Servo 2017 New Super Small Phone!

Servo 2017 is a new tiny compact phone that comes with a very small display. This is on the other hand a cool flip phone! It sort of reminds me about the old Sony phones. Let’s go into the specs shall we.

Main specs: 1.8 inch Display, Single core processor, 32MB of RAM, 32MB Internal storage, TF card support up to 32GB, Flip cover phone design, SC6533 Chipset, Dual SIM Card Dual Standby, 2G Connectivity, 0.3MP camera, 128×160 pixel resolution, 1500mAh Battery and 6 hours of talk time!

The main thing that is cool with Servo 2017 is how it comes with an original design for a low price. The phonebook can store 500 contacts. The net weight of the phone is 98 grams. It also comes in three different colours: Black, White and Gold.

It’s a very thick phone just because it’s a flip phone so dual thickness. 17.5mm thickness. It’s a multi-language phone great for Europeans. The languages are: English, Russian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Wish they had Italian as well.

The features it packs are basic. Because it doesn’t feature an operating system. You get vibration, mp3 playback, GPRS support, FM Radio, Bluetooth connectivity and messaging function.

The camera on the rear side doesn’t protrude like the one we saw on iPhone 7 Plus. So it’s good for laying down flat on a surface. It also reminds me about an older Motorola phone.

The cool unique feature with Servo 2017 is how you can close it and still see the display! Because it comes with an opening. Just as Samsung got cases that will do the same for their high-end smartphones. That is good if you need to see notifications without having to open up the phone.

I like the black edition the most here. It looks like a James Bond phone almost. And it looks more premium than a feature phone.

A few years ago I made a quick comparison between another flip phone and a smartphone. Just to compare them a little what might be best for a new buyer. Some people really enjoy the simple side that comes with owning just a basic flip phone.

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