Hey guys so I am Adrian and I have been doing YouTube videos since 2010 as my life work. But I already did my first amateur YouTube videos already 2007 when I think I discovered YouTube 2006 but it’s the main thing I’ll been focusing on the last 10 years as in work. Here is my YouTube channel.

Making videos on the Internet and now I have this websites I like to write informative text and I like to read books so I thought that I make this quick website and offer you helpful advice in life things that have helped me a lot to grow my channel and things that I have learned over the years so hopefully you will enjoy this website. If you want to see me a bit more live with quick updates you can follow my twitter.

I do this because the more I add the more I remind myself about the things that I’m learning so I also learned a ton by writing so I thought other people if they can find these things useful then of course I should share it for everyone so everyone can take advantage of the tips because a lot of the advice I will give are extremely helpful in creating an amazing life so hopefully you will enjoy and thanks for following me and reading this website. Have an awesome day!