Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Phone Unboxing!

I did a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge unboxing back in the days. This was a really cool thing because the edge gave it some unique style. It did continue on the success the Galaxy S6 Edge was riding on. S6 Edge was Samsung’s first flagship edge device. They did first experiment with it putting out a Note Edge but that was only on one side.

The Galaxy S6 Edge had edge on both sides and Galaxy S7 Edge did continue on that success. On new Galaxy S8 Plus you get a different more low-key edge. I think I more preferred the S6 Edge style.

Samsung is expected in the future to release a full bendable phone! That will truly be something unique that we hasn’t seen before. Here is my S7 Edge unboxing I did. I love it! I wish more companies tried to makeand  edge and bring out phones with Stylus like Note series has.

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