Samsung Xcover 550 vs. Nokia 3310 – Which Is Faster?

Back some time ago I made a video comparing a 15 year old Nokia 3310 with a brand new Samsung feature phone. I thought it would be fun to compare these two gadgets because they are both super durable.

But of course the Samsung phone is a little bit more interesting because it comes with a colour display. Something that didn’t exist back in year 2000. The Samsung Xcover 550 also comes with IP67 certification. So it’s dust and water resistant. Another thing that makes the Samsung phone better is that it comes with 3.15MP camera and microSD card support!

On the other hand Nokia 3310 gives you some legendary games like Snake 2, Pairs 2, Space Impact and Bantumi. Also that the Nokia phone comes with back and front cover that you can exchange to other cool themes. Which was a major hit with that phone! Which one do you prefer?

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