Titan V New Wild Graphics Card From NVIDIA!

NVIDIA is releasing a brand new super high-end graphics card. The price will blow your mind. It will cost 3000 dollars! It’s being called the Titan V.

This card is not meant for regular consumers. But professionals that really need a strong card when they are doing business work. Work such as Deep learning, 3D rendering and Artificial Intelligence. AI is something that is growing more and will only get larger. We have started to see AI learning more advanced games and even be able to beat the most advanced players in a niche.

This card is built on the new Volta architecture and it’s having a 12nm process that is more advanced than the earlier system they used.

The GPU inside is being called GV100. The specs on it are: 21.1B transistors, 5120 CUDA cores, 640 Tensor cores, 1200MHz core clock and 1455MHz boost clock.

In memory we are getting: 12GB HBM2 memory clocked at 850MHz, 1.7Gbps memory speed and 653GB/s memory bandwidth!

Should be good to say that for regular gamers this card is a bit over the top and will probably not make that much of a difference in standard consumer games. But if you are curious about AI and becoming a professional developer then this card might actually be quite interesting to look into.

Some ports that you get on this card is 3x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI. The copper heatsink look same as the one on Titan Xp card.

So in terms of computing power with the brand new Tensa cores this low price for this variant will be amazing. This card will be available for purchase on NVIDIAs own website. Will probably take some time before it shows up on other places because of it’s expensive price. And shipping international might become a problem. But not impossible!

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New Snapdragon 845! The Master Smartphone Chipset For 2018!

New Snapdragon 845 that will be one of the major chipset’s in 2018 high-end smartphones. What does it give us in terms of specs? Let’s take a deeper look!

Main specs: Kryo 385 CPU Architecture, Adreno 630 GPU, 10nm LPP FinFET Samsung build, Room-scale 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF), SLAM, 25% Performance uplift compared to Snapdragon 835, 4×2.8GHz A75 cores + 4×1.7GHz A55 cores and 2MB of shared L3 cache!

Another awesome thing is that with the GPU it comes with a boost of 30% improvement to graphics and video rendering over the old GPU. The new Adreno 630 clearly out competes the Adreno 540 GPU big time. But the question is if it’s needed. The Android graphical games usually aren’t that resource heavy and I don’t think many render videos on their smartphone. I feel most phone rendering happen on iPhone’s!

The display size and resolution that is being supported with this new GPU is 2K x 2K and in 120Hz! Which is a nice for VR technology.

For AI technology and image workload you get the Hexagon 685. The AI capability with this chipset is 3x in improvement compared to 835. So they are making lot’s of progress in that regard. Just as Huawei with Mate 10 released the phone with Kirin 970 AI chipset.

With audio you get an Audio codec from Qualcomm called WCD9341. This is a chipset that supports TensorFlow Lite and Open Neural Network Exchange. And also has support for new API’s that Google released for the new Android 8.1 Nougat.

The new image processor Spectra 280 ISP support things like: 480FPS slow motion video at 720p quality, 60FPS at 16MP, 64X more colour information.

This chipset comes with a new faster Wi-Fi modem that is called X20 LTE support up to 1.2Gbps download and 150Mbps uploads. The chipset can store sensitive information in it’s Secure Processing Unit that can store biometric data and more that you want to be extra safe in case someone hacked the phone.

Two other cool things are Bluetooth 5 support with new aptX and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs. Which will make for better wireless Bluetooth earbud listening time. Then we have the latest Quick Charge 4+ on-board. The charge is 30% more efficient and 15% faster compared to Quick Charge 4 from last year. The + in it’s name indicates a new release.

You can see that with speed improvements we are getting closer to 5G times. Personally I don’t see the big need for it. Since 4G is already amazing in speeds! But it will be great for people who want to do heavy streaming with their phones that require lot’s of Data. We will probably see phones with 845 from Samsung, Xiaomi and LG very soon. And then of course OnePlus!

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A5X MAX is a TV Box that comes with one of the latest versions of Android to bring you an amazing viewing experience of content.

Main specs: RK3328 Quad-core processor with 64-Bit setup and Cortex-A54 cores, Penta-Core Mali-450 GPU clocked up to 750MHz, 4GB of RAM, 32GB EMMC Storage, Android 7.1 Nougat, Ethernet 100M, WiFi 2.4G and 4K VP9 video decoder + H.265!

A5X MAX is using WiFi over 2.4G. The amount of cores you get inside are 4 cores. It’s also comes with USB 3.0 ports and 4K video support at 60FPS. This TV Box is great for things as: DLNA, Google TV Remote, LAN and watching 3D movies.

For Apple users it also has support for Airplay. Miracast too! All the common Media, Music and Photo formats are being supported. If you want to load things into this TV box then you have support for an SD card to insert inside the card reader.

Other common apps you will be able to use are YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Skype Chatting, Picasa, Flicker and more. Because it’s running with Android 7.1 installed you get access to the Google Play store with thousands of apps.

If you want to use mouse and keyboard then you can do it with the USB functionality. Other things you get is a power adapter, HDMI Cable, user manual and a remote control.

When the A5X MAX TV box is turned on then it will show you a blue LED light and when it’s in standby it will be red. This is pretty common for electronic devices. It also comes with multi language support.

I like how it’s very compact so you can easily take it with you if you are going to a friend. It comes in a black colour with a nice top pattern.

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Eachine E58 Simple To Use Quadcopter!

Eachine E58 is a quadcopter! I have talked a lot about this company in the past. This variant comes with a foldable design so you can carry it around with ease. The remote controller has a place where you can place your phone to see a live view from the camera on the drone!

Main specs: WiFi, FPV, 2MP Wide Angle Camera, High Hold Mode, RTF, Gravity Sensor, Map Function, Camera Function, Headless Mode, Six Axis Gyroscope, 360 Degree key roll and High Hover!

The size of this drone is so small that you can fold it and put it inside your pocket. HD movies can be shot nicely because it comes with 120 degree wide-angle lens! Which is usually better than what most phones will give you.

The camera is a 720p HD aerial variant. It uses glass material as protecting the lens. 90 degree rotation downward and LED lamp with night light function. You can lock the height and position to be able to do stable hovering.

You can also draw a trajectory flight so the drone will follow it and you can point on your smartphone the path you want it to take! Perfect for lazy people.

If the wind is strong then you can enable high-speed mode to output greater torque! With 1 key you can make the drone return back to the original position!

The remote control is 2.4GHz! It has 2 joysticks but you can also control the drone with your phone if you like. You can detach the motor easy if you need with no welding. It can fly for around 12 minutes with a insert and pull out battery.

On the remote control you can do other fun stuff like micro adjust forward and backward, one key landing, photo/video, one key take off, headless mode, speed switch, 360 roll and more!

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LDNIO A8101 Pretty Awesome Desktop Charger!

LDNIO A8101 is a cool desktop charger that has support for 8 devices by having 8 ports! This is perfect for a guy like me with over 200 phones! This is also a great device if you are someone who has many devices in your home that need a charge for various reasons. For example: MP3 players, iPads, Smartphones, Other USB devices and more.

This device is using QuickCharge 3.0 with 50W and you can select between EU or US plug adaptor. It has a premium design that reminds me about a LG fridge! The voltage capacity is 100-240V.

You get a LED light at the top of the gadget and CNC material around it and ABS shell. You get one Quick Charge 3.0 port with 3.0A and then three 2.0A ports!

This is a safe gadget because it has a 6 safety protection steps: Battery-free, Overheat prevention, Anti-surge protection, Overload protection, Over-current protection and Flame retardant protection!

It also comes with metal shell top with ripple pattern that is shiny like ASUS ZenFone 3! It’s only available in just 1 colour sadly only grey. Which a lot of humans will find to be a bit boring! Red and Green I would love to see. Just because the green colour usually symbolise a battery!

I love how on LDNIO A8101 there is only 4 ports on each side this will make it easier to not confuse your cables and devices. If all 8 ports been on 1 side then it would have created a mess! Do you like this design or do you think it’s missing something? Obviously not all ports will charge in the same speed. I would love to see one with all ports being super fast and maybe make the device a little slimmer in size.

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