is a Very Cool iOS iPhone Game! is a very cool game that has very simple rules and nice graphics. What is this game about? It’s about conquer the largest territory.

We have seen with games like Flappy Birds and Angry Birds that people love to play simple games. Games that you understand under 10 seconds what your objective is. This game you are a small object that travels around and you try to create a larger area for yourself. But there is also other players involved. This means if anyone touch your tail when you try to expand your area then it’s game over.

Another thing to know is that other people can drive over your territory and take from you. So you have to be on a look out for potential attackers. Of course you will do the same to other opponents. It’s all about finding a great strategy to trick and outsmart the other players. Another awesome thing is how you can play this game without an Internet connection. Many new games like PUBG requires a constant Internet connection. is also a very popular game with over 10 million total downloads. And the ratings is 4 stars out of 5. I really wish that YouTube would bring back the star rating since it’s more engaging and nuanced than the thumb up and down system. If you want then you also have in app purchases in the game.

When you play the game you have a leaderboard where you can see what player currently dominates the map the most. The game graphics comes with very bright exciting colours. You can see the name on the board above your character.

Based on looking at the reviews it seems like performs much better on iOS than Android. Phones are becoming real powerful these days with phones like iPhone X and iPhone 8 so expect even more awesome games being released in the future!

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