Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Red Bull + Milk Freeze Test!

In this video I will pour some milk on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to see if it will survive. I have been doing similar test with other phones to see if they will survive. But usually then I have been using another fluid like water or coca-cola. This time I am using something coming from a cow.

And I’m also mixing it with Red bull. This has a very strange fascinating effect on the milk how it gets more fat. It’s like the milk ages faster because of the Red bull. I have never seen an effect like this. Let me know if you want other similar videos with other fluids!

I know I did a test like this with a Sony Xperia phone and it actually stopped to work. Which was a bit sad. It’s one of my only phones that has stopped working after a freeze test. I also have had two iPhone 7 stop working after a Coca-cola freeze test.

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