Earn Bitcoin Super Easy By Completing Microtasks!

Lately I have started to use a brand new service which pays you in cryptocurrency to do basic simple things. It’s a service called Earn.com. You can get paid emails to you by connecting your email and also by completing microtasks like joining Telegram groups and Twitter accounts.

You need to verify your profile first but usually not super hard. After that you could join lists based on the skills you have and earn Bitcoin by doing small missions. I have gotten over 40 missions sent to me most of them was easy to complete in just a minute. The website has a very nice design and you can cash out your Bitcoin after you hit around 3 dollars.

Companies are looking more for expert answers on the Internet that is why they are interested in using a service like Earn.com. The great thing about being paid in cryptocurrency is that it may go up in value in the future. Some even have said they think Bitcoin will go up to 1 million dollars in the future. Which would be 147x increase in value! So 1 dollar you earn today could be worth 147 dollars in the future like 2022. Of course this is just speculation but still fun to know. Why would it go up? Because there is a limited amount of Bitcoins out there.

What Bitcoin is in short is Peer-to-peer transactions without a Bank involved. So you can do borderless payments. It also has built in fraud protection because of the awesome Blockchain technology being used that is very safe and use math. Nobody controls Bitcoin and everyone can be a part of the system.

Something else that is good to know about Bitcoin is all the transactions are public. My Earn.com payments have gotten to my Bitcoin wallet usually under 1 hour. Which I find very impressive. It’s also nice since you learn so much about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space by joining these Telegram groups. You can also earn even more by getting Airdrops with free Tokens by doing simple tasks!

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