NEWMIND F15 Flip Phone with Racing Car Design!

NEWMIND F15 is a tiny flip phone that looks like a racing car. It comes in many different colours. This is nice because many people don’t have a super original phone.

Main specs: 1.8 Inch Display, Resistive Screen, MTK Processor, 2GB Internal Storage, 128MB of RAM, TF card extend up to 8GB, 0.3MP Camera, Multi-language phone, 480×320 Screen resolution, 1500mAh Battery, 200 Gram weight phone, 6 Hours of Talk time and Removable battery.

Another nice thing on NEWMIND F15 is how you can adjust the volume on the tire wheel. On the back side you can remove the cover and insert a massive large old SIM card. When you open up the flip phone then you will see the keyboard. I personally prefer the Black edition.

One big downside with this phone is how it only supports 2G speeds and not 3G or 4G. Another thing to consider is that in a few years we will get the 5G smartphones that will even be faster. Another feature is how you get an FM radio. Great for people that love audio and podcast stuff material. Bluetooth is not available on this device which I find very sad. You don’t get any vibration feature with this phone and that can be bad because it can be hard to know if you have gotten notifications without it.

NEWMIND F15 is 15mm in thickness. The colours you get it in are Black, White, Gold, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. It supports Dual SIM Card Dual Standby.

This is a phone that can play MP3 files and MP4 files. GPRS is on board. You have a messaging feature. Alarm clock feature will be awesome when you need to wake up early to a job. You can see the current time with a clock and you can do quick math with a calculator. Calendar to see the current date and then you get an ebook feature.

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Amazing Android Cable Support Both New and Old Android Phones!

Bakeey has a very nice 2 in 1 cable that can charge 2 kinds of Android phones. Both the new Type C connector smartphones and the older MicroUSB connector phones. Another thing that you can see is the current voltage by looking at a small display.

The cable is done by using a wired nylon braided material. It’s also a cable that looks very modern. On the small display with Blue text you can both see the current display and the voltage display. Kinks and tangles are being resisted because of the superior braided material.

A good thing to know is that this 2 in 1 cable will only work with Android smartphones and tablets. The iOS phones need another cable. This cable also supports fast charging. This cable is only available in a Black colour and the cable length is just 1 meter. I wish it was a bit longer perhaps 1.5m or 2m. Because too short cable can be a problem for many if they charge via a wall outlet.

The cable current is 2A and data sync speed is 480Mbps. The core wire is a tin-plated oxygen-free copper in material! I wish this cable came in a few more colours perhaps Red and Green and Blue edition. That would make it a bit more engaging and fun to buy. Just as we are starting to see more colours on phones coming out. You can both get a Red iPhone 8 and a Red Samsung Galaxy S8.

I would love to see a cable like this but for iPhones. So you could charge an iPhone 8 and iPhone 4 with the same cable. The older iPhone charge cables was much bigger. And they wasn’t reversible in charging capability. Do you love this 2 in 1 cable for Android phones or do you think something could be improved to make it even better?

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo New Smartphone!

Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo is a new smartphone from Samsung that will be available soon in India. It has a very nice design with a dual rear camera. It looks a bit like a cheap Samsung Galaxy A8! But the A8 2018 had no dual rear camera like this new J7 Duo.

Also this new J7 Duo comes with a home button and two capacitive touch buttons on each side. Just as Samsung’s older phones used to have. So the fingerprint sensor is located on front in home button.

Main specs: 5.5 inch Display, 3000mAh Battery, 1.6GHz clocked Octa-core processor, Exynos 7885 Chipset, 4GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, 256GB expandable memory option, 13MP + 5MP dual rear camera, Android 8.0 Oreo, 8MP Front camera, 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth 5.0 and 4G support!

In terms of thickness Galaxy J7 Duo is fairly slim as well with 8.2mm thickness. The weight is 174 grams. I really hope that this phone will cost below 200 dollars since that will be very competitive price-range! It seems like it’s only available for now in a Black colour edition.

I would love Samsung to see them make a phone like Galaxy J7 Duo but with a 4.5 inch Display. It’s very rare we see that size in times like this. Everyone just wants to do stuff bigger all the time. Another thing that would be cool is if Samsung brought the Stylus to their low range devices. So more people could experience it. Since it truly adds something unique to the phone experience that others skip out on.

Samsung’s high end and mid range devices are starting to become pretty expensive. Samsung wants to move their prices up just like Apple does. Maybe in the future smartphones may start to cost around 1500 dollars for a high end phone. Especially if they find a way to implement VR gaming potential with a phone. With HTC Vive graphics! But that is still a few years until we would see.

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Leagoo S9 Android Smartphone Finally Available!

A few months ago I talked about a cool iPhone X design copycat phone called Leagoo S9. You can now buy that device. So let’s go over it quick to see what you get inside this smartphone! First of course it comes with the notch and the rear traffic light design camera.

Main specs: 5.85 inch Display, HD+ with 1212×720 pixel screen, IPS type, Android 8.1 Oreo, MT6750 Chipset, Octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz and ARM Cortex-A53 28nm setup, Mali-T860 MP2 GPU clocked at 520MHz, 4GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, TF card support up to 128GB, 4G VoLTE support, Dual SIM Dual Standby, 2.5D curved glass display and Type-C 2.0 connector!

First thing you detect on Leagoo S9 is the massive display! This will be great for people that enjoy playing games or watch Netflix on their phone. The front camera comes with an 8.0MP sensor. The rear camera is dual and has 13.0MP + 0.3MP lens.

Other things that exist are OTG support and OTA updates. You can even unlock the phone with your face just as you would on iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9! On the rear side you can find a fingerprint sensor. It’s a very thick phone with 11.8mm thickness.

The battery which is built in has 3300mAh! I wish it was a removable variant but not even the low cost Android phones gives you that these days. Quick charging is on board with 5V/2A setup. You can also find 3.5mm earphone jack!

Leagoo S9 comes in three colour editions: Black, Gold and Blue. It looks very glossy all of them. I think because of the back glass design. Makes it looks like an ASUS ZenFone smartphone! The front has an all screen display with super small bezels. It looks like a premium iPhone at the front side.

It’s super nice how it runs Oreo version of Android. So you get great performance and the latest security updates and bug fixes. You get even high quality music from the speaker.

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ZTE Iceberg is an iPhone X Copycat With 2 Notches!

ZTE has created a brand new phone being called Iceberg that comes with 2 notches. As you perhaps already know Apple started this trend with the iPhone X. Now Android companies are copying Apple just as they did when Apple introduced the dual rear camera on the iPhone 7 Plus.

At least this design is a bit more innovative where they did that notch design on both sides! Very creative I have to say. It looks like a very beautiful phone when it comes to design. On the back side it comes with a rear centred fingerprint sensor. Best located to put it if you ask me. Another thing that ZTE did was to put a speaker in each notch. It really has a nice aesthetic symmetry to it so it won an award.

This phone comes with a glass design on front and back. Which makes the name Iceberg to make sense. This is great for winning design awards but if we are going to be honest it would be best to use plastic or metal unibody for durability. Apple started the glass phone trend with the iPhone 4. The problem with it is that it very easily breaks.

On each corner you can see transparent glass connecting the front and back to create even more beauty. I have to say that it was very creative move. At the moment we don’t know the specs on this phone but we know that it will be a global launch of it in many regions. Hopefully it has specs that are similar to iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. We have been seeing a big trend of Beauty designed phones be released but with horrible internal specs. I hope ZTE put some attention to the specs. Is this perhaps the most beautiful design for 2018? I think that it may be!

You can see on the back side that it comes with a dual rear camera. Something that is very popular these days. I really love how the all-screen display on the front is rounded in the corners. Yes the Galaxy S8 display is also that but this one has no bezels so it creates an even more amazing effect!

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