Eachine E57 Cheap Selfie Drone!

Eachine E57 is a selfie drone! You can get it for a very low price. It’s so compact and cute. Let’s have a closer look.

Main specs: WiFi FPV, Selfie drone, 720p HD Camera, Auto foldable and RC Quadcopter!

The main thing about this one that’s great is that it can take photos of you from a distance! Perfect if you don’t have a human available. Great for cool Instagram selfies!

Cool features built into Eachine E57: Fold/Unfold, 3D Flips and Rolls, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, One Key Return and the High Resolution 720p Camera.

This selfie drone is only 0.95cm thick and has a light weight of 36 grams. The controller weigh 44.5 grams and has 1.8cm thickness. The controller is a little larger so you can get a nice grip and control!

The camera functions are Face Beauty, Nature Image and Anti-shaking. It has a built in barometer sensor so it can be stable when taking photos or creating aerial photographs.

The controller you get with Eachine E57 is using regular 2.4GHz remote control technology. It has two white joysticks for easy navigation. You can also control it with your smartphone to get a nice FPV experience. You can also let it fly in high or low speeds!

At night time you get both front and rear lights to easier navigate around and they are in blue and red colours so it reminds you about a police car!

The blades you get are anti-deformation, anti-collision and anti-crash. You also get backup blades just in case. The remote controller have more buttons with options as fine tuning the drone and more. The app is also really powerful with lots of great functionality!

The colour of the drone is blue. I think most people will love this drone for it’s cheap price and size! It really is super compact!

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Wizard X220S Is a Purple Looking Drone!

Eachine has a cool purple flying drone! In the past I have been talking about their affordable FPV Goggles. But they also create cool drones. This one comes with a special design. It’s called the Wizard X220S.

The main specs here is: 220mm wheelbase, 4mm carbon fiber frame arm, 356 grams weight without battery or camera mount, when take off with battery the weight is 561 grams, 3K carbon fiber frame kit with 4mm thickness and 15mm width frame arms and anti-vibration sponges protecting from crashing.

The motor features on Wizard X220S: 2300KV, Max thrust of 1100G, length 35mm, 3-5S cells, 28mm diameter, framework is 12N14P, shaft 3MM, propeller is 5 inch in size and motor weight is 28 grams.

It’s made up by a bunch of different parts: Rubber protector, Pagoda antenna, 2206 2300KV brushless motor, 5051 3 blade propeller, camera angle scale, HS1179 800TVL CCD camera, Anti-vibration sponge, Anti-vibration motor pad, 4mm carbon fiber frame arm, switchable VTX 72CH, omnibus F4 V3, 30A ESC, Frequency modulation button, Display frequency, and camera mount 30 degree for runcam 3 gopro session.

It’s specs on camera are: Purple colour, CCD sensor, 800TVL resolution, the shell size is 25mm*25mm, Only 11 grams in weight, PAL resolution is 1980*1080 at 2MP, Strong backlighting effect and standard 2.8mm lens.

There are also some more deeper specs which you can see on the sales page! The 3-blade propeller comes in 10 pairs and the mounting hole is 5mm. They are all purple.

I know there is a lot of specs here on Wizard X220S but the more you learn about drones the less confusing it will be in the future. The reviews for this drone is mostly positive but some have complained about the build quality informing that there are better alternatives out on the market. I think I will buy more drones in the future to review. It’s a popular gadget these days.

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Super Cool Micro Drone From Extreme Fliers!

Ever wanted to fly around but can’t afford an airplane or a helicopter? Well good news for you. Extreme Fliers got their new Micro Drone 3.0!

This drone can record video in HD in FPV mode. You can also live stream via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Inverted flying support, auto leveling, sensor-assisted flying, 45mph top speed, 3 flying modes and a return home mode.

So the cool part about this drone is how it both supports live footage HD recording to iOS or Android smartphone. You can do acrobatics and do free flying. Self-stabilizing CPU. It is also built in a metal structure.

The videos in Micro Drone 3.0 record in 720×1280 HD video resolution. You can fly the drone either with the radio controller or from your Android or iOS smartphone. Also you don’t get any strange wires with the battery but it’s easy to switch to a new one fast with it’s Li-Po battery.

With a VR headset you can view the drone footage in first person view. Overall a pretty cool package. I have been talking about VR solutions in the past about how it will take over more and more.

In the future we will be able to experience any reality inside of our virtual reality headsets. Especially when AI technology will be better and when we will reach singularity. That may even happen before 2030 so stay tuned for that!

With this package of this drone you get a first person viewer that works as a VR headset. If you want to see more professional solutions then I have made blog posts about Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headset. What do you think about the Micro Drone 3.0?

Be careful if it’s your first time controlling a drone. It can be a bit complicated to learn how to control it the first time using it. You don’t want to crash your first drone!

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