Magic Fluids Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Today I want to check out another very creative app. It’s called Magic Fluids. It will let you paint colours on your screen.

In the settings you can select on first tab presets. Which is multiple themes of pre-default colours that will load up. The themes are: Wavy Winter, Bloody Blue, Gravity Game, Steady Sea, Freaky Fun, Lake of Lava, Cloudy Composition, Glowing Glare, Trippy Tint, Incredible Ink, Crazy Colors, Girls Game, Particle Party, Busy Brilliance, Magic Trail by Toni, Lovely Liquid, Floating Flames, Calm Christmas, Glimming Glow, Subtle Setting, Bouncing Beach, Classy Combination & Swirly Sparkles! You can also randomize.

You can also Load or Save user presets. Up to 10! Next page of settings is animation. Here you can select the quality of the animations depending on what your phone can handle. You can also select HD graphics. Fluid type you can select either between Smoke or Water. Force will allow you to tweak the speed added to the fluid when you push your finger around. You can also select sources that will draw stuff automatic for you if your fingers are tired. And you can select the force speed.

You also have an option to put an FPS Limit to save battery life. Next tab you can select the amount of paint that flows out of your fingers. Also the lifetime of a fluid to stay on the screen. You also have the option to either select random colors or a colour palette with custom colours you select.

The next tab you can select if you want particles. Three options for particle shape: Dots, Lines and Stars. Also you can select the amount of particles added to screen. And the lifetime as well as size. Also the particle colour the default is paint colour but you can also use a separate colour. This app runs amazing on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It has super high graphics that even could be challenging for a high-end android device I notice.

Next tab you can tweak the effects. How you want fluid to behave at the edges: Wall, Wrap, Wrap and mirror. The Gravity, and if you want glow you could include that as well. Also if you want a fluid texture. This is most of the settings in the app!

I was very impressed by seeing how amazingly many installed themes that exists. They really are a great source of inspiration. Overall this app is super impressive and I highly recommend it if you want to check out a cool app.

You can also use what you create in this app as live wallpaper! Or just save the image, or clear the screen and start over. What do you think about this app? Here is a link to it again in the Play Store!

Thanks for reading.

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MONZO Samsung Galaxy S8 App Review! Building Tanks and Space Station Models!

Today I want to check out an extremely cool game in the Google Play Store it’s called MONZO. It basically allows you to build various digital model kits! You can also paint them, put stickers on them, take a photo and share your models you have built. This is an app that is created in Unity.

The game starts off with a tutorial first you tap on a sports car model kit box to open it. Then when you open it you see all the parts and you tap inside to start assembly. After that you open the manual by dragging it out in the center and follow the step-by-step instructions. On the left side of the screen you have your inventory of pieces and you start to drag the first piece from the inventory and drop it into the scene. Everything is working with smooth graphics. You can observe the model you put out on scene by swiping on it. You can pinch to zoom in or out. Two finger swipe will pan the model to left or right. Double tap will reset the camera.

On the left side where your inventory of model pieces are you can swipe up or down to see more. Now you just watch the manual on right side of the screen and select parts and start to build up the model. It’s very interesting to see how the parts come together to create a complete model! You can also see with ease when a piece is matching and should be at a certain place.

After you have completed the model you can paint it or use stickers. Then you can take a photo of your model. Which will be saved in your photo library in the game.

Inside of the main menu of the game you have the Store, My Collection, Tips & Tricks, My photos and Build! You also have the settings button where you can change language, Music, Sound, Invert X/Y Axis or Tweak Sensitivity X/Y. The app has around 40 different models you can build. A bunch of free ones but also many that cost up to 5 euros. But some of them have 70 to 300 pieces so some might be worth it. I like the app and it’s fun to build stuff but I wished they had more models than just 40. Up to 300 at least would be a bit more fun.

And I also wished they had some time limit for extra challenge. Where you should be able to do it as quickly as possible and get between 1 to 5 stars. It feels like it’s a little to easy sometimes to build up a new model. But the graphics and sound is really great. And I like how they have cool models you can build up like a weapon or a tank. Even a helicopter and a dinosaur! It gives you a deeper insight in how an animal or a machine is built up. Or it would be cool if users could generate their own advanced models that others could built up. You also gain experience in the game while you finish a model.

If you have google cardboard then you can also view your built models in them which is an extremely cool feature! You can also tap on highlighted parts to play an animation of them. After you have finished a model you can also quickly disassemble it if you want. The price for some models might seem expensive. But once you start get into it and building it you see the quality put into this app. And you get real enjoyment out of doing something creative. Almost as in real life!

I rather have premium app like this instead of an app with annoying in-ads that just makes you annoyed. Do you know any other cool quality app that you want me to check out? I am currently exploring real quality apps. That is fun to pick up fast and enjoy. Have an awesome day and thanks for reading. Here is the app again in the play store.

Best Regards,

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Triple A Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Today I want to review a new cool entertaining app. It’s called Triple A and is available in the Google Play Store. The app is being described as being a highly complex, kinetic and interactive visualizer. How you use the app is you open it up and inside you will see a bunch of particles on the screen. Touch and interact with the particles and start see amazing things. You can create amazing curves and effects just using your fingers. Makes you feel like an artist.

This app has 3 different art mode’s you can use: Art Wave, Art Particle, Art Gravity. You can also go in and select the number of particle’s, the size and the length. There is an option to disable the music. Each art mode has 5 different unique effects. So a total of 15 cool art effects.

This app is promising a lot when it comes to various effects and colors you will see: Fireworks, Tornado, Nuke, Atom, Nuclear bomb, Volt Lightning, Midnight falling star, Black hole, Dark meter, Tsunami, Gravity, Halo, Earthquake, Gun fire, Ice, Space, Universe, Aurora, Fluid, Alien, Laser, Fish, Fly, Blue Sky, Wave, Surfing, Jupiter, Moon, Earth, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Comet, Pluto, Saturn and more.

Screenshot from the App on Samsung Galaxy S8!

My favourite mode is the art wave because it follows your finger so amazingly, very relaxing music and very creative colours showing up. I would say this is a good app when you wanna calm down and look at something beautiful that you create in the moment with just your fingers. Some improvements in the app would be to be able to create even more patterns and special effects. There should be an option for more effects for example if you hold in 2 fingers or more on the screen. I also would like to see the option to complete different missions. And be able to save your effects in little movies.

This app runs nicely on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and has no problems. When you let go your finger from the screen the particles explode in a bang effect. I wish you could select some other various effects there than just an explosion effect. I think this app will be good for artists that want to find some quick inspiration. The various lines and effects has such an amazing harmony that after you been using this app you just wanna go and create something beautiful out in the real world. Here is the app again on Play Store.

Thanks for reading! Do you know any other cool app you want me to check out? Be sure to let me know about it.

Best Regards,

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Mouse on Screen Scary Joke Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Have you ever wanted to have a big mouse walking around on your screen? Probably not! But there is now an app for that to simulate a fat mouse walking around on your screen. It’s called Mouse on Screen Scary Joke!

Inside of settings you can first Hide mouse icon in status bar. You can disable mouse sound. You can also put in a mouse delay. Either show mouse immediately, after 10 seconds, or a custom time. You can also select what edge you want the mouse to walk on. The default is left edge. The last setting you can tweak is mouse size. I wish that the textures they used inside this app was of higher resolution. If you go back to first screen you have a green button up on top you tap to Show Mice. Then he starts walking on your home screen.

I actually think this is a pretty cool app because of how smooth it runs on Samsung Galaxy S8. No slow-downs. But I wish you could make the mouse even smaller. And it would be cool if there was an option inside the app to include many different mouse variants. As well as more than one mouse at the same time. When mouse walks on screen he does walk over the app icons but he does not walk over the on screen keys at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Which makes it look a little weird.


Something that is very nice is if you make the mouse walk on the bottom screen then he doesn’t walk over the on-screen keys. So it looks way more realistic. It would be cool if you could add voice functionality to be able to talk to the mouse and make him stop and tell him to do certain tasks. But I don’t think this is possible to do with Android live wallpapers for the moment. Maybe in the future!

Will you download this app? Or would you like another animal to walk on your home screens? It would be cool if this app also worked on the lock screen. Oh wait it does! How amazing! If you have any future app recommendations then please let me know! I love to check out cool Android Apps.

Best Regards,

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How To Use Your Camera As Live Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy S8

Have you ever wanted to use your camera as a live wallpaper? Well there is now an app for that and it’s called: Transparent Phone. This app will allow you to use either your rear camera or your back camera as a live wallpaper. This worked on my Samsung Galaxy S8 but will also work with other phones. It runs smooth and works also on lock screen. Or you can just use it on the home screens.

You can’t tap to focus because it’s not in photo mode. But maybe you can pretend your phone is transparent. Many people have complained that it’s not truly transparent like it can be hard to fool a person but I think the app does a cool job using your camera as your background. Just be aware that it makes your camera running a lot so it can make your device warm and make your battery last shorter.

This is a great app for people who love to look at themselves just use the front facing camera on the lock screen and you don’t even have to unlock the device to see yourself. All the time!

Some cool app ideas here would be to add fantasy figures appear on the screen while the camera is being used. Kind of like the game Pokemon Go is doing it by showing pokemons using your camera. I’m not sure if this is possible using the Android programming language but it would be pretty cool if it could be done!

Will I be using this app anymore? Probably not. Even though I like cool live wallpapers like the Earth HD, Solar System HD apps I showed a couple of days ago I really do prefer just a normal static wallpaper. What do you prefer? Many people probably use live wallpapers because they get tons of downloads.

Best Regards,

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