DIGOOR DG22 Waterproof Feature Phone!

DIGOOR DG22 is a feature phone that is waterproof! It’s comes with a very bulk design look. It has a cool antenna design which makes it look like a 90s phone. But it looks very stylish and classic at the same time with cool colours on the front like black, white, yellow, red and green! Let’s have a look on the features.

Main specs: IP68 Certified, 2.4” Display, 3000mAh Battery, Can be used as mobile Power Bank, Flashlight, Loud speaker, Dual SIM and Waterproof!

On the sides of the phone it’s using brushed aluminium metal design to make it look more elegant and luxury.

It has 4 main protections: Waterproof 1.2M for 30 mins, Dustproof, Shockproof and Drop proof up to 2 meter fall. The BOX subwoofer on the back can give up to 1.5W in power and is using a class K amplifier.

It also comes with a full USB 2.0 interface to supply power to other devices. It has a strong Samsung super flashlight perfect for emergency situations. Three different modes are available. You get an SOS button where you can program in 5 numbers if something happens.

The chipset inside is SC6531 and memory is 32MB RAM and 32MB Storage. You get a tiny low resolution camera at 0.3MP. The display resolution is 240×320. You can extend storage up to 32GB with Micro SD card.

It’s a very thick phone 20mm and weight is 156 grams. What’s cool about this device is the long 15 days standby mode. Talk time is up to 8 hours. Some basic built-in functions are OSD Menu, Calculator, Alarm and MP3 rings. In recorders you get audio and video + call recorder. Two colours are available Black and Orange. Do you feel like something is missing or do you think this would be a great outdoor device?

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Decwin A 1980s Phone Design!

Decwin A is a new cool phone that has a design I never seen before! It looks like an 80s phone! It’s thick but it’s compact in it’s size! Let’s have a look on the specs and features.

Main things: 220mAh Battery, 0.66 Inch Display, Smart Bluetooth, Dialer, Music, Earphone, Mini phone and Europe’s smallest phone!

First main thing that’s impressive about this mobile is that it ‘s weight is only 21 grams! It comes with a non-slip design and convex texture design on the back. It’s a phone that is smaller than a lighter!

What’s great about this device is how easy it is to put in all pockets but can be easy to lose so be careful. It’s great to make you stop looking into your phone all the time because it’s so small! So you can be more social in life. It’s great if you are scared of cell phone radiation.

This phone is a good learning environment for a kid! Because it doesn’t come with any distractions like: Games, Internet access or Social media.

This you can do with it: Have a phone book, Check call history, Settings, Bluetooth Music, Organizer, Bluetooth Dialer, Bluetooth, Voice change and Messaging. As you can see it only comes with the absolute basics a phone needs.

The phone can use a Micro SIM that is inserted at the right side of the mobile phone.

What’s funny is the voice change features where you can make it more mysterious and make someone not hear your real voice. These voice changes exist: Woman, Man, Child, Old, Cartoon, Young, Ptimus, Duck, Robot, EVA, Walle, Rapman and Rapwoman.

I like how modern and fashion like the phone looks like. Nobody will have anything like this phone! It comes in these colours: White, Black, Gold, Silver, Blue and Grey. I also seen a red variant.

The memory inside is 32MB RAM and 32MB Storage. You can have 500 contacts in the phone book and 50 messages. It’s pretty thick 12.5mm. The battery talk time and music time is the same 4-6 hours and standby is 4-6 days. The processor is a single core.

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AEKU I9 Mini Card Phone with Big Buttons!

AEKU I9 is a mini card cell phone you probably never heard about! Many people have never heard about these tiny phones! They think feature phones are the smallest but no. The level below is mini card phones. Back in 2006 standard high-end phones was this size. But after Apple introduced the first generation iPhone everyone started to do bigger is better phones. Let’s have a look at the specs on this phone.

Main specs: 1.54 inch TFT display, 420mAh Battery, Long Standby, Ultra Thin, FM Radio, 6mm Thickness, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Bright Display, micro SIM, Long life Battery and 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

Back in the days like 2007 it used to be very popular with MP3 players. Even Apple had their best device back then which was called the iPod Classic. That was the Peak of Apple. It was their best device. Also Creative I bought their Zen Nano Plus MP3 player back then it was amazing.

This mini card phone you can use it as an MP3 player to listen to your favourite songs just as those old school MP3 players from 2007 and 2006! You can insert a large 8GB memory card to get all your music available!

It features very ergonomic design with large buttons to easy find them and use. The phone is only 90mm tall, 52mm width and as I already stated just 6mm thin! It’s using an MTK6261M processor. But you don’t get an operating system like Android installed.

The standby time on the battery in AEKU I9 is 4 days and talk time is 3.5-4 hours. The USB port is using a universal Micro 5-Pin USB. Support for multiple languages exists as well! The first thing that hit me when I bought my first mini card phone was how small they are! They truly are more cute than feature phones because they are usually super slim! Feels like a credit card in size.

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MELROSE S2 Durable Mini-card Phone!

MELROSE S2 is a mini card pocket phone that looks like a military device! It packs a dark green theme in multiple shades to create an army effect.

Main specs: 1.7 Inch display, Ultra thin, Outdoor phone, Bluetooth, Fits inside wallet, Red/Yellow/Green/Black colour, MTK6260DA processor clocked at 187MHz, 32MB Storage, 32MB of RAM and 88×176 pixel resolution.

This phone comes packed with a tiny resolution camera it’s 0.3MP back camera. You won’t be able to take any amazing photos with it but it can be nice if it’s something you want to remember. It has a ACC 1511 speaker built-in.

The phone book is massive and can store 500 contacts. This is way more than some other mini phones that only can store 200.

Of course the main special functions with this specific gadget is how it’s shockproof, dustproof and scratch resistant. Sometimes you want a durable phone that is small in size!

If you want then you can also record video or voice. A basic clock is available as well as alarm, calculator, calendar and keypad backlight. You get a 480mAh battery built inside which is better than just 300mAh some other tiny phones offer you.

It still manage to be very slim even when it has durable protection just 5.8mm thickness! It would be cool to see this phone be transparent at the same time like AIEK T5! But you can’t get all your wishes come true.

This is the first durable mini card phone. Usually it’s only smartphones and feature phones that gives you that extra protection. I wish this phone had water resistance as well. Then it would be the ultimate mini phone!

It would be nice if it did feature some basic games pre-installed. No distraction games but just simple games, or maybe a reader so you can read PDFs or Books or other digital files. That would be awesome!

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iFcane E1 Sony Walkman Look Phone!

iFcane E1 is a little phone that reminds me about Sony walkman. It looks like an MP3 player from Sony this phone! It also has real keys like the new Nokia 3310 2017 Edition. Let’s take a deeper look at what we got here.

Main specs: 0.96” Display, 320mAh Battery, Long Standby, Vibration, Bluetooth, GSM, Ultra Slim, Mini Card Phone, 35g Weight, 5.8mm Thin, MP3 (Need TF memory card) and FM Radio (Need headset).

You get a cool full-mute function. This is great for meditation sessions or business rooms. You don’t have any games or internet access so it’s perfect little gadget for students. Normal use can last for 2 days!

iFcane E1 comes with low radiation to protect your health. Other features are: Alarm clock, Message and Call.

Components inside: Receiver, Switch, Microphone, Headset port/ Charging port and Power Switch! It comes in Black/White/Gold colour. The screen resolution is a little higher than we usually see in mini phones it’s 480×320 pixels.

You can store 100 contacts in phone and 250 contacts on SIM card. No distractions with selfies or taking photos of food because it doesn’t have a camera installed. Standby time can last up to 4 days and talk time is long 3.5-4 hours.

You can also argue if this one doesn’t look a bit like the iPod Classic. Which was a major hit Apple device a few years ago. it worked like a MP3 player with a wheel you could turn.

That hardware feel felt truly amazing. I think that iFcane E1 comes with a touch wheel and not a hardware wheel at the center which is pretty awesome for the low price! What do you think about this mini card phone? I in some ways think that mini card phones are more interesting than feature phones because of their interesting designs.

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