Ockel Sirius A Is A Mini Compact Windows PC!

Have you ever had a dream about carrying full Windows 10 with you in a compact size? There is now a small PC in the works for that! It’s called the Ockel Sirius A. It’s an ultra small PC with 6-inch touch screen and full Windows 10 experience!

Some of the specs include 8GB of RAM, 128GB flash storage, Intel Atom X7-Z8750, Windows 10 Home/Pro. It also has Bluetooth, WiFi AC, Two USB 3.0 ports, Micro SD slot, a LAN slot(as well as internal WiFi), USB Type C slot, an HDMI slot and even one DisplayPort slot! It also comes with a front facing camera.

Audio jack on right side. As well as volume up and down, as well as On/Off Button. It has a unique triangle design. On the back side it features an aluminium Unibody, Passive Cooling and a custom heatsink design. It’s around 320 grams in weight which is like two big phones in size. The battery is 3500 mAh. What’s interesting about this mini PC is how it features a fingerprint sensor on left side. That is similar to the tech used in Huawei products.

There will be two variants of this variant available. Sirius A and the Sirius A Pro. Both features a 1080P IPS Display. But there will be some other diffrerences. OS (Win 10 Home vs. Win 10 Pro), Memory (4GB vs. 8GB) and Storage (64GB vs. 128GB). I really wished that the Sirius A Pro had a larger 5000 mAh battery. That would be worthy of an upgrade from standard model.

Prices will be $699 for main model and $799 for Pro model. The biggest problem I see here is at that price range it might be worth it to just by a full laptop. Or a smartphone. Obviously the people going for this product will be very niche based.

My biggest worry is the battery life die after just 3 hours. Which means you probably need to keep it plugged in most of the time. But for an emergancy PC for rich people maybe a great device. I still want to try this device out! It will start to ship out in October.

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Quality In-ear Headphones I Found!

So I have always been very picky with my in-ear headphones purchase. I cannot stand most of them because they usually have a very bad fit in your ears. I couldn’t stand the ones below €100.

So I started to go with Klipsch Image X10 for a few years. They had the most amazing in-ear design I ever seen. And still are the best fit I love the most. But the problem is the cable on these headphones always break! After a few months! If you have an insurance you can probably get it replaced with ease. But it’s still super annoying for the high price you pay.

I had the Klipsch Image x11i last year and they are super expensive but loved them even more. Until they got stolen. I used a pair of cheap Sony headphones for some time and they are actually kinda decent for the free offer. Because they can come when you buy a Sony phone.

But eventually I wanted something better. So I started to do my research online and discovered a pair of Pioneer CH5T and wow! This are my new favourites now. They really fit amazing and I love how they are so much cheaper than the Klipsch but still feels amazing in-ear.

They have this design where the cable wrap behind your ear. The first seconds it felt weird but now when I’m used to it I really love it. And the cable is great too. Because it usually doesn’t tangle up.

When it comes to my on-ear headphones I love the most then it’s BOSE QuietComfort 25. They really are the best when it comes to larger headphones.

Yes I have used Sennheiser headphones a lot but the cable always seems to break faster with Sennheiser. But it’s a nice brand to walk around with. My BOSE after 1 year of usage I need to get a new cable because it broke. But seems like new cables exists on Ebay! I used these Sennheiser GAME ONE for some time for gaming and they are really perfect for that

I really am sad that both Apple and Samsung gives you bad headphones! Because I think they should give you a quality headphones when you buy an expensive phone. Thanks for reading!

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New GameSir G4s Android & Windows & PS3 Controller First Look Photos!

So today I got a new wireless controller from GameSir. It’s called GameSir G4s. I will check it out how it performs with Android phones and playing some games with it. Let me know what phones you want me to check out this controller with. And if you want me to compare it against any other controller. Maybe the Xbox One Controller or PlayStation 4 Controller.

Here are some photos of the controller!


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