Xiaomi Have Released a Mi VR Headset!

Xiaomi got a low-cost affordable MI VR headset! This is way cheaper and more affordable than for example HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR or PlayStation VR.

Specs: 9-Axis Inertial Motion Controller, Type-C Interface, FOV103 Focus, Supports Mi5/Mi5S/5s Plus/Mi6/Xiaomi Note 2, Hardware-level motion sensor 16x sensitive, 16ms ultra-low latency, Custom-made 38mm PMMA lens and 103 degrees Field of View.

That is some of the main specs on MI VR! This is perfect for phones with VR-oriented processors like Snapdragon 820/821 and Adreno 530 GPU. The materials they are created in are velvet and plastic. The refresh rate is 1600Hz. You seem to get a controller and touch control support.

Inside of the MIUI VR experience you get access to 30+ apps and 500+ panoramic videos. There is also over 200+ registered developers working on new things for the platform!

To use MI VR of course you would need a smart phone. And you can only use a modern Xiaomi smartphone to get this up and running. It’s great how the VR is around half the price of what you would pay to get Gear VR Samsung headset. The headset is adjustable between 525mm-630mm.

The VR headset itself is using a bosch 6 axis IMU sensor. You can also adjust the Focus inside the VR headset just as with other variants. The controller is being run by 2x AAA batteries that can last up to 60 hours. And it’s using bluetooth 4.0.

The VR headset has a weight of 408 grams. I’m curious if we one day will get more light weight VR tech. Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality seems to be a little bit slimmer. Google Glass seems to have failed. We still got a long way to go before technology like VR will be easier to carry around. At least these phone VR headsets doesn’t have wires as for example HTC Vive.

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This is a Massive Zoom Tool For Your Smartphone!

Have you ever wanted to watch at birds more closeup with your smartphone? You can now do that with this wild 30X25 camera lens from DongChaQiuHao brand! Let’s have a look at what is inside it.

The specs: No vignetting, High-definition, Telescope eyepiece, Rotary goggles, Anti-slip protection, Belt buckle, Focus wheel and Telescope objective lens. FC coating lens will give you more clear view compared to a normal lens.

30X25 telescope lens is best used for tour, bird watching, scenery, portrait, hunting and watching a cool sky. With this lens you may see things that are 1500m away! It will make you be able to observe the world in another way.

All these things that are close to you on a daily basis but you need a zoom lens to be able to see them. This will allow you to see everything around you! Be aware to not use this lens to look at the sun that is not good for your human eyes! Something that’s good to know is that it’s life waterproof!

Which makes me curious if you would be able to use it under water with a waterproof phone hmm..

The main things you get inside the package includes: 30X25 Lens Telescope, Pouch, Strap Buckle, Lens Cover, Manual and Universal Holder/Clip.

It’s pretty large for it’s size but it’s nice how it has a texture that will give you a nice comfy grip! It’s in one colour: Black.

People have said that the 30X25 view is good but that it’s not stabilised so you need a tripod to get stable images or video footage. The footage isn’t perfect if you look super up close but for the price you pay it’s amazing zoom in functionality! What do you think about this lens?

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This is a Secret Hidden Camera You Can Use With Your Smartphone!

DANIU brand has a cool mini wireless hidden camera you can buy! Ever wanted to have a super tiny camera that you can hide? Well now you can do that with ease! Cameras are getting smaller these days! This one is called the Mini MW06!

The functions are: iPhone/iPad/iOS/Android Support, Wireless connection, P2P Mode, Monitor when in office, Video + Audio monitor, Record + Monitor same time, Automatic video record when open camera, 45 mins battery time and built-in rechargeable battery.

The specs on Mini MW06 camera is: AVI video format, M-JPEG video coding, 640×480 VGA resolution, Network transmission resolution is 320×240 QVGA, Video frame rate is 10fps±1fps, Sensor is 1/3″ CMOS, 2.4G 802.11n WiFi built-in antenna, TF card support up to 32GB, 4:3 image proportion, Windows/iOS/Android OS support, DC 5V charging voltage, Mini 5Pin USB interface, ABS material, Black colour, 8 grams weight and total package 62 grams!

The good thing with the camera is how it comes with a longer cable so you can easily hide the larger battery so you get great camouflage.

The buttons and features on the battery are: Switch mode function, ON/OFF button, TF card slot and Power 5Pin USB. Battery is 6cm long, 1.8cm wide and 1cm tall.

Usually if you want to see if something happens like someone sneaking around with a large camera they will detect it but if it’s tiny then they will never know about it. I would love to see a variant like this but with a larger battery. And also a more expensive variant with a better camera that can support up to 4K in resolution.

Because it might be the case that the resolution of the footage from Mini MW06 might not be as good as you expected. But I’m sure we will see other spy cameras in the future because the price on cameras always keeps going down and cameras are getting smaller in size as well.

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New Cool RC Truck From JJRC!

JJRC has a new RC car available called the Q39! This truck both comes in an amazing blue colour but it also looks like a tiny monster truck with large wheels! Let’s see what you get in this package.

Specs are: 1:12 Scale, 2.4G, 4WD, 40km/h speed, 1500mAh battery, Shock absorbers, 19G high-speed servo, Suspension system, Straight axle, alloy-steel gears, detachable tires (Spare tire can be used to replace damaged tire!), 390 high speed magnetic motor, high power output, stability motor, Fast acceleration and Climbing.

The four wheel drive system on Q39 will give you great drifting, vehicle handling and balance! When you travel over rough ground or do cazy jumps you have great metal damping shock absorber to still offer you a smooth ride. On the truck you also get electronic speed control and a differential.

The truck comes with a standard remote control, Charger, Allen wrench, Screwdriver, Cross wrench, Gear, R-shaped Pin and an M3 screw.

You can drive the RC car for around 10 minutes and the charge time is 2.5 hours. Net weight is 2110 grams full size of the car is 16x22x39cm. You may want to switch to another RC car 10 minutes drive time is a bit too short!

Q39 will probably be a great training RC car before you switch over to more advanced variants. This is more designed for short circuits and nothing too crazy. You may even wanna buy a couple of this variant just to have as spare.

The material on outside to provide you with a stylish design is mostly plastic. Over time it may break down. The frequency on the remote transmitter is 2.4G.

And you don’t get triple 1.5V AA batteries on purchase. You need triple batteries to run the remote! But it’s a charming RC truck for the beginner wanting to drive at home.

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Xiaomi Creates Electric Scooters!

I have been talking a lot about smartphones and computers on my website. But there are also other new tech that is both useful and interesting. One of those gadgets are from Xiaomi and is called M365 Electric Scooter! Some call it smart riding equipment.

Let’s take a look at what you get in a quick summary: IP54 certification, 12.5kg light, 30km long life, Folding, BMS double brake system, 25km/h max speed, Max load 100kg, Two wheels, Aluminium alloy material, Black colour, 87.5mm in height, 6.7 inch motor size, 8.5 inch tires, LED taillight, 4 LED power indicators and more!


If you would run into an accident with M365 then the brake distance in dry state is 4 meters. It’s an electric scooter suitable for 16-50 year olds. It’s suitable for the terrain: Cement, Asphalt, Pavement and Flat Soil Pavement.

Charge time is a bit long 5.5 hours so good over night. 250W motor inside with an LG battery. The handles got a no-slip design. You get a bell, push type accelerator, one button design and power display clear to see. Anti-lock system available.

At dark you have bright headlights that can see up to 6 meters ahead of you. Red highlight warning light on back when braking. You also have an app for your smartphone where you can see live stats about the scooter like riding speed and remaining power. There is an anti-sliding and anti shock system that will work well with the tires.

In total size when M365 is up it’s 1140mm tall and 1080mm long. And when folded it’s 490mm tall. The battery has great built in protection for things like: Short circuit, overcurrent, double overcharge, double over-discharge and temperature anomaly.

Really cool scooter from a trusted brand that you will know will deliver great performance. Just make sure you live in an area with good pavement or terrain that is suitable!

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