Digoo Has a Mini Security Camera!

Digoo is a mini security camera that is great if you have something that needs to be protected and guarded! This is the DG-M1Q model! Let’s have a closer look at the specs that is on the inside.

Main specs: 960P video recording, 2.8mm Wide-angle lens, Wireless, Mini size, WiFi Night Vision, Smart Home model, IP Camera and Online Monitor!

DG-M1Q is available in Sand Black and Starry Grey edition. What’s great about this version is the high resolution. Both higher than 480p and 720p resolution! It comes in a nice round shape that reminds me about a cars steering wheel!

It’s built up by these parts from the rear first 1/3 CMOS sensor, indicator light below, light sensor above, microphone, Hook, Speaker and 64GB microSD card slot.

If you are curious what’s going on in the night then you can track that as well because this camera is equipped with 10 infrared LED lights so you will see amazing in the dark!

You get a 2-Way talking supply with absolute clear voice, manually tweak voice up and down and barrier free talking! If someone is trying to break into your house then you can instantly get an alert to your mobile phone! You use the DigooEye app on smartphone that will alert you when it detects motion!

DG-M1Q is being powered by a basic 5V 1A and it’s USB powered! It’s been tested 10,000 times so a long life! You can also disable the infrared light if you don’t like it. You can also download the video recordings to your smartphone!

You can also set up different accounts for both administrator and guests! The image compression being used is H.264! The frame rate is 25fps which is standard for video. The distance is standard for a webcam 10 meters!

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SJCAM Stunning SJ7 STAR Action Camera!

SJCAM brand has released a new camera for recording cool footage with. It comes in three trendy colours and is cheaper than GoPro cameras. It’s called SJ7 STAR!

The specs here are: 4K WiFi Action Camera, Ambarella A12S75 for enhancing omni-directional performance, 12MP 4K resolution, 2 inch touch screen, Gyro anti-shake to stabilize every motion, motion detection support, remote control, micro SD card up to 64GB, 1000mAh rechargable battery and an app called “SJCAM Zone” available both in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

You also get some other very interesting features on SJ7 STAR like you can use it under water. 30 meters even so you can go scuba diving with it. You can use it as a dashcam. The three colours it comes with are Black, Rose Gold and Silver.

The system-on-chip you get here uses advanced image sensor pipeline and an H.264 encoder and an ARM Cortex CPU with powerful analytics. 30fps at 4K recording quality. 360 (VR) and 28-nm process technology. Perfect for streaming over WiFi.

The touch screen will be great because that means you don’t have to push buttons all day long. Various modes you have are Photo/Video/Delay Capture, Video Lapse, Burst Mode and more!

The housing material is aluminium that is lightweight, matte finish, machined edges and makes it look elegant in appearance. There is also a SJCAM Selfie Stick available you can mount the camera on. A great addon!

There are also other great addons for SJ7 STAR like SJCAM Mic and SJ Remote you can purchase if you want better sound at a festival or need a remote you can mount to a watchband or a selfiestick.

The gyro built in is with anti-shake and will make your footage more stable when you are recording fast movement. But it’s only working in 1080 at 60fps or 30fps. Not in 4K mode.

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EKEN H9 is a Cheap 4K Sport Action Camera!

GoPro is famous for their action cameras when you do cool stuff. But they also are super expensive! There is another player on the market that is way more affordable. It comes from the brand EKEN. They have their EKEN H9 model available!

Some specs here on this device include: OV4689 sensor, 2 inch LTPS LCD 320×240 pixel display, waterproof up to 30m and photo modes: Single Shot / Continuous Shooting / Self-timer (5s/10s/30s/60s).

In EKEN H9 the camera resolutions are: 12MP/12MP/8MP/5MP, Audio: Wav Format with bitrate 176kbps, video modes: 4K at 25fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps + 30fps, 720 at 120fps, micro USB port, HDMI, view angle 170 degree and 1050mAh/900mAh battery.

Battery life with 4K video recording is high 50 minutes max and 90 minutes max with 1080p at 30fps. You can also expand the storage with a micro SD card class 10 and weight of this little gadget is only 65 grams!

The lens on this new H9 compared to previous model is more rounded and looks more fashionable. It looks like a GoPro camera too! You can also attach it to various items as helmets, gear and equipment.

There is also tons of accessories here that is compatible: Handle bar/Pole mount, mount 1, mount 2, mount 3, mount 4, 5, 6 and 7… basically a ton of various mounts for your every need!

It’s hard for me to imagine a better deal than this. It’s impossible to complain when the price is this low. The footage of course is not as good as a professional camera but for action it is very good! And I think a lot of people will be happy with this camera purchase! Do you think the EKEN H9 looks cool? I want one!

Let me know if you want me to pick up some action cameras to check the quality myself. To see if I really like it and find it to be a good deal!

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EZVIZ Got a Cool Security Camera Called Mini Trooper!

Security cameras are something more people are looking into these days. With cameras getting more affordable and technology better it may be wise to invest in some cool security! EZVIZ new security camera is called Mini Trooper HD!

This camera is wire-free and comes with extra battery life. Audio support, Works indoor and outdoor, Weatherproof, Night vision, 8GB MicroSD, 720p HD Resolution footage, 116 Degree Diagonal Viewing Angle.

You can also connect up to 6 different Mini Trooper cameras, battery life should last up to 9 months, encrypted safe viewing with an app available. You can also use voice control through IFTTT with a smart home device. Which is pretty awesome!

I also want to say that Mini Trooper HD has a beautiful black and white design. The live streaming via the app will of course work 24/7 and that it’s easy to set up is also great to know.

The extreme temperatures it can withstand are 14° F to 131° F as well as various weather conditions as wind, rain and dust.

It can detect when motions are happening and start to record them. Up to 30 motion events per day for 10 seconds and battery will last for 9 months! Also something that is good to know is an 8GB MicroSD card is included in the package. As well as a magnetic mount, 4x CR123A batteries, 1x base station and the 1x Mini Trooper HD camera.

I guess it’s cool that you can record stuff around your area but you may also ask yourself if the average person really needs this? We have seen it happen in cars with the dashcam. Which have been useful when theft has been happening. But with people’s home maybe this is best for people living outside of a city. What do you think about the Mini Trooper HD? Do you know any other better security camera?

Because a city usually already have tons of cameras everywhere to record everything. But then again if something would happen then it would be great to have video recording proof of that event!

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