Creative Labs Got a Very Cool Gaming Mouse!

Creative Labs got a super cool new gaming mouse called Sound BlasterX Siege M04. It’s in the colour black.

It comes with 7 fully programmable buttons, a dedicated sniper button, omron switches rated for 50 million clicks, ultra precise zero acceleration and prediction, 12,000 DPI PixArt PMW3360 IR LED gaming grade sensor, polling rate of 1000Hz, Speedy ARM Cortex-M3 32-Bit Processor at 72Mhz and Aurora Reactive lightning system with all-edge RGB ambient effects!

One of the coolest thing with BlasterX Siege M04 is of course the amount of buttons and the RGB light effects on all sides! My current mouse I am using is the Razer DeathAdder but it only has light on top and it’s not cool rainbow colours. The light system in Siege M04 has 16.8 million colours to choose from. You can also switch DPI fast with a 3 level DPI cycle button.

It also features a nice ergonomic comfortable design for palm and grip. Of course this mouse is truly designed for gamers with the internal memory and 7 programmable buttons. It also features a nice X on the left top side of the mouse which also seems to light up. The top scroll wheel seems to have a nice white light around it.

It almost looks like the mouse is floating above ground with the rainbow colours around it. I have never seen a mouse like that before. I also like how it’s a wired mouse. Even though wireless mice does exist I have found myself to mostly have problems with those variants.

I am still satisfied with the quality of my Razer mice so feel no need to upgrade right now. But I recommend this computer mouse for a 2017 setup if you want something more affordable. I also recommend that you combine it with a nice razer hard mousepad. It really is the best! What do you think about the Siege M04?

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Western Digital Got a Massive 1TB SSD!

If you ever have tried SATA SSD drives before then you know the benefits in speed of it over regular HDD. WD’s new 3D NAND packs in 1TB of storage in super fast memory! There is also a 2TB variant available!

Some cool things with this new SSD is how it draws 25% less power than previous generations. Read speeds are up to crazy 560 MB/s and write speeds up to wild 530 MB/s. 1.75M hours mean time to failure (MTTF) and 500 terabytes written! You also get backup software and the ability to see the current status on your drive.

They have also tested this 3D NAND card a lot in WD functional integrity testing lab to verify it’s safe. It has a black colour and no moving parts inside, also comes with a blue and white WD logo. This card will consume less battery in your laptop/PC before a need to charge will come. Which is great because battery is a big problem with modern technology how fast our devices get drained and need a re-charge.

The size is 2.5″ 7mm. So very compact just as any other SSD drive. My own personal experience I have found SSD drives to be very reliable and last for a long time. And with start up speeds of apps and content I find it to be at least twice as fast as a regular hard drive. Will we even get something faster in future than SSD? Probably but it will take some time to get there.

I highly recommend you install your main OS on SSD drive so it can load up the system fast. It will surely make a difference that you will feel. Have you ever owned an SSD? What do you think of the 3D NAND? If so then what is your experience with them? Ever had an SSD crash on you?

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Pixio Got A Curved 144Hz 32-Inch Display!

Pixio got a cool very large monitor that is made for professional gamers. Especially with the high 144Hz in mind. It’s called the Pixio PX325c! The display is using SVA technology which is better than the low-end TN technology.

It comes with a 178 degree wide viewing angle, Anti-glare screen, AMD FreeSync, Flicker free, Low blue light, no tearing or input lag because of dynamic fresh rate control, 4ms response time, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and VESA 100×100.

The ports on Pixio PX325c you get on it are: 1x HDMI, 1x DVI and 1x DP connection. As we have seen with other gaming monitors this one also features in-game crosshair for better aim and in-game timer. The curved display will suck you in more into what you do. Even amazing for watching movies late at night. You can tilt it for best view. But not just that it also can be pivot, swivel and elevated.

Most other monitors on the market will only give you 60Hz refresh rate. Which means you may experience lag and motion blur more on those. That’s not something you want on a gaming monitor. That’s why the 144Hz will be amazing!

Also keep in mind that the AMD FreeSync technology will only work if you use AMD Radeon series graphic card. Not NVIDIA cards. It should also be pretty flicker free. The in-game crosshairs you are being offered comes in at least 4 variants to suit your needs. There is also options to enable visual presets.

I am not a huge gamer myself but I can imagine in the latest FPS games that milliseconds truly matter. I will stick to my more basic display because I mostly just do writing and video editing work. A bit slower work! But if I one day decide to go and become a gamer pro then I would need something like this monitor. Here the Pixio PX325c monitor is available.

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G.SKILL Got Epic DDR4 Memory!

Ever wanted more than just more memory? Something that stood out? Especially when you can get a tempered glass corsair case these days you would want to match it up with amazing hardware. G.SKILL their latest memory kit is called Tridentz RGB.

16GB of memory in 2 x 8GB setup! Some specs on these are: 288-Pin DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600), Timing 16-18-18-38, CAS Latency 16 and voltage 1.35V. Built with high quality components and heatspreader design. But the most coolest part is the light part!

So you get an exposed light bar on Tridentz RGB with vibrant RGB LEDs. Colours like Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and more! This really creates a unique experience. There is also downloadable software available to tweak the colours even further to perhaps match your case.

If you have a case with a non glass window design then maybe this will be a waste of time. But if you truly want to build a PC that stands out from the masses then this memory is the right for you. You can also use the Asus Aura software to sync up your lightning with aura-ready motherboard!

I just have some standard memory inside my PC nothing fancy. And I mostly use laptops these days to do my work easier if I need to go somewhere. And I am too old to build computer setups these days! Times like this I just wanna focus on beauty and work. But if I was 14 again then I think I would spend some more time investing into trying to build the ultimate PC. Here the Tridentz RGB is available online if you are curious in building an epic PC build.

I have built one PC in my life from using separate hardware parts. It’s a good lesson learning how to do. Something I think every male should at least do once in their lifetime. Especially when we live in the era of computers. That will change society and our future. It’s good to know a bit about computers!

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Anet Has A Cool 3D Printer Called A8!

These days you can print cool stuff in your home! 3D printers used to be very expensive but because of competition the prices has gone down a ton! You can now get the A8 3D Printer DIY Kit for less price than a mid-range smartphone!

This 3D printer contains of many parts: LCD Display at the top, Z axis lead rod, X axis motor, Nozzle, Mainboard, Hot bed, Turbofan, Power supply, Y axis motor and Z axis motor.

The LCD display on A8 3D Printer is a 2004 LCD screen with 5 keys, with simple controls and you can pause at any time. It will give you stable print and high-precision visual experience. The stepmotor can work without interruption for 1000 hours. The power supply is a high-quality 180W, 110V-240V variant.

Some ideas of things you can create with this machine are toys for children, art and cultural objects, medical application and more. Come up with something fun to create!

I am super curious about the future with 3D printing. Will we be able to eventually print anything in the world? Including objects that needs hardware to work? Like actually building anything in the world? With the power of AI I think we will be able to get this done eventually within 20-50 years. But will it be available for the masses? Do you think A8 3D Printer is cool? I love it!

Of course a machine like that you would have to feed it all the materials needed to create hardware. Software is already available in the cloud or in hardware or on the internet so that you wouldn’t be able to print. But I think the future may become weird if people can create anything in their home. Will it be safe?

Or will it be restricted? The internet is a strange thing how it allows us all to communicate and share ideas faster. An AI will still be more intelligent than us when a proper AGI has been created. When an AI machine can improve itself then we know we have created something that truly will replace us!

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