Ever Wanted To Compare How Popular And Famous a Website Is?

There is a great service out there if you want to compare various websites. If you ever wanted to know deep stats about a website. Like Global Rank, Country Rank and Category Rank for a website. The website is called SimilarWeb. In the free version you don’t get all statistics but you do get decent stats for free. Like the amount of visitors per month and page views per visitor. Also stats like average visit duration.

You can also see what countries the traffic is coming from, Traffic sources that can either be social, search, direct (typed in the address in URL bar), referrals and mail! I also like how you can see the top referring websites and also where the visitors go after they entered a website.

One of the better parts here is how you can find similar websites as well as competitors! It’s both good when you want to find similar websites for new inspiration, or for new business ideas. Of course you don’t get all stats for free. They actually do sell a PRO version of their service. But I think the free service offers you a lot of useful info. For example how you can see what pages on a website that get’s the most views! See if a website is using Display Advertising to get new visitors. Or if it’s mostly organic.

Another good service I use when I want to find stats about a website is a website called TrafficEstimate. It also tells you average page views per month. But a bad thing is with the most popular website it gives you bad stats. But it’s good to use both services to compare stats!

It’s really interesting to see how much data tracking that is being done these days. From all companies. All the data about every single person is very interesting how you can build up a whole person’s life from it! We humans are creatures of habit. We usually stick to the same routine. Especially when we analyse ourself more up close. Many times we can see certain habits we have been walking around in circles for years!

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