The Difference Between a Man and a Boy

Today I want to talk about the core difference between a man and a boy in life. So the core thing that I have found is the difference is Slow and Steady = Man, Fast and Unsteady = Boy. The word teenager was a word that didn’t exist before the 1950s. I think it’s real important for males to know the difference so they can grow up.

Responsibility is very important for a man. To learn how to make decisions that will be great for the long term. Building a great stable foundation is key. Since if it’s boy unstable then if you build anything on top of it, it will just fall down and crash eventually. But if you create a real man steady ground then you can build anything on top and it will not crash down.

And the irony with doing things so called slower is that you do not avoid work you know you should be doing. Because every step forward is super easy when you do things 3x slower. This means you pay so much more attention and the irony with it that in the long term you get 10x more things done than when you was in boy mode running around like a maniac.

This world relies on solid man to get their stuff together. That is the future of this world. Men make stuff happen. That is how it always has been and will keep be in the future. We are warriors and it’s our natural role to take care of things. This means we need to be solid stuff that works amazing. Building amazing businesses. Be fearless and so on. So much skills and beauty that goes in to becoming a true man.

But starting off by just slowing down and do proper work is a great step to be a man. So much boy mentality in our society that cause lots of weakness in our modern culture. Someone needs to do something about it. Men need to keep up moral standards and responsibility or society will fall apart very fast. It’s important that males starts to become rich and successful since our society is desperate for more high-level men that gets stuff done and do amazing stuff.

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