PUBG Mobile Amazing Android Smartphone Game!

There is a new super cool game out for Android which is called PUBG Mobile. It’s made by Tencent Games and is using the Unreal Engine 4. The visual experience is amazing they did really well with the graphics and performance.

This game seems like a combination of The Sims 4 and GTA 5. What happens is 100 players parachute down on a remote 8x8km island and try to kill as many enemies as possible . On the map you can find weapons, vehicles and supplies. The tricky thing is that the playing zone is always shrinking. You want to be the last person to survive. You also have your own team mates that will help you!

In terms of sound with PUBG Mobile you get 7.1 channel surround sound and amazing 3D sound effects and high quality audio. I like how they have so many variations of weapons so you can have a real fun time. This game reminds me about the huge Battlefield 3 maps on Windows.

The vehicles that exist are very abundant in variation: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and Boats. You can also play this game with friends and use voice chat to have various plans to take over battle zones. They even have created an anti-cheat system that will try to detect any cheaters.

One downside is that PUBG Mobile requires you to have constant Internet connection. So not good for people that are living in the forest or just have bad data service. 2GB of RAM is needed and at least Android 5.1.1. But that won’t be an issue for most since new Android phones are being launched with Android 7.0 or Android 8.1 Oreo these days. Even low cost Android phones.

It’s nice to see that 3D Android games are really becoming amazing. I think that in a few years we will see GTA 5 style graphical games to be released on phones. Since Octa-core phones are becoming truly super powerful these days. And people usually spend most of their life now on their phone not on a PC. So we need that super strong future CPU to be able to run mega heavy and large games.

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