Baseus Zinc Alloy Type-C Cable!

Baseus has a very cool designed Type-C cable. This one isn’t 90 degree angle as the one I talked about earlier on my website. This one look more like a regular one but with a Zinc Alloy design that makes it look super fresh!

This cable has a very long length in durability. Durable up to 10 years! That is a long time! It comes with high-hardness, anti-abrasion and corrosion resistance! The all-in-one zinc alloy makes so you don’t have to worry about the cable falling apart like the older generation cable could do.

The upgraded internal chip will give you 40% charge speed increase. You can charge the Samsung Galaxy S8 fully in 2 hours. This might be a little longer than with the default cable. But here you get some amazing design.

It has protection built in and they are using something that they are calling trickle charge. So it will adjust the charge depending on the device you are using.

This cable has been tested thousands of times by bending it, plug testing it and tensile testing it! So you know it will last a very long time! It has a very nice cloth woven flat body. There is a Red, Blue and Blue edition of this cable.

The cable output is 2A and the data sync speed is 480Mbps. The earlier cable from Baseus that I checked out had 3A output so it might be a little bit faster. But I personally think that this cable looks sharper with the zinc alloy design. Looks a bit like a sports car. You can charge your phone and transfer data at the same time if you are connecting it to a computer.

I personally think that the red cable looks the best. Something with the red colour that blends well with the zinc at the top!

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Baseus 90 Degree Rotation Type-C Cable!

Baseus has a very cool USB Type-C cable that stands out among the competition. This cable comes with a 90 Degree rotation! And with very sleek design. As you probably know the advantage with Type C cable is that it can charge from both sides. This cable is using 2A power. It’s made in nylon and is 1 meter in length.

This is great cable if you wanna play Android games while charging your new high-end Android device. Because the cable will go down on the side so you can hold your phone with 2 hands easier. This is also good if you wanna watch movies or TV shows with your phone and charge same time. A normal Type-C cable will usually block your hand from holding the phone properly.

If you have a bad Type-C cable then this one might increase the speed by 40%! On the outside it’s being protected by fishing line + nylon material. Inside you get a TPE protection layer. In here you will find 4 different cables: 24AWG cable, 28AWG cable, Aramid Fiber and a tinned copper wire.

While you charge the phone you can transfer data same time up to 480Mbps. It’s a durable cable and very flexible. It’s a cable that will work with Huawei phones, Samsung phones and other Type-C devices.

On the top it’s using an aluminium alloy plug shell. This both gives you high toughness as well as corrosion resistance and sleek design! There is one 1 meter cable and then a 2 meter cable. The output current is 3A. The colours it comes with is Black/Red/Blue!

I think you won’t find any more cool Type-C cable than this! The other ones are usually pretty boring but you can see that they added some style and functionality to this cable. Do you like the 90 degree angle or do you feel it’s not needed?

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Baseus 2 in 1 Type C + Micro USB Epic Cable!

Baseus got a super cool cable for Android users that have phones with both Type C and Micro USB ports. This cable will handle both of them for you so you can charge two phones at the same time! Let’s have a look at the specs on this cable.

Specs: 2 in 1 Type C + Micro USB to USB, Data Sync, Charging, 1.2M cable, 3A High-Speed charging, High-quality aluminium alloy shell, corrosion-resistant, Beautiful quality design, Easy to bend, stretch resistant, Reinforced wiring and Durable.

It’s available in the colours Black, Blue and Red. This is mainly best for people who hate having to look for a cable and people who become annoyed because they can’t keep track of two cables.

Or for people who can’t stand tiny adapters that always gets lost. This is a simple solution! Because you only need to keep track of one cable. It would be nice if it included a lightning cable as well into a 3 in 1 system.

On inside it has a tin plated copper core which gives you a strong charge and amazing transfer performance. With some phones this cable may even be able to speed up the charge by 30%!

It comes with nylon material which doesn’t feel cold like the feeling you get when touching a plastic white or black charging cable. I like how they have both looked on functionality and worked on creating a sleek design in various vibrant colours. The cable also won’t wind easily because they have prevented that with a thought out design.

You also get the simple Baseus logo on the cable reminding you about their product quality. Inside the Woven nylon you get a TPE layer which protects the inner cables from damage. This is great if you usually get cables that break easily. This will have a longer durability lifetime!

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Magnetic Cable For Older Android Phones! USB to Micro USB Cable!

Magnetic cables are popular these days! In the past I have checked out a lighting magnetic cable and a USB Type C magnetic cable. Making your life easier with one hand operation charge.

But what if you are running on an old or new Android smartphone that features Micro USB charging port? There is a magnetic cable for that too! It’s called Magnetic Adsorption 3rd gen for Micro USB. Let’s see what this cable can do for you.

Specs: 1.2M length, Braided wire, Charging and data transfer cable, Gold + Silver colour, The strong magnet can’t fall off easily because great USA magnet and LED light when connected.

This magnetic cable works just like previous magnetic cables that I have been checking out. First you have the magnetic plug-in interface, second the magnetic adsorption with the wire cable and then it’s connected! You will walk around with the tiny portable magnetic plug-in interface all the time. It doesn’t take up that much space so it won’t be an annoying gadget.

The material is nylon + PVC, In-put is 5V DC 2.4A with conversion rate of 90%-96%. This cable will obviously only work with Micro USB ports so make sure you have that before you buy this cable! It has been tested 30 thousand times so you know it will last for a long time.

Charging times may differ compared to your standard data charging cable. I also wish this cable came in Black and White colours and not just Gold and Silver. Because many people want cables that match their phone colour.

I’m curious to see where charging will take us in the future. Sure we have wireless charging but it’s too slow right now to be interesting. For wireless charging to take off it needs to be able to charge your device in 30 minutes or less. That’s when it will go super mainstream.

There is also a chance that we may see cables in the future that can completely charge your device in 10 minutes. But I think we may have to move away then from the current form of batteries and develop some new kind. It will probably happen sometime in the future. What do you think about this cable?

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Baseus Useful USB to Type-C Magnetic Cable!

Baseus brand got a magnetic charging cable for USB Type C Android smartphones. As you may know Type C is the new charging port on most new Android phones.

Many low-end phones are still using the old micro USB charging port but it’s starting to change more and more. So what’s the problem with the current Type C port? You need two hands to plug in the cable! Which can be a little annoying when there are easier alternatives out there like using a magnetic cable. Let’s take a look at the specs on this cable from Baseus.

Specs on this magnetic charging cable: Magnetic USB to Type-C cable, 3A Quick charge/Fast transmission, Data Sync, LED indicator light, Easy to take with you the magnetic gadget, Stable and Sensitivity, Durable nylon cable and Black colour!

The cable is 1 meter in length so a little bit shorter than the magnetic lightning cable I checked out earlier today. That one was 1.2m. I like how sleek and stylish the cable looks. Modern USB Type C cable looks a bit boring.

How this cable works is it comes in 2 parts: Magnetic gadget you plug into your Type C smartphone and the main cable. You walk around with the magnetic gadget always in your phone. And whenever you need to charge you just move the cable top to the magnetic gadget and it will snap into place! Apple has a similar function with their MacBook Pro’s and it’s super convenient.

Magnetic charging cable is available in Gold and Black colour. I wish that they had a white edition as well. Because it would fit in nicely with people with white smartphones.

This cable will be perfect for Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, LG G6, HTC U11 and OnePlus 5! Also remember that the charge speed may differ depending on what device you are having.

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