MantisTek’s Portable Keyboard Is Perfect For Lazy People!

Ever wanted to have a super compact portable keyboard easy-to-use with lots of functionality and that you can use in sofa? The keyboard from MantisTek is pretty awesome it’s called MK1!

It’s a wireless mini keyboard some features it has are: QWERTY keyboard, RF 2.4G wireless connection (Up to 10 meter operating distance), Ergonomic design, Auto sleep and wake up function, 100 grams weight, Touchpad mouse, remote control for Android and Windows, Perfect for home theater, IPTV, Internet TV, Google TV, Android TV box, PS3 and Xbox 360 users!

You can see on MK1 photos that the keyboard is in black and white colour, easy to hold with 2 hands and has nice rounded design. Up on the top left side you have the music controls, on top right you can go up/down/left/right and click OK in the middle. In the middle you have the full touchpad with mouse functionality. Also comes with Plug and play no annoying setup you have to do to get it working with your devices.

The hot-keys you get on the top are first on left side Start Menu, Email, Mute and Left Click. And on right side you have Search, Home, Browser and Right Click. It wakes up again after a button is being pressed, this is to save battery life. On the left side of the Touchpad you have the Scroll Bar. On the rear side you have the Power Switch and on the back on each side you have two battery covers. A USB receiver is also mounted on the back side take it out and plug it into your device!

The Full Keyboard on MK1 really has most of your keys you want to have. All the F1 to F10 buttons, 0 to 9 buttons, Esc, Shift, Tab, Caps, Fn, Enter, Back, Space and everything in between you could imagine! The height is only 20mm. Overall I really enjoy the design on this keyboard. I really believe I need to own one!

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Eachine Got a Baby Light RC Quadcopter!

Most of the large drones today are pretty expensive and can be scary to drive to control. But you have another market for people who just want to test it out a little bit without fear of damage something super expensive. Eachine’s little guy is called E012 Mini.

It comes with 2.4G, 4CH, 6 Axis headless mode, LED Light, Quadcopter RTF, you get a protection ring against the propellers that is rugged so it won’t hurt people. In size this one is 65mm * 65mm! It also has a cool feature where it can do a 360 degree roll-over. Instead of just the normal WSAD flying experience. You need to be pretty high above ground to do this properly so you don’t crash.

In E012 Mini you also get a mode where the quadcopter can come back to you. You get a 2.4G back remote control to control the tiny quadcopter. It weight is 15g with battery and 10g without battery. The battery is 3.7V and 200mAh. Charging time is 40 minutes and fly time only 5 minutes. Flying distance is 30 meters.

You also get 3 levels of flight speed to have some variation on the flying experience. Of course the major negative here is that it only last 5 minutes of fly time. That is super little and 40 mins is pretty long charge time for that. Should be at least 15 minutes of fly time. But it’s hard to do with these tiny quadcopters with tiny batteries. What do you think about the E012 Mini?

Eachine has released some interesting products lately like I did a blog post on their new affordable FPV goggles. Which is good for a beginner just starting out in the FPV world. You can’t really complain too much on this quadcopter when it’s pretty cheap. I won’t buy it but I’m certain someone else will!

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Your iPhone Cables Break A Lot? BlitzWolf Got a Solution!

Every had these horrible cables from smartphones companies that keeps breaking after a few months? Same thing that happens with headphone cables they always break!

BlitzWolf got a new epic solution. Their new BW-MF5 2.4A Lightning to USB Braided Data Cable is way more durable! This cable is 3.33ft/1m, comes with MFI and Magic Tape Strap! It comes with a aluminium alloy shell. And not just braided once! But double-braided in a red colour with nylon material to prevent knotting.

The magic tape straps that comes with the BW-MF5 keeps your cables in order. So what is this cable built up by? First on the outside you have the polyester fiber jacket in red colour, then you get a TPE flexible cover in white, further in you have the anti-jamming aluminium foil and on inside you have your 30AWG data wire core and 22AWG power wire core.

The bend lifespan on this cable is 5,000+! Also comes with a long 18-Month warranty. Everyone is used to the standard either white or black boring cables. This really adds some style to your gear. The data transfer speed is 480MBps and you can charge at the same time!

All the latest iPhone it’s compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone 5, iPod nano 7th generation and iPod Touch 5th generation. There is also a similar cable for Android users that I might take a look on in the future!

Getting a good cable is something we are always lazy to start to invest in. Remember that the branded official cables usually cost like 10x more in price and last only a extremely short time in durability. This cable adds 5x the durability time. Which is amazing for the BW-MF5 user!

This cable does look the best when you rock a black edition iPhone. White iPhone it will probably look the worst with. Gold edition maybe in between. But with black oh wow!

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Creative Labs Got a Very Cool Gaming Mouse!

Creative Labs got a super cool new gaming mouse called Sound BlasterX Siege M04. It’s in the colour black.

It comes with 7 fully programmable buttons, a dedicated sniper button, omron switches rated for 50 million clicks, ultra precise zero acceleration and prediction, 12,000 DPI PixArt PMW3360 IR LED gaming grade sensor, polling rate of 1000Hz, Speedy ARM Cortex-M3 32-Bit Processor at 72Mhz and Aurora Reactive lightning system with all-edge RGB ambient effects!

One of the coolest thing with BlasterX Siege M04 is of course the amount of buttons and the RGB light effects on all sides! My current mouse I am using is the Razer DeathAdder but it only has light on top and it’s not cool rainbow colours. The light system in Siege M04 has 16.8 million colours to choose from. You can also switch DPI fast with a 3 level DPI cycle button.

It also features a nice ergonomic comfortable design for palm and grip. Of course this mouse is truly designed for gamers with the internal memory and 7 programmable buttons. It also features a nice X on the left top side of the mouse which also seems to light up. The top scroll wheel seems to have a nice white light around it.

It almost looks like the mouse is floating above ground with the rainbow colours around it. I have never seen a mouse like that before. I also like how it’s a wired mouse. Even though wireless mice does exist I have found myself to mostly have problems with those variants.

I am still satisfied with the quality of my Razer mice so feel no need to upgrade right now. But I recommend this computer mouse for a 2017 setup if you want something more affordable. I also recommend that you combine it with a nice razer hard mousepad. It really is the best! What do you think about the Siege M04?

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Western Digital Got a Massive 1TB SSD!

If you ever have tried SATA SSD drives before then you know the benefits in speed of it over regular HDD. WD’s new 3D NAND packs in 1TB of storage in super fast memory! There is also a 2TB variant available!

Some cool things with this new SSD is how it draws 25% less power than previous generations. Read speeds are up to crazy 560 MB/s and write speeds up to wild 530 MB/s. 1.75M hours mean time to failure (MTTF) and 500 terabytes written! You also get backup software and the ability to see the current status on your drive.

They have also tested this 3D NAND card a lot in WD functional integrity testing lab to verify it’s safe. It has a black colour and no moving parts inside, also comes with a blue and white WD logo. This card will consume less battery in your laptop/PC before a need to charge will come. Which is great because battery is a big problem with modern technology how fast our devices get drained and need a re-charge.

The size is 2.5″ 7mm. So very compact just as any other SSD drive. My own personal experience I have found SSD drives to be very reliable and last for a long time. And with start up speeds of apps and content I find it to be at least twice as fast as a regular hard drive. Will we even get something faster in future than SSD? Probably but it will take some time to get there.

I highly recommend you install your main OS on SSD drive so it can load up the system fast. It will surely make a difference that you will feel. Have you ever owned an SSD? What do you think of the 3D NAND? If so then what is your experience with them? Ever had an SSD crash on you?

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