is a Very Cool iOS iPhone Game! is a very cool game that has very simple rules and nice graphics. What is this game about? It’s about conquer the largest territory.

We have seen with games like Flappy Birds and Angry Birds that people love to play simple games. Games that you understand under 10 seconds what your objective is. This game you are a small object that travels around and you try to create a larger area for yourself. But there is also other players involved. This means if anyone touch your tail when you try to expand your area then it’s game over.

Another thing to know is that other people can drive over your territory and take from you. So you have to be on a look out for potential attackers. Of course you will do the same to other opponents. It’s all about finding a great strategy to trick and outsmart the other players. Another awesome thing is how you can play this game without an Internet connection. Many new games like PUBG requires a constant Internet connection. is also a very popular game with over 10 million total downloads. And the ratings is 4 stars out of 5. I really wish that YouTube would bring back the star rating since it’s more engaging and nuanced than the thumb up and down system. If you want then you also have in app purchases in the game.

When you play the game you have a leaderboard where you can see what player currently dominates the map the most. The game graphics comes with very bright exciting colours. You can see the name on the board above your character.

Based on looking at the reviews it seems like performs much better on iOS than Android. Phones are becoming real powerful these days with phones like iPhone X and iPhone 8 so expect even more awesome games being released in the future!

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Best Android/iOS Online Shopping App 2018!

AliExpress is a very cool shopping app that you can get to your phone. The cool thing with this company behind the app is that it truly has everything!

Some of the main categories that exist are clothes for men and women, beauty and health products, cellphones, computers, consumer electronics, furniture, home appliances, toys, shoes and watches! As you can see this app is a little bit like the Amazon app! They truly cover most of the key areas that people find the most exciting.

Another very nice thing is that they offer coins and coupons to get amazing deals. First you have a daily coin feature that reward you for every check in. Then you have the options of being able to win coins by playing fun games. These coins can then later be traded to products or coupons.

There is also a freebies section where you can get free product to then be able to review. Although at the moment it looks a bit silly since there is thousands of requests per item and only a few units being sent out so you will probably not win but at least it’s nice they give you the opportunity to win.

There is also a zone in AliExpress  app which is being called the Fan Zone where you can see influencers and their favourite products! This is great if you are a blogger and want to get on-board to get free review samples! They have a section called star bloggers where you can end up in if you do a great job!

Another amazing thing that you can do is image search. So you can take a photo of something and it will search the store for that product. I tried with my cup and it worked! This is amazing since it makes shopping so much more fun and easy!

Another thing that I find very cool with this AliExpress shopping app is the share feature. After you made a first order then you can use share feature which allows you to share other items and get over 10% commission! This is way higher than many other websites will give you! And you can see the click and order stats right in the app!

When you open up the app there is also a section that is called Flash Deals. This let’s you quickly see great products where the price has been cut down!

There is also an inspiration section in these categories: Tech, Fashion, Kids, Beauty, Home and Hair. Great if you are bored but want to buy something but needs to be inspired first.

The key feature that I like with this app is that they are creating a community aspect around shopping so they are making it more engaging and social. You can clearly see how they have put work into this app. You can see that they care about making a great experience.

Another thing that is nice is how it keeps loading up new products if you keep scrolling down. Just as YouTube does! So no need for any complicated search. Eventually with Machine Learning and AI it will probably just keep getting more intelligent to find out what you may want for the moment. You also have a built in message feature and you can leave app suggestions!

Another feature is wish list. Just as Amazon have. If there is a cool product that you want to save for later just use this! What do you think about the AliExpress shopping app? It’s my new favourite shopping app!

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PUBG Mobile Amazing Android Smartphone Game!

There is a new super cool game out for Android which is called PUBG Mobile. It’s made by Tencent Games and is using the Unreal Engine 4. The visual experience is amazing they did really well with the graphics and performance.

This game seems like a combination of The Sims 4 and GTA 5. What happens is 100 players parachute down on a remote 8x8km island and try to kill as many enemies as possible . On the map you can find weapons, vehicles and supplies. The tricky thing is that the playing zone is always shrinking. You want to be the last person to survive. You also have your own team mates that will help you!

In terms of sound with PUBG Mobile you get 7.1 channel surround sound and amazing 3D sound effects and high quality audio. I like how they have so many variations of weapons so you can have a real fun time. This game reminds me about the huge Battlefield 3 maps on Windows.

The vehicles that exist are very abundant in variation: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and Boats. You can also play this game with friends and use voice chat to have various plans to take over battle zones. They even have created an anti-cheat system that will try to detect any cheaters.

One downside is that PUBG Mobile requires you to have constant Internet connection. So not good for people that are living in the forest or just have bad data service. 2GB of RAM is needed and at least Android 5.1.1. But that won’t be an issue for most since new Android phones are being launched with Android 7.0 or Android 8.1 Oreo these days. Even low cost Android phones.

It’s nice to see that 3D Android games are really becoming amazing. I think that in a few years we will see GTA 5 style graphical games to be released on phones. Since Octa-core phones are becoming truly super powerful these days. And people usually spend most of their life now on their phone not on a PC. So we need that super strong future CPU to be able to run mega heavy and large games.

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Top 1 Android Game April 2018 Samsung Galaxy S8 Gameplay Review!

1LINE is currently the most downloaded Android Play Store game. This is a puzzle game. You draw 1 line and you need to connect all the dots with it.

This game is already a bit hard at the beginning. Just like other puzzle games this requires some thinking. Other games like Angry Birds is a bit easier to get into since you only aim and shoot. This requires thinking. Surely this will improve your brain skills when it comes to coming up with solutions quick.

The amount of levels in 1LINE that exist are 10 but they also included 500 stages in total. You can also get hints for how to clear various stages. This is good if you feel that the game is too difficult. Then you have some special lines that will make you having to use your imagination to solve the puzzle!

The shapes the stages comes in is a bit fascinating. It’s very creative I would say. The graphics in the game is also great looking. The sound in the background is also very relaxing. Just as other Android games this one have a built in leaderboard. They also have a recommend section where they show you other awesome apps that are very similar that you may be interested in.

People in the comment section say that 1LINE is a quite addictive experience. Games like this reminds me a little bit about AdVenture Capitalist. Which also is very addicting.

Games will just improve as we move further into the future. And people will have a harder time to try to stay away from them. But we are also now going to implement cryptocurrency in new games which means you will be able to earn currency that you later could go trade to Fiat currency.

I’m really looking forward to see what will happen with games in the future especially in the virtual reality space.

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New VLC Video App Updated For iPhone X!

VLC is updating their iOS app so that you can watch 4K videos if you have the latest iPhone X! This latest release is version 2.8.6 and it doesn’t just add support for 4K with HEVC but it also comes with a tweaked user interface that fits the latest iPhone better.

Some bug fixes have been added and a app termination issue that was on when it was running on iOS 7 and iOS 8.

This free VLC app is much better than the more controlled and locked iTunes alternative for movie watching. With VLC you get more options to sync videos from various cloud sources like OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, DropBox and more.

And then in terms of streaming you get other nice options as stream over SMB, FTP, UPnP or DLNA. You also get nice support for subtitles, playback speed control and multi-track audio. This app also comes with the regular orange theme which we are so familiar with when it comes to VLC. I personally use VLC when I am streaming videos on my MacBook Pro. It’s much better than Quicktime because you can move the video around much better, better file support, better subtitles and a bunch of other great options as sync audio or tweak little things.

This app is also designed to work on both iPhone and iPad. It’s an app made by a company that is being called VideoLAN. Only 80MB in file size. And as we know with iTunes apps is that they always are quality tested. With Android it’s usually a bit worse quality control but I bet Google is working on making improvements in that regard. But the good with Android is that you have more app alternatives. And usually a bit easier when it comes to streaming when you do it on Android.

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