Bakeey N700 New Wireless Charger!

Bakeey N700 is a Qi Wireless charger that you will be able to use with high-end Android and Apple phones. The new iPhone X has a wireless charger support. As well as Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 8!

This Fast Charge gadget comes with a portrait stand mode. It comes in two colour editions Black or Silver. You can charge horizontal or vertical. Totally up to you. You get an LED indicator and smart-off charging.

The plug Bakeey N700 is using is Micro USB. Which is not a reversible cable. Wish it used the Type-C cable instead. The weight is very low just 97 grams. Which is less than most new smartphones. It comes with 1 USB port.

In the technical aspect the power it comes with in total is 10W! The input is 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A. The ouput is 9V/1.1A and 5V/1A.

This is a great charger to have on your desktop. It’s especially good if you use both iPhone X and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Because then you don’t need to use two cables but could just use this desktop stand. I wish you could charge two phones at the same time but it would probably be too slow.

Wireless charging is still probably too slow for most people to wanna use it. Usually it takes double the time to charge. Then it’s usually more worth it to just connect the phone with a wire. But in the future we will probably see less wires being used. Just as most people these days use wireless internet on their phone because 4G speeds are so fast.

And with technology always improving I believe in the future we will worry less about charging our phones because it will go faster than what it does as of this moment. Do you like this Bakeey N700 charger or do you feel it’s missing something?

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K2 New Smartwatch!

K2 is a new smartwatch that comes in a very sleek design. Let’s dive deeper to see what you get with this watch.

Main features on K2: 0.95 inch OLED screen, NFR52832 CPU, No camera, Bluetooth 4.0, 200mAh Battery, IP68 certification, Android 4.4 and above support, iOS 9 and above support, 10-15 days usage time, 30 days of standby time and 3 hours of charging time!

The charging time is a bit long but I find it impressive that it can last over 10 days! That is very good for someone who will be away from charging for over a week. I still don’t understand why a phone can charge so much faster with way more mAh!

The main functions you get with this watch are: Heart rate monitor, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen check, Pedometer walk track, Swimming Track, Distance statistic, Calories Track, Sleep monitor, QQ Chat, WeChat, Message Notification from your phone and Raise-to-wake the screen!

Very impressive features for the low price. You can also see that it’s a circle round display and not a square as we seen on other variants like cheaper Android watches and the famous Apple Watch!

It comes with many cool colour wristbands like green, blue, red and black editions! This is great vibrant colours and perfect if you want to stand out among the masses. You can also have incoming calls remind so it will vibrate to let you know that there is someone trying to reach you on your phone.

You can also read Facebook and Twitter messages on K2 via a sync feature! The OLED display is using polished sapphire glass. With a slim frame design to provide sleek appearance. I think most people will buy this watch because it’s very colourful standout appearance! Do you like this gadget or do you feel like it’s missing any important feature?

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Bakeey X6 New Smartwatch!

Bakeey X6 is a super affordable smartwatch. Perfect for people that has been looking at the Apple Watch but haven’t been able to afford it. This one is super cheap and coming with some cool features.

It’s very cool how you can take photos and videos on your wrist. A bit of a James Bond feature. Some other built in apps are Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and sound recorder functionality. Of course because this is a very basic device it might not be the full version of the apps. But a more mini variant. But still very impressive for this low price. You even get an internet browser included at this low price. But remember that it’s not using any 4G speeds so might be pretty slow performance.

Main specs on Bakeey X6: 1.54 inch Display, Square shaped screen, 2G Network capable, 300-450mAh Battery, Detachable battery, Less than 128MB Internal storage, MediaTek MTK6261 Processor, 240×240 pixels screen, No Waterproof support, Electronic movement, Less than 128MB of RAM, SIM Card support, No GPS and support for other dials.

The things you can do with this watch in terms of features are checking the calendar, answer calls, dial calls, have an alarm clock when you need to wake up, Push messages, Sleep Tracker and Call reminder! It’s not running on the Android OS but it’s just like a mini card phone. Giving you some basic features. A digital watch with SIM card support.

I really enjoy how sleek Bakeey X6 looks, it looks more expensive than what it cost. The pedometer and sedentary reminder will be good for training. The touch screen is curved to give you pleasure when looking at it. The wrist band comes in a soft material to be very comfortable.

The watch comes on one side with a speaker, mic and USB Jack. On the other side you will find a Camera and Power Button.

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Ajazz AK33 New Keyboard!

Ajazz AK33 is a cool keyboard that is run using Bluetooth. It comes in rainbow colours. It’s a very compact keyboard that reminds me about Apple’s new Magic Keyboard.

Main specs: RGB Keyboard, Black colour, Bluetooth or Wire connection, 82 keys, Blue switch, 60 million keys clicked of life, 2300mAh Battery, Support for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android!

Ajazz AK33 is using a American Broadcom Bluetooth chip. The distance you can use this keyboard from is 10 meters. Which is pretty long. Perfect if you have some distance from your hardware and want to lay down in the sofa or sit at a desk.

You can connect up to five devices and switch between them. To charge this keyboard fully it will take 3.5 hours. The battery will last for 24 hours of backlight. Energy save for 10 days.

I think most people will buy this keyboard because of the mechanical axis and the mechanical shaft keys. It’s cheaper than Apple’s latest keyboards. Many seek affordable solutions. Also what’s great with this keyboard is that it will be great in a dark room and you need to see what you are typing.

Something I don’t like on this keyboard is how they made the Enter key smaller. It doesn’t have the more traditional design as you usually see. But the space button is large as we are use to.

On Ajazz AK33 you have standard keys as a shift button, Capslock, ctrl, Windows key and more! This will probably be best to use with a Windows machine. It will probably be a little harder to connect to an Apple phone. But Android offers better support for connecting Bluetooth keyboards. I really like the compact shape of this specific model.

It would have been cool if they would have included a Trackpad. I would like to see a Trackpad like Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 build into this keyboard on the right side. That would be really cool!

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Teclast T8 New Tablet For Gaming!

Teclast T8 is a very sleek designed tablet that comes with some great specs and features. Great for Android gamers that want something bigger than a high-end smartphone.

Main specs: MediaTek MT8176 Chipset, hexa-core processor, GX6250 GPU, Android 7.0 Nougat, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal Storage, 8.4″ Display IPS Type, 2560×1600 pixel resolution screen, 13.0MP Front facing camera, 8.0MP Rear camera, Bluetooth 4.0, Fingerprint scanner, and 5400mAh Battery!

The first thing I find sad about Teclast T8 tablet is no 4G or 3G or GPS on-board! But use over WiFi at home will be fast! No GPS means that you won’t be able to use it as a navigator when you need to find a place. But maybe this isn’t a problem if you use your phone for that.

You do get TF card support up to 128GB which will be amazing if you wanna load lots of movies and music on this tablet. Or install a lot of games. But maybe not all games will be able to be installed on the MicroSD card.

The weight is very low only 346 grams for this tablet. It’s very slim too just 7.8mm in thickness. The charge you get is using 5V/2.5A. Fingerprint scanner is nice because we usually don’t see it on tablet. The other good thing about this tablet is that it’s not a mega tablet in size. So it’s a little bit easier to carry around.

Teclast T8 also comes with a coating to make it anti-fingerprint. A problem that many smartphones have is how they become fingerprint magnets. The metal body will truly give you a sleek premium experience.

It’s great how it has high resolution front facing camera. Great for taking selfies with. I think most humans use front camera more than the rear. Especially on tablets. This tablet has a 2.1GHz burst frequency!

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