable behind your back when you are playing. In the future of course it will be more slimmer but it’s going to be interesting to see if humans will turn into robots. Today I saw a man out on street with a robot leg. That was strange. We are truly turning into digital machines!

We are becoming more humans on planet earth than ever before and robotics are taking over. The question is what will humans do as in work? Because if robots takes over most of jobs that today’s are simple what will humans do? Especially when singularity is getting closer. When computers will be able to improve themselves without our help! Now that is scary and exciting at the same time. How will the future world look like. That’s the question.

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