Huadoo H3L New Phone!

Huadoo H3L is a very rugged low cost phone. Great if you need something that is a bit more durable.

Main specs: 2.4 inch Display, 240×320 pixels screen, 1300mAh Battery, 13 hours of call time, 240 hours of standby, 0.3MP Camera, 136 grams weight, 18.9mm thickness, 64MB Internal storage and 64MB of RAM!

Huadoo H3L is a very basic phone so it doesn’t come with Android or iOS! The colours it exist in are Black, Yellow and Green. The network type it’s using are GPRS. TF card support goes up to 32GB. Great if you want to put music on the phone.

It supports the most common video formats and audio formats. Other cool things you can do is record things, calculate stuff, having a morning alarm clock, FM Radio support and Calendar!

The IP rating this phone has is IP68. That means it will be Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof. In SIM card you get support for Dual Micro SIM card Dual Standby.

The camera will not give you some super quality pictures. Because of it’s mega low resolution! But at least it’s better to have a camera than not having a camera at all.

On the top side of Huadoo H3L you get a flashlight. Great when you are out in the woods. Clearly this is a travel phone. Great if you are into cool sports. The problem with iOS and Android phones is that they usually breaks much faster. But this phone gives you some premium protection.

In speakers you get high-fidelity speaker. This will be excellent if you want to consume video or audio content on the go and don’t have any earphones available. I personally like the green variant of this phone the most.

It looks like it may be more durable than a Nokia 3310 phone! It may be a bit too bulky for some people out there.

I like to do durability test on phones. On the video below I tried how durable Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 was when you used some real hard tools. This is crazy test but someone has to try things in life!

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