SERVO V9500 Waterproof Phone!

SERVO V9500 is a feature phone that is waterproof! This little boy here reminds me a bit about the Nokia 6070 design! Which was one of my first phones ever to receive! Let’s take a look at what this cheap affordable phone gives you.

Main specs: 2.8 Inch HD display large in size, 1100mAh Battery, 64MB of RAM + 64MB Internal storage, 4 SIM cards support, 4 Standby, FM Radio and GPRS!

V9500 comes in two editions: Gold colour or Black colour. The first big selling point with this phone is the impressive support for 4 SIM cards! You can remove the back side to input all 4 cards. This is perfect if you travel around a lot.

The design on front is very sleek with mechanical drawing buttons using a unique texture on the power button to improve the touch feeling. The processor is a single core variant and camera is only 1MP! It’s on the back side.

The display resolution is 480×320 which is very high for a display on a feature phone. The processor is by MTK which produce a lot of different chipsets for phones below 200 euros. I like how you can remove the battery. You can talk for up to 6 hours which is more than enough for longer calls and you can store 300 contacts in phone book. The SMS has place for 50 messages!

Other functions you get in V9500 are Bluetooth, Alarm Clock, MP3 support, Recorder, Flashlight. There is no information if you can insert a microSD card because it feels strange if you can’t. The display isn’t a touch screen either which can be good to know. It’s not running on Android so no play store.

I think the rear design looks very clean and the phone is rounded on the sides. I like it very much. What do you think about this device do you feel it’s missing something?

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NO.1 A11 Little Feature Phone!

NO.1 has a new model out it’s called A11 and it comes with a small display. I usually don’t see small displays this tiny size on feature phones they usually have larger! This one is below 2”!

Main specs: 1.77 Inch display, 1300mAh Battery, IP67 Certification, OTG Support, Flashlight, FM Radio, Dual SIM, Rugged Mobile, Waterproof and Outdoor mobile phone!

The screen got some extra protection too it’s an anti-drop screen. The phone is built with double injection molding technology to put all the pieces together. It’s a dual card phone so great to use as a backup device. You can insert a 8GB TF card as well.

Another good thing is how you can charge other phones with this device! Perfect if you want a portable power bank with phone functionality! It comes with low radiation and strong signal perfect for when you are rock climbing!

The built-in flashlight is strong and can see up to 30 meters in front of you! The processor packed inside is the MTK6261 variant. Storage internal is 32MB RAM + 32MB ROM but I already mentioned how you can expand the storage. But RAM is a bit on the low side.

It’s a very thick phone 25mm and it’s using a 5Pin micro USB to charge or download data with.

Some of the basic apps are: File Manager, FM Radio, Audio/Video Player, eBook, Gallery and clock! eBook sounded interesting I’m curious how that works on this feature phone!

I don’t think this feature phone is as beautiful as others that I have checked out in the past. But I still believe many seniors will enjoy it’s simple appearance, it has a bit larger buttons than usual. And the round key in the middle looks very calming. Do you like this phone or prefer something more pricey like iPhone X?

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Servo S08 Fidget Spinner Smartphone!

Servo S08 is a fidget spinner smartphone! I never thought I would see an amazing device like this! That both combines fun and usefulness! This is a phone in the feature phone category so you don’t get Android installed. It’s also in a niche category called mini card phones! These are ultra small phones!

Main specs: 1.3 Inch display, 400mAh Battery, Bluetooth, Dual SIM, Rotating functionality, Gyro and Reduce Stress Phone!

Servo S08 comes in 4 cool colours: Lime Green, Gold, Blue and Black! The buttons and functions you get around the device are: Receiver, Menu/OK, Contacts/Back, Message/Left, Music/Right, Volume Down, Volume Plus and LED Lights!

The magic with this phone happens with the R188 spinner! It comes with stainless steel bearings, low consumption and high speed. Also has abrasive resistance! You can insert Mini SD card and 2 SIM cards inside this phone. You have a speaker at the back and USB port at the bottom for charging.

The gold colour edition of Servo S08 truly looks magical! And I love the low price it cost just the same as a normal fidget spinner but you get a phone included in the price how amazing! The GSM band it supports are 900MHz and 1800MHz.

It’s not a too thick phone only 12.5mm. The display resolution is 240×240 pixels. Functions you get built in are: FM radio, Message, Speaker, MP3/MP4 support, Calculator, Games and Calendar.

The battery life will last for 3-4 days in standby and talk time is 3.5 to 4 hours. I have no idea what games are installed but I don’t think it’s java games. I never seen a mini card phone with games like that! If this phone has a processor then it’s a extremely low clocked variant. So don’t expect too much! But it’s a phone that stands out among the masses because of the fidget spinner functionality!

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DIGOOR DG22 Waterproof Feature Phone!

DIGOOR DG22 is a feature phone that is waterproof! It’s comes with a very bulk design look. It has a cool antenna design which makes it look like a 90s phone. But it looks very stylish and classic at the same time with cool colours on the front like black, white, yellow, red and green! Let’s have a look on the features.

Main specs: IP68 Certified, 2.4” Display, 3000mAh Battery, Can be used as mobile Power Bank, Flashlight, Loud speaker, Dual SIM and Waterproof!

On the sides of the phone it’s using brushed aluminium metal design to make it look more elegant and luxury.

It has 4 main protections: Waterproof 1.2M for 30 mins, Dustproof, Shockproof and Drop proof up to 2 meter fall. The BOX subwoofer on the back can give up to 1.5W in power and is using a class K amplifier.

It also comes with a full USB 2.0 interface to supply power to other devices. It has a strong Samsung super flashlight perfect for emergency situations. Three different modes are available. You get an SOS button where you can program in 5 numbers if something happens.

The chipset inside is SC6531 and memory is 32MB RAM and 32MB Storage. You get a tiny low resolution camera at 0.3MP. The display resolution is 240×320. You can extend storage up to 32GB with Micro SD card.

It’s a very thick phone 20mm and weight is 156 grams. What’s cool about this device is the long 15 days standby mode. Talk time is up to 8 hours. Some basic built-in functions are OSD Menu, Calculator, Alarm and MP3 rings. In recorders you get audio and video + call recorder. Two colours are available Black and Orange. Do you feel like something is missing or do you think this would be a great outdoor device?

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Decwin A 1980s Phone Design!

Decwin A is a new cool phone that has a design I never seen before! It looks like an 80s phone! It’s thick but it’s compact in it’s size! Let’s have a look on the specs and features.

Main things: 220mAh Battery, 0.66 Inch Display, Smart Bluetooth, Dialer, Music, Earphone, Mini phone and Europe’s smallest phone!

First main thing that’s impressive about this mobile is that it ‘s weight is only 21 grams! It comes with a non-slip design and convex texture design on the back. It’s a phone that is smaller than a lighter!

What’s great about this device is how easy it is to put in all pockets but can be easy to lose so be careful. It’s great to make you stop looking into your phone all the time because it’s so small! So you can be more social in life. It’s great if you are scared of cell phone radiation.

This phone is a good learning environment for a kid! Because it doesn’t come with any distractions like: Games, Internet access or Social media.

This you can do with it: Have a phone book, Check call history, Settings, Bluetooth Music, Organizer, Bluetooth Dialer, Bluetooth, Voice change and Messaging. As you can see it only comes with the absolute basics a phone needs.

The phone can use a Micro SIM that is inserted at the right side of the mobile phone.

What’s funny is the voice change features where you can make it more mysterious and make someone not hear your real voice. These voice changes exist: Woman, Man, Child, Old, Cartoon, Young, Ptimus, Duck, Robot, EVA, Walle, Rapman and Rapwoman.

I like how modern and fashion like the phone looks like. Nobody will have anything like this phone! It comes in these colours: White, Black, Gold, Silver, Blue and Grey. I also seen a red variant.

The memory inside is 32MB RAM and 32MB Storage. You can have 500 contacts in the phone book and 50 messages. It’s pretty thick 12.5mm. The battery talk time and music time is the same 4-6 hours and standby is 4-6 days. The processor is a single core.

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