Cool iPhone X Spigen Slim Armor Case!

Apple’s new high end phone is not available for purchase as of now but will be out soon. But you can already buy cases for the iPhone X. Spigen brand are out with some quality cases. One of them is the Slim Armor CS case!

It comes with: Dual layer protection, air cushion technology, exterior card slot for 2 cards, shock-absorbing TPU interior + polycarbonate exterior, minimal design and sleek appearance.

Slim Armor CS comes in the colour: Gunmetal, Black and Blush Gold. Some of these cases will only be available in October! That you can have two cards on back of the case is the coolest thing. But bad if your phone would get stolen! Of course you can also put money in the back. And most people have more than two cards so may not be best use for it. But for other small notes sure!

The new iPhone X OLED comes with new traffic light design on camera, this case makes great cutouts for it. Hopefully the tray will have a long lasting life. I have had some problems with some cases with sliders. Sometimes they are hard to open up!

The inside of the tray has a dotted patterned look. You can also see the Spigen logo on the slider door. And on the inside you can read the Slim Armor CS text. Slim Armor also has nice cutouts for the mute switch. And a softer layer for the buttons it looks like.

I probably won’t check out the iPhone X anytime soon. I have heard it will cost 1000 euro for now. Which is way too much for me! And it seems like the iPhone X may be delayed until 2018 for many people. I will try to get the iPhone 8 as quickly as possible. Do you like this case?

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This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case Looks Amazing!

Spigen is known for creating beautiful cases. This time they have created a super beautiful Galaxy Note 8 case with good built-in features. This case is called Tough Armor!

This is a heavy duty case that comes with a built-in kickstand, air cushion technology, Dual-layer protection, TPU body, Polycarbonate back, precise cutouts and raised lips to protect screen and camera.

The air-cushion technology in all corners on Tough Armor case makes it so if you accidentally drop the device and it hits one corner then your likelyhood of it being saved is high.

The hands-free viewing experience is very nice feature to have because of the built-in kickstand that can take the weight of the big Galaxy Note 8.

I also like how the case has larger cutouts for the charging port, headphone jack and S-Pen port. This is good if you will use 3rd party hardware with your Note 8 and need more space.

It’s bulk free and designed to be as protective and slim as possible. With a soft inside layer you get easy to use buttons with a harder back material. This is good especially for the Note 8 that comes with a glass back that can easily break without a case!

It also comes in many different colours: Gunmetal, Black, Deep Sea Blue, Maple Gold and Orchid Gray. Many companies these days like to make the colour name more fancy! I would love to see a white edition of this case as well, feels like it’s missing. Or maybe a pink/red variant! This case is available here!

They have also drop tested this case at 46-inch height 26 times! Of course this doesn’t mean your device will survive but it probably got a good chance at surviving! It’s also compatible with Spigen NeoFlex screen protector!

Not much bad to say about this case. The spigen brand is known for being able to deliver quality cases for years now. And we know they keep their promise on quality. Will you buy the Note 8? A bit too pricy for me right now!

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ROSEWILL Epic Affordable Mid Tower Case!

Rosewill got an amazing RGB ready case. It’s called ORBIT-Z1. It comes with two pre-installed RGB LED fans. So what else do you get here in this ATX Mid Tower gaming computer case?

Some of the features and specs include: Side panel window, RGB lightning effect + LED light strip, Micro-ATX + ATX motherboard support, 160mm high CPU cooler support and 380mm long graphics cards support. I/O ports on front is 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0 and Audio In/Out. 240mm long water-cooling radiator in the front support.

But the thing that truly stands out with ORBIT-Z1 is the RGB illumination! The RGB effects works in four different modes: Transition, breathing, shuffle and static. Some of the colours you can use are Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow and more! With the combination of massive graphics card and superior high front cpu cooler you truly can build an epic computer!

With an open window on the side you can always see the beauty of your hardware on the inside while you are gaming and shooting enemies. You also get great airflow. It’s a simple case in many ways that wins your heart with the excellent RGB strip on the front side that will make your friends curious.

It also has great feet it stands on and looks beautiful when you install two graphics cards to see them in the side window. I have checked out many other cool cases in the past if you liked this one. Do you like the ORBIT-Z1? I thought it was extremely original and cool looking!

Deepcool had a very cool case with LED on the front side but around the bezel. It was called the TESSERACT BF! Another amazing case I had a look at was the Corsair’s Crystal 570X RGB. Probably one of the most premium amazing case I have ever seen. Because of it’s window panel design on all sides. But it also cost more money for that.

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Corsair Got a Cool ATX Mid Tower Case!

Corsair got a very nice case that looks better than the competition. It’s called Crystal 570X RGB and features tempered glass in a white design.

On front I/O panel you get power on button, 2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x headphone and microphone jack front ports. 2x internal 3.5″ drive bays and 2x 2.5″ drive bays support. The cool thing with this case is how it allows you to see your complete setup. It also features 3x SP120 RGB LED fans in front and a built in LED controller. The case looks a bit robotic or futuristic I think. It reminds me about the game Portal.

In total on Crystal 570X RGB you can fit 6 case fans and it’s compatible with 360mm, 280mm and 120mm radiators. It has tempered glass on all four sides. It as well comes included with velcro cable straps for better cable management. Just as with other cases I have talked about this one is also tool-free drive installation.

On the top of the case you can install two 140mm fans and on rear 1x 120mm. The PSU length supported is 225mm and max GPU length is 370mm. It also has a direct airflow configuration to keep your PSU and CPU cooler. I also like how it sits above ground with it’s feet design.

I think it’s nice to see when companies try to make a unique case. As we have seen with Acer’s Predator computer case lineup or the more simple case from deepcool that I checked out. This one comes in the middle. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive computer case. But 570X RGB is a good mid-end case for a 2017 computer setup.

Now when I think about it this case also reminds me about the original HALO game Microsoft released on first XBOX. Good times. The good thing here is that Corsair doesn’t just produce cases but many other hardware equipment of quality to build a complete setup with similar design.

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Affordable Computer Case From Deepcool!

Ever wanted to build your own computer but thought it had to be super expensive? It doesn’t have to be. DEEPCOOL has a very cool affordable ATX Mid Tower computer case called TESSERACT BF!

This case comes pre-installed with a 120mm fan, anti-dust filters also included on top, 1x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0 Ports, Black painted interior, metal mesh front panel and room for long VGA card installation.

You also have support for up to six fans to install, 310mm graphic card space, rail slide HDD design, two water cooling grommets on rear side, CPU cooler mounting support with wide CPU cut out and PSU at the bottom for best cooling. You also get a pre-installed blue LED fan on front panel.

Something that I noticed with TESSERACT BF was how high quality it looks. It doesn’t look like a cheap variant. And the blue LED on front really adds a unique touch to the case. DEEPCOOL also got another TESSERACT computer case called SW. That case got a side window and comes with two blue LED fans.

On the front on this TESSERACT case you see their logo at the bottom, it also has nice feet to stand on. Inside the case you got 28cm of space up to the hard drives. Also it features tool-free design for the 2.5HDD/SSD and 3.5 HDD drives. It also comes with great cable management on the back side with multiple channels.

This case is not super stand out as Acer Predator’s computer case. This case is more modest in it’s design with a slight touch of premium feel with the LED light. It’s good when you want to build a computer that doesn’t stand out too much but still a little cool. And that it’s an affordable case makes it even better!

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