Brave Browser For Android/iOS/Windows/Mac is Amazing!

Today I want to talk about my favourite new browser on my Galaxy S8 smartphone and on my MacBook Pro computer. It’s called Brave browser.

The last couple of years I have mainly been using the Google Chrome browser and before that the Firefox browser. Lately I got bored of the engineer UI of the Chrome browser. I tried Firefox for a while and then I realized it was a pretty unstable browser. Eventually I found the Brave browser!

What is different with this browser? First of all it’s fast and it already comes with adblock pre-installed so no annoying ads being shown on websites! A more clean experience. The next thing that is amazing is how it comes with support for blocking trackers that secretly starts to run in the background of your device with other browsers.

But the core thing about the Brave browser is that it has support for the BAT token. This means you can support your favourite YouTube/Twitch or Website creators by rewarding them with BAT tokens on a monthly basis. You can see the amount of time you spent on each website and have control over how much you want to give to each service. This is great because it will encourage your favourite creators to create more of the content that you love to consume.

Brave browser will also come with support for most of the Chrome extensions because it’s built using the Chromium setup. I also think it has a very nice logo and just a fresh feel. It also has something called HTTPS upgrades that can speed up things even more! It can even block 3rd party cookies that tries to follow you around the web.

Also very easy to disable the shield for your favourite creators if you want to support them by running ads. I like how the tab system works. Feels like it’s more smooth and nicer experience than other browsers. What do you think about the Brave browser? Is there a specific feature you would like to see?

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