Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Apple iPhone 4S – Knife Screen Scratch Test!

Today I want to feature a video I did a few years ago! This became one of my first videos to go viral and reach over 1 million views! It was a video where I tested the glass strength on both Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 became one of Samsung’s best selling device of all time! It came with a pretty strange design compared to Galaxy S2. Samsung designed the S3 in a weird way because of a lawsuit that Apple did against S2 thinking it looked to similar to an iPhone. Samsung didn’t want any trouble so they truly made it into a weird design so nobody could complain! And it worked.

The S3 here is having corning gorilla glass 2 protection and is 4.8” in size. A bit smaller compared to flagship devices 2018 that usually comes with at least 5.5” display size. And it seems like in 2019 more companies will go up to 6” screens by removing the bezels more and more! The iPhone 4S came with an even smaller display just 3.5”! This was back in the days when 4.5” was considered huge.

With these tiny Apple phones you could easily navigate the whole screen with your thumb. Today that is becoming a bit more difficult and complicated. I use some Finnish knives to test the phones with.

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