Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Huawei P20 Pro Specs Comparison!

Today I want to compare Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Huawei P20 Pro. Both these two phone brands are my favourites. The first thing that is different in terms of design perspective is that the P20 Pro comes with an iPhone X notch at the top. Something many people dislike. This is a notch that many Android phone companies have started to copy and we may see an LG phone and OnePlus phone also come with a notch.

An interesting difference here is how the S9 comes with new Bluetooth 5.0 while the P20 Pro only has 4.2. This may be important to know if you listen to wireless sound with Bluetooth earphones since 5.0 has some nice improvements in technology.

Another major difference is P20 Pro comes with 4000mAh battery and S9 with only 3000mAh! This is something Samsung has been struggling with as of late. After the Note 7 fiasco with battery issues it feels like they are going the safe path by giving you less mAh just to be on the safe side. But people want a lot of mAh so their phone last a very long time.

A nice thing with the Galaxy S9 is how it gives you microSD card option to expand memory all the way up to 400GB. The Huawei phone has no option to expand memory.

A big difference between these two phones is how the Huawei phone comes with a triple camera on rear side. This is something that we have never seen in the past. 2017 was the big year for dual rear cameras. Perhaps 2018 will be the year of triple real cameras.

The secondary camera on Huawei P20 Pro comes with 24MP sensor while the S9 only has 8MP secondary camera. A bad thing with P20 is how it has no 3.5mm audio jack. The S9 comes with an earphone jack! Great for people that listen to stuff with wired earphones.

It seems like the Galaxy S9 gives you some extra screen protection with Gorilla Glass 5. My Huawei Mate 9 it’s screen broke very easy when I accidentally dropped it. So it seems like Huawei phones got lots of stuff to work on to make them stronger in the future.

In terms of display size it’s a bit bigger on the P20 Pro with 6.1” display the Galaxy S9 comes with 5.8” display. And S9 is then also a little bit lighter to hold in the hand. But many people would prefer a little bit heavier phone to get that premium phone feel experience. Both these phones have water resistance. But the Huawei phones is a bit slimmer which is a big deal for many.

Another problem with the Samsung phone is that the fingerprint sensor is still located too close to the rear camera. This has been a big problem on the Galaxy S8. It also has a design that isn’t rounded so it feels too small. Both the phones run latest Android 8.0 Oreo OS. And they both have Octa-core processor and very similar GPUs so gaming performance should be very identical.

To summarise: It mostly comes down to what brand you are most comfortable with using. And what design you prefer the most since the specs is very high end on both devices. Many Apple users will probably think you are an iPhone X fanboy if you buy the Huawei P20 Pro.

I wish both of these phones came with a built in stylus like Galaxy Note 8. Samsung has also a very useful Always-on-display that is super useful. Not sure if the Huawei phone comes with that. Could also be good to know that the P20 Pro comes with 6GB of RAM and Galaxy S9 only with 4GB.

It also seems like the P20 Pro phone has a home button at the bottom. It seems to be a real hardware button. Something that many people enjoy to have on front. Especially in these days when more companies are removing that feature.

The price is around the same for these two phones. Huawei is the new Apple I feel since they are very hungry and making gains fast in the phone world. And they produce quality phones compare to boring HTC, Sony and LG!

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Top 1 Android Game April 2018 Samsung Galaxy S8 Gameplay Review!

1LINE is currently the most downloaded Android Play Store game. This is a puzzle game. You draw 1 line and you need to connect all the dots with it.

This game is already a bit hard at the beginning. Just like other puzzle games this requires some thinking. Other games like Angry Birds is a bit easier to get into since you only aim and shoot. This requires thinking. Surely this will improve your brain skills when it comes to coming up with solutions quick.

The amount of levels in 1LINE that exist are 10 but they also included 500 stages in total. You can also get hints for how to clear various stages. This is good if you feel that the game is too difficult. Then you have some special lines that will make you having to use your imagination to solve the puzzle!

The shapes the stages comes in is a bit fascinating. It’s very creative I would say. The graphics in the game is also great looking. The sound in the background is also very relaxing. Just as other Android games this one have a built in leaderboard. They also have a recommend section where they show you other awesome apps that are very similar that you may be interested in.

People in the comment section say that 1LINE is a quite addictive experience. Games like this reminds me a little bit about AdVenture Capitalist. Which also is very addicting.

Games will just improve as we move further into the future. And people will have a harder time to try to stay away from them. But we are also now going to implement cryptocurrency in new games which means you will be able to earn currency that you later could go trade to Fiat currency.

I’m really looking forward to see what will happen with games in the future especially in the virtual reality space.

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SERVO 225 New Phone!

SERVO has a phone called 225. This is a feature phone with some basic specs. This is for someone who needs a spare phone. Great for travels.

Main specs: 2.4 inch Display, Dual SIM cards Dual Standby support, TF card support up to 32GB, 32MB of RAM, 32MB Internal storage, Single core processor, 0.3MP camera, Spreadtrum6531CA platform, 128×160 pixels and 1100mAh battery!

In terms of talk time on SERVO 225 you will get around 5-6 hours! The standby time is way longer with 72 hours. You get standard stuff which you expect like vibration for incoming calls or notifications. Bluetooth is inside.

You even get some entertainment with a MP3 player and Video player. Even support old technology like giving you a FM Radio. Other basic features on inside is Alarm clock, recorder, message, GPRS and WAP.

In thickness it’s a bit more than your standard phone. 11mm! The weight is around 20 grams more than a mini card phone. The weight is 80 grams.

It comes in three different colours Grey, Brown and Gold! The camera gives you a bit of a surprise when you realize it features Dual LED flash! Something we usually never see in a feature phone! I like how it’s a camera that doesn’t protrude like the iPhone 7 Plus rear camera.

This phone is using a zinc alloy paint shell to create a nice beauty effect in various colours. I wish it came with a front facing camera as well. Because people love taking selfies. It may come with some basic games or may not. At least it’s good to know that this phone is not running Android. So you will not get a huge store with apps available.

I like how SERVO 225 comes with earphones! Many expensive smartphones doesn’t even pack that thing anymore. Which I find pretty annoying.

I done some interesting stuff for people that want to see the inside of a basic phone. I took apart the Nokia 3310 which was a phone that came out in year 2000. Amazing that these phones still works!

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AIEK KK1 New Phone!

AIEK has a new super mini phone. It’s called KK1. This one is great for Bluetooth users. Never seen a phone having this design before!

Main specs: 0.66 inch Display, Bluetooth 3.0, 10 meter Bluetooth distance, 200 contacts in phonebook, 100 SMS inside, MP3 support if you connect it to a smartphone, Magic voice support, 330mAh battery, 96 hours of standby time and 3 hours of talk time!

You can have KK1 phone right next to your ear! It packs some basic features like SMS, Caller History, Music Player and Bluetooth. The thickness is 10mm. But the phone weight is even more impressive just 20 grams!

It’s a multi-language phone with support for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Hebrew and Arabic. Which is most of the world’s largest languages!

Even a lighter is larger than this phone! Your friends will be shocked over how tiny it is! Also packs mega low radiation. Would be cool if you could remove battery but it’s non-removable. And can last for 3-5 days in standby.

The two colour options that exist are Black and White. If you connect it to your smartphone and walk away from smartphone then it can let you know via the anti-lost feature.

With the Bluetooth connection with KK1 you can play music, answer calls and dial calls. Also sync the phonebook from your primary smartphone. So overall this is a mini cell phone which gives you a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth dialer in one tiny configuration!

Probably good for people that takes lots of calls but don’t wanna play around with their larger smartphone all the time. This one won’t be as annoying because it won’t have any annoying notifications as your main phone might give you! Do you like this edition or do you want it to have higher specs, other features or maybe a third colour?

There are lots of super cool random phones out there. For example this LG Wine phone which is a flip phone that runs Android! I made a video here where I played Minecraft on it. It’s a little difficult because holding the phone and play is a bit strange!

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Servo 2017 New Super Small Phone!

Servo 2017 is a new tiny compact phone that comes with a very small display. This is on the other hand a cool flip phone! It sort of reminds me about the old Sony phones. Let’s go into the specs shall we.

Main specs: 1.8 inch Display, Single core processor, 32MB of RAM, 32MB Internal storage, TF card support up to 32GB, Flip cover phone design, SC6533 Chipset, Dual SIM Card Dual Standby, 2G Connectivity, 0.3MP camera, 128×160 pixel resolution, 1500mAh Battery and 6 hours of talk time!

The main thing that is cool with Servo 2017 is how it comes with an original design for a low price. The phonebook can store 500 contacts. The net weight of the phone is 98 grams. It also comes in three different colours: Black, White and Gold.

It’s a very thick phone just because it’s a flip phone so dual thickness. 17.5mm thickness. It’s a multi-language phone great for Europeans. The languages are: English, Russian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Wish they had Italian as well.

The features it packs are basic. Because it doesn’t feature an operating system. You get vibration, mp3 playback, GPRS support, FM Radio, Bluetooth connectivity and messaging function.

The camera on the rear side doesn’t protrude like the one we saw on iPhone 7 Plus. So it’s good for laying down flat on a surface. It also reminds me about an older Motorola phone.

The cool unique feature with Servo 2017 is how you can close it and still see the display! Because it comes with an opening. Just as Samsung got cases that will do the same for their high-end smartphones. That is good if you need to see notifications without having to open up the phone.

I like the black edition the most here. It looks like a James Bond phone almost. And it looks more premium than a feature phone.

A few years ago I made a quick comparison between another flip phone and a smartphone. Just to compare them a little what might be best for a new buyer. Some people really enjoy the simple side that comes with owning just a basic flip phone.

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