Every Male Should Watch This Movie!

Today I want to talk about an amazing movie that I feel every male needs to watch. It’s being called 127 Hours and it’s about a male that is a mountain climber that get’s his hand stuck under a rock. The whole movie is about him becoming free from that rock! Eventually he has to cut off his arm to become free. James Franco plays the main role and he does a great job with his acting skills.

I feel that most males need to watch this movie to get some perspective on life. Because if it’s something males truly strive for in life then it’s the desire for freedom. And to create more freedom in their life.

I feel that many males have lost touch with that essence. They have lost themselves in things that doesn’t matter as much like pursue pleasure or video games. They have became stuck in a coping mode instead of a thriving mode.

If we look back at history then we can see that males are not needed as much in modern times because life has become safer. So many males have become confused about their role in life.

127 Hours movie will help a male to get perspective on life. Because it reminds you about the struggle and that the journey is what makes life exciting not the end result. The end result is just to give you a direction. But it’s what happens on the journey that truly matters. And staying present on your life journey.

What truly matters in life? The work, engagement with life, increase your level of perception, paying deep attention to life that happens in your current reality and experience. Because that is where you have the most influence. Then you can expand that circle to become bigger if you stay humble.

You are a piece of life and you are alive right now that is what truly matters. Not your psychological drama that happens with your thoughts and emotions. Infuse life into whatever you do. Look at life and identify what’s truly needed and go for that.

For me I have discovered that I want to pursue teaching males to go from Boys to Men. Then I want to speak about the amazing stuff capitalism has done for us on Earth. And then I want to protect the Feminine essence which I feel is becoming more removed from planet Earth.

We are all becoming more masculine which is sad. Because we need both the Masculine and Feminine to work in harmony side by side. With The Feminine I mean the Beautiful, Kind, Modest and Gentle side. With Masculine I mean the protecting and guiding masculine spirit. That also comes with Standards, Morals and Integrity.

I really hope you watch this 127 Hours movie as a male because it truly gives you some life perspective. And if you know any other similar movies then I would love to hear about it!

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