Microsoft New Edge Browser For iOS and Android Unveiled!

Microsoft is launching a browser for iOS and Android! It’s called the Microsoft Edge browser. It’s main feature will be that you can send a browser page you are on to your Windows PC. This is great if you find something cool on your smartphone but want to view it on a bigger screen instead.

This Microsoft Edge browser is already available starting from today as a preview. Only in US region for now and just for iPhone users. It will soon be released for Android as well. And the continue on PC function will be available when Microsoft release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

My first question here is if Microsoft really can still compete and if people need them anymore? Surely they still have Windows OS and lots of people still need that. Google is trying to create their own ecosystem with Android and want people to use their products. Will it be enough to just be able to send a page to your Windows PC? Last time I checked my stats more and more younger youths are using their phones as their main browser.

So will they even have a PC they want to send their stuff too? Remember Internet Explorer browser on Windows 2009? It had over 50% market share but now they barely have 3%! And now Microsoft is trying to make Android users and iOS users to use Microsoft products again. But will they need them?

Other features in the browser are: Reading List, Favourites, New Tab Page and Reading View. But it’s mainly basic functions that we already have seen in the past. My main question is if this browser will be having an adblock function? This is something both Samsung browsers and Apple browsers are starting to do. Because Samsung and Apple is in the hardware business not in the Ad business.



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Last Day on Earth: Survival Samsung Galaxy S8 Game Review!

This is a new game where you are suppose to kill walking dead zombies. In an MMORPG game! It’s currently in Beta v.1.5.6 when I am testing this out. It’s called Last Day on Earth!

At the start you can select between 6 different servers. You start off as a male in the center of a playing field.

On top left you can see your health, top right you can see your map and settings. Bottom left you have your navigate around button in the 4 directions. You also under the map have a button you can tap on to see Buildings and Furniture you can build out on map. Sort of like The Sims games.

Bottom right you have a punch button and a take up things button. You also got a crouch down button. You also have a button to see the full status on your current player. Both your inventory in pockets and in your backpack. Also the amount of Z coins you have. You start off with 25.

You also have a button for blueprints. Here you can build various items. Reminds me about Minecraft’s Craft feature. First things you can create in here is a Hatchet, Pickaxe or a Spear. For every blueprint you can build you need materials. To build the hatchet you need 3 pine logs and 3 limestone.

You also have a in-app purchase button where you can buy more coins, transport items, equipment, supply and boosts. You can also chat with other players in the bottom center of the screen but first you need to build a Radio Tower. You also have an auto button where it seems the player will automatic start walking and doing stuff on his own.

When you get close to various items you can pick them up in your hand. You also have a limited area you can walk in and a day and night feature. You can see roaming zombies on your map they are in red colour and have 40 in health. You can also see your level at the bottom of the screen.

The game is pretty creative you can for example find an old pick up truck and find 4 items in it. Items like scrap metal, rope, thick jacket and cleaver. Your player also needs to eat so sometimes he will become thirsty. Then you can use berry that is available for pickup. When you pick up various items you can start to put them on your player.

The game is pretty cool when you die you can see your old dead player and pick up his items. The game doesn’t feel too spammy or annoying. But it feels engaging and fun once you get into it. There are a lot of materials and items you need to find to build various items.

Once you build various things like a garden bed you can go into settings of it and either add workers or have a look at various recipes you can create. You place the material and get a result. I do not like how long time it takes to craft simple things. Like it says 1 hour to craft carrots. That is sillyness. Tools can also break down if you use them a lot. And I feel the game is a bit too hard in the beginning. Even finding water is a hard thing. Food a little easier but it doesn’t solve the water issue. Your player dies if it runs out of food/water.

You can also evolve certain foods with recipes. Steak to Juicy Steak, Berries to Berry Tea, Carrot Stew and so on. You can actually leave your location I noticed. To go into a bigger world if you walk out into the green area. You can also be killed by other players in the game.

This game has a long learning curve and it’s hard already from the beginning. It also takes energy to run to various places so it might be a bad game if you don’t like in-app purchase. Because it feels like that will stop you a lot. What do you think about this game? Here is a link one more time to Last Day on Earth!

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Space Colony Live Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Today I want to review another great live wallpaper that will show space colonies on your home screen and lock screen! The app is called Space Colony!

What you will see is large skyscrapers. Looks like a big city like New York. And then you see UFO plane in the air! And you also see small planes. You also in the far distant see the bright sun shining. The camera is moving around in circles so you can see more of the city. Overall a very beautiful live wallpaper!

You can select between 8 different Colony Place’s: Gelidon’s Moon, Clouds on Doa Planet, New Hope Planet, Atlantis Underground, Melanea’s Moon, Naton Planet, Zera Moon and Galidon Planet!

The Moon will show you a large moon in the air! Over the sun. The Clouds on Doa will show you beautiful bright clouds in front of the sun. New Hope looks very futuristic with almost mountains in the background. Underground looks green and like you are in a green cave. You also have an UFO plane above in this one!

Another Moon variant with sharp red sticks in the background. Looks like the devils world! Naton looks like Munich mountains in the far distant. Zera looks a bit like Doomsday has come and Skynet is here! Galidon has UFO ship again and looks like you are on a grey planet!

Next up you have some important colour settings. You can change the aura of the city! These colours are available: Red, Blue, Green and Violet! You can also turn aura off and tweak it’s power. You can also illuminate a colour from the buildings: Red, Orange, Blue, Green and Violet variants!

You also have options to switch between different camera tracks. 7 tracks available. You have a big ship you can enable or disable. Either the Mother Ship Q or HQ USS-71 Atlantis ship. Decide which one you like the most! There is also a random timer you can use if you just want random settings to be decided at a certain time.

There is also an option to disable accelerometer if you don’t want that moving effect. If you want to save battery life then there is also options for that. Overall this is a very futuristic cool live wallpaper that runs great on the Samsung Galaxy S8! Yesterday I checked out another amazing app from the same developer and it’s called Planet Packs. Be sure to check that blog post out if interested in more cool apps! Here is a link again to Space Colony app on Google Play Store!

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Planets Pack 2.0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Live Wallpaper Review!

Today I found a very cool app called Planets Pack! This is an app from Maxelus that has created many other awesome wallpapers as well.

First in the settings you can select between 12 different planets: New Earth, Fimes, Nebanu, Gelidon, Emos Gas Giant, Doa, Maleama, New Hope, Atlantis, Balross, Zea and Cyberon.

New Earth looks like a warm Mars planet with lava fire and white clouds! Fimes planet has the colour of lava orange! And variations of red. Gelidon planet has a lot of white and shades of grey. Emos got red and orange colours mixed with some light pink! Nebanu planet is one of my favorites! It has very beautiful shades of green across the planet and it looks like it has thunderstorms happening at the same time!

Next up we have planet Doa it comes with white, light yellow and light green colour. Not my favorite. Maleama on the other hand looks beautiful! It comes in colour shades of blue and a red/purple mix. Very cool variation! New Hope has again shades of blue but now the other colours are more darker manly looking.

Atlantis planet has a gorgeous mix of Blue and Green! For sure one of my favorites! The different shades used mixes so well. Along with the white clouds. Balross planet is the first with a bit more black coloured planet. But also with almost lava purple and orange. Also very interesting mix. Zea looks like a pessimistic planet it has lot’s of black/grey and white colours. The last planet looks like The Matrix Hacker movie!

Other settings you can tweak is planet rotation speed, lighting the planet and the position of the planet. You can also change the space background between these options: Stars, Fire Clouds, Blue Illumiteted Space, White Clouds Nebula, Green Nebula and Red Dragon Galaxy. Personally I don’t really think these settings is doing major changes. You can also turn off deep space.

Next up you could tweak the Sun type or turn it off. The suns you could use are: Sirius Star, Hydrae Star, Wezen Star, Betelgeza Star and Mintaka Star. Again I don’t think this setting changes much because you usally don’t see the sun that much with this live wallpaper.

Next you can tweak the clouds, small, long or more small clouds. Can also tweak the cloud speed and turn it off.

One interesting setting you can change is the lighting colour. This will tweak the colour around the planets curve. You can select these colours: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Violet and White. This actually creates a noticeable difference. And can be fun to play around with. You can also tweak the power of the light. Or turn off.

If you want planet rings then you could also enable that. They also have a special RANDOM mode where you can at a specific time randomise a bunch of settings like planet/background/sun/clouds type. Which is very cool not many wallpapers got this setting!

Another important setting is you can tweak the camera to be further away! You can also disable the accelerometer sensor. Overall this app is very impressive with all the amount of settings you can tweak! I really find it amazing. I really recommend you to check out this app! It runs well on the Samsung Galaxy S8! Here is a link to the app again!


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Cat Lick Screen Live Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

There are very cool live wallpapers you can get on Android phones these days. Simple by downloading a live wallpaper from the Google Play Store. One of them is called Cat Lick Screen Live Wallpaper. It has a cute cat in brown and white colour licking your screen.

In the settings of the app you can tweak the speed of the cat in frames per second. You can also include sound if you want. It’s not sound from the cat but more like background music. You can also decide if you want the cat to be scrolling on screen while you swipe your home screens or not. In video source you can also go in and select your own video as a live wallpaper! Or just reset it to cat lick again.

You also have double tap to open up settings. For some reason I feel you need to tap 3 times to make it open up. You can also disable notifications from the app if you want. I like how this app works on the lock screen. I have found no slow downs or performance issues when I run this app on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Good overall performance and I don’t find the battery to be drained that much faster.

It can take a second or two sometimes to load up the live wallpaper if you turn on the screen. Then it will be black for a second but it’s not a major issue. If you like this live wallpaper then maybe you will like this other article I did about a live wallpaper where you have a mouse that is walking on screen!

All these live wallpapers reminds me about Windows 7 that allowed you also to have a live wallpaper. But in new Windows 10 it feels like people stopped using that. Let me know if you have any other cool app or wallpaper you want me to write or do a video about! Here is a link again to this Cat app!

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,

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