Samsung Galaxy A8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Benchmark Speed Comparison!

Today I did a benchmark comparison. I picked the brand new Samsung Galaxy A8 and the older flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 device. These phones are pretty similar in terms of specs.

The main key thing that is different in terms of build here is how the Galaxy S7 comes with a hardware button at the front and is a bit more rounded in design. The Galaxy S7 was a nice upgrade from the S6 because it brought back the water resistance that we first saw in Galaxy S5!

The new A8 here is also a good upgrade compared to the edition we saw a few years ago. Samsung is putting glass on their mid-range devices. Something they didn’t do a couple of years ago. It adds even more exclusive feeling but it also raise the price on their mid-range lineup.

Both of these two phones comes with an Exynos processor and Mali GPUs but different editions. The new Galaxy A8 also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 so should have better wireless audio. Another different thing is how the fingerprint sensor is located at the rear side on Galaxy A8!

The screen is also a bit bigger on A8 because people still want bigger display phones. But we are probably hitting the limit soon for how big screens could go. Both of these two phones have the same mAh in battery size. The Galaxy S7 is a little bit slimmer in terms of thickness. The A8 is around 20 grams heavier in weight.

I will probably do more videos like this where I use the jwplayer on my own website instead of uploading the video to YouTube. Since I have more control over my content on my phoneinf website. And it feels much better to have that extra freedom!

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