Baseus Red Obsidian Z1 OTG U Awesome Disk!

Baseus Red Obsidian Z1 OTG U Disk is a very cool compact portable drive that exist in 32GB and 64GB variant! This is perfect when you want to in an easy way bring with you storage. This one can be connected both to latest iPhone 8, iPhone X and Samsung or Xiaomi smartphones! This is made possible because it comes with two connections.

It has a 270 degree multi-angle rotation on iPhone connection side so it’s foldable for easier usage. You can also connect it to an iPad of course! You get a standard USB port to connect it to a computer and micro USB for Android phones. With a 16GB iPhone you can get access to total 80GB if you buy the 64GB variant of this drive.

It has a simple plug and play functionality so simple connection and it works and you can enjoy content like movies and tv shows from your portable drive. It may even be able to work as a stand to make iPhone movie viewing made easier.

It has USB 2.0 with high-speed reading rate. It goes up to massive 480Mbps! You have a transparent red cap installed on the USB interface side to protect it against dust! The Android interface needs to be pushed out too. This device is especially great if you switch a lot between Android and iOS devices and want to store same files on both devices!

Usually this is very hard to do without a device like this. Because iOS devices is usually a more locked system that complicates things. Android usually is much easier to deal with. You will probably not be able to store iOS games on this device but Android games is easier to store on portable device and copy to your smartphone!

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ZEALOT B21 Bluetooth Headphones!

ZEALOT B21 are some cool Bluetooth headphones with a sleek headset design. They coolest thing with these is how they come with a touch button on the side science fiction style!

Main specs: Lightweight, Slide Touch, Stereo, AUX, Wireless, Bluetooth, Mic and Gesture Control.

The coolest thing with this headset is the gesture control! You do this with the round touchpad on the side of the headset. You can do things like: Slide to left: Previous song, Slide to right: Next song, Slide up: V+, Slide down: V-, Click middle button: Play/Pause!

You get a very heavy bass with ZEALOT B21! It has a powerful 40mm big dynamic driver installed. That is dual! Rich details so you can enjoy music like hardstyle and hardcore music. Or house music if that’s your thing!

The design on these headphones are over-ear with a massive earmuff design. The material is very soft and comes in a acoustic seal structure to reduce sound leakage.

Your friends will be super impressed because they also come in a great design! The size on the earmuff is 85mm wide and 95mm tall. And they don’t put any pressure on your ears!

The earmuffs comes with an inner inclined shaft structure that is stable while wearing.

Some specs on the built in battery are 500mAh that will give you 10 hours of music time and they can last up to 300 hours on standby. Another cool thing is that they are both portable and foldable! Perfect when you bring them with you on travels on other fun stuff!

ZEALOT B21 come with Clear sound, Smart chip, Clear call and connect a cable with AUX if you prefer that! The chip they selected is the CSR8635 and works awesome with lossless music.

The headband can stretch out to 2.6CM if you have a very large head. And the piano design makes them look extremely fashionable. They come in three different colours Black, Brown + Silver and Black + Silver. I personally would prefer the Silver and Black variant. Brown variant looks a bit too much grandpa style for me!

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BlitzWolf BW-S7 Desktop Charger Perfect For Many Phones!

BlitzWolf BW-S7 is a cool desktop charger with 5 USB ports! This is useful if you are having multiple devices that you need to charge on a daily basis. Gadgets like smartphones, tablets and amazon kindle. For me this is perfect because I have over 200 phones that usually needs a charge!

What’s also good with this charger is how it comes with an adapter for your region. EU/US/AU/UK plugs available! It’s a white charger. With Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The output is QC3.0 + 4.4A and awesome 40W output.

First you get four non QC 3.0 ports that works with 5V/4.4A and power 3S technology. The other Quick Charge 3.0 port supports multivoltage. All ports are fast but the QC port is ultra fast!

BW-S7 is using a NT60008 fast charging chip certified by Qualcomm. Quick Charge 3.0 supports 3.6V-12V charge and is also backwards compatible with older versions. Apple devices can also be charged fast.

Some other good things is you get an 18-Month warranty and premium performance that has been certified to be safe. It’s portable to bring with you but remember that you will need to plug it in to make it work! It’s 58mm tall, 91mm wide and 26mm thick. It’s total weight is 400 grams which is like holding two phones in your hands!

BlitzWolf is famous for bringing out both quality cables and quality charging devices. For me BW-S7 feel like a cheaper version of Anker but still with the same excellent quality! It would be cool to see this charger be available in other interesting colours like red and black. So they can match peoples phones more.

Most people these days don’t have white phones. Maybe a little bit of a built-in mAh battery would be nice if you wanted to bring it out to the beach or something.

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VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Headset For Phone!

VR Shinecon is a new cool virtual reality headset that is great if you are running on a budget and need a cheap VR alternative for your smartphone. As you may know there are different ways to experience VR first you have Console VR, Microsoft VR, Windows VR and then you have Phone VR.

Phone VR is the easiest one to get started with you only need a phone and a VR headset that’s compatible for that. This is one of these phone headsets. Let’s take a look at the specs on this one.

Main specs VR Shinecon: 6.0 360 Degree, Stereo, 3D Virtual Reality Glasses, Compatible with 4.7-6.0 inch smartphone, Giant Screen, Immersive Gaming and Optical Lenses.

This is perfect if you want to experience a home cinema you can enjoy sports events, concert videos, 3D film and fun games. With movies you will be surrounded by real sound and scenes and feel like you are living inside the movie. Or experience the beach and sunshine in your VR headset when you are at home.

Over 20,000 experiences from the app. This will be cool for your senses like vision, sense of touch and hearing. Awesome for enjoying especially cool games with friends or family.

The headset it comes with is adjustable and can fit various head sizes. It’s using a 100 degree wide angle lens, it’s a Japanese PMMA 45mm optical lens that will be close to your eyes.

The sound is 3D stereo sound with strong bass and great sound insulation effect. Great when you need to know what direction a sound is coming from. You can remove the front cover. At the top you can adjust the lens 600 degrees.

Speaker sensitivity is 112dB and impedance is 32. Frequency response range comes in at standard 20-20,000Hz with a 3.5mm plug.

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Xiaomi Tiny Portable Speaker!

Xiaomi has some very cool tiny portable speakers. They are round and comes in three colours. Perfect Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone when you need a stronger speaker with modern design. The colours are gold, black and silver. Let’s have a detailed look on the specs:

Main features: Aluminium alloy material, CSR Bluetooth 4.0 connection, Works with Smartphone and Tablet, Light weight, Different compared to other speakers, One button design, Click-to-Run, Simple, Integrated design, HD Sound, Stable energy saving and hardware noise reduction.

It’s created with sand blasting, anodic oxidation and CNC diamond cutting. They used high precision stamping forming and high speed polishing. The shell is strong and wear-resistant so great for outdoor weather.

The speaker size is 52mm x 52mm x 25mm, 58 grams in weight which is around the same weight as a mini card phone!

Perfect for a comfortable afternoon at home, in a conference room or wherever you like. It’s speaker output power is 2W and SNR is 53dB. It has 4 in impedance and built in battery is 480mAh which is many times more power than what a feature phone will give you.

There is no cable to connect to your phone just turn on Bluetooth on the speaker and on your phone then in phone go to speaker and click connect. Usually with speakers like this you can’t connect it to more devices at the same time so you have to disconnect before trying that.

It’s using a micro USB connection when you need to charge it. I would love to see a Type C speaker with Quick Charge 4.0 and this speaker be created in a bit larger variant. Most android users are these days moving over more to Type C cables when charging their devices. Do you like the speaker or do you prefer bigger?

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