Motorola Moto E5 New Smartphone!

Motorola has a new phone called Moto E5. This is a phone that cost the same amount as Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. So just an entry Android device.

Main specs: 5.0 inch Display, 720×1280 pixels, gorilla glass 3 screen protection, Latest Android 8.0 Oreo, Quad-core processor, microSD card expand up to 128GB, 32GB Internal storage, 2GB of RAM, 8MP Primary camera with F2.0 and 1.12 pixel size, 5MP secondary camera for selfies, rear fingerprint mounted sensor and 3000mAh battery!

Something that makes be a bit sad is too only see 2GB of RAM. It feels a bit too little for a smartphone 2018. Many phones at this price especially Chinese brands gives you 3 or 4GB of RAM. But these premium brands are still going with higher prices and worse specs. Because they can.

The colours this mobile comes in are Iron grey, Blush Gold and Oxford Blue. I don’t like how it’s using just microUSB 2.0 USB connector. Very outdated for 2018. We want Type C.

But nice how it still packs 3.5mm audio jack. No 1080p video just 720p which is very bad! Why can’t they pack 1080p? I sort of feels Motorola always try to give you worse specs than what it should be for the price that they are offering.

But some things are nice with this phone like that it packs a aluminium body. The Galaxy J5 2017 did that too and it felt super amazing and premium. Thankfully it has support for 4G LTE. I was afraid that it would miss out on that too.

Also the camera on the rear doesn’t protrude too much. But I wish that they made the top and bottom bezels smaller on front side. It would make it look more ready for 2018. What are the top things you want to see in 2018 smartphones? Any specific feature that you haven’t seen before?

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