Corsair Got a Cool ATX Mid Tower Case!

Corsair got a very nice case that looks better than the competition. It’s called Crystal 570X RGB and features tempered glass in a white design.

On front I/O panel you get power on button, 2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x headphone and microphone jack front ports. 2x internal 3.5″ drive bays and 2x 2.5″ drive bays support. The cool thing with this case is how it allows you to see your complete setup. It also features 3x SP120 RGB LED fans in front and a built in LED controller. The case looks a bit robotic or futuristic I think. It reminds me about the game Portal.

In total on Crystal 570X RGB you can fit 6 case fans and it’s compatible with 360mm, 280mm and 120mm radiators. It has tempered glass on all four sides. It as well comes included with velcro cable straps for better cable management. Just as with other cases I have talked about this one is also tool-free drive installation.

On the top of the case you can install two 140mm fans and on rear 1x 120mm. The PSU length supported is 225mm and max GPU length is 370mm. It also has a direct airflow configuration to keep your PSU and CPU cooler. I also like how it sits above ground with it’s feet design.

I think it’s nice to see when companies try to make a unique case. As we have seen with Acer’s Predator computer case lineup or the more simple case from deepcool that I checked out. This one comes in the middle. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive computer case. But 570X RGB is a good mid-end case for a 2017 computer setup.

Now when I think about it this case also reminds me about the original HALO game Microsoft released on first XBOX. Good times. The good thing here is that Corsair doesn’t just produce cases but many other hardware equipment of quality to build a complete setup with similar design.

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Affordable Computer Case From Deepcool!

Ever wanted to build your own computer but thought it had to be super expensive? It doesn’t have to be. DEEPCOOL has a very cool affordable ATX Mid Tower computer case called TESSERACT BF!

This case comes pre-installed with a 120mm fan, anti-dust filters also included on top, 1x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0 Ports, Black painted interior, metal mesh front panel and room for long VGA card installation.

You also have support for up to six fans to install, 310mm graphic card space, rail slide HDD design, two water cooling grommets on rear side, CPU cooler mounting support with wide CPU cut out and PSU at the bottom for best cooling. You also get a pre-installed blue LED fan on front panel.

Something that I noticed with TESSERACT BF was how high quality it looks. It doesn’t look like a cheap variant. And the blue LED on front really adds a unique touch to the case. DEEPCOOL also got another TESSERACT computer case called SW. That case got a side window and comes with two blue LED fans.

On the front on this TESSERACT case you see their logo at the bottom, it also has nice feet to stand on. Inside the case you got 28cm of space up to the hard drives. Also it features tool-free design for the 2.5HDD/SSD and 3.5 HDD drives. It also comes with great cable management on the back side with multiple channels.

This case is not super stand out as Acer Predator’s computer case. This case is more modest in it’s design with a slight touch of premium feel with the LED light. It’s good when you want to build a computer that doesn’t stand out too much but still a little cool. And that it’s an affordable case makes it even better!

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IPITAKA Case For Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Amazing!

IPITAKA sent me their Samsung Galaxy S8 case. It’s the S8 MagCase. This is a super slim and thin case that is using the material Aramid. It’s not plastic or metal. It has been used in supercars, aerospace and in aircrafts. It’s a material that is very durable five times stronger than steel.

I like how easy it is to put on this case. And how it feels like you don’t even wear a case. This is a good case for Samsung Galaxy S8 because it will protect the glass back. Also it makes your device feel more premium. And you still have a good grip on the phone. The case also doesn’t cover Galaxy S8’s beautiful curve.

It also has a metal plate built into the case. So it’s compatible with the PITAKA MagMount that works in a car. You can also still wireless charge the phone. There is also a great grip which doesn’t feel too slippery.

And it’s scratch resistant, zero signal interference and it protect the back camera lens when you place the phone down on table. So the lens doesn’t touch the surface. The pattern also looks great on the phone! I really like the S8 MagCase it’s my new favourite case for Galaxy S8!

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