AIEK KK1 New Phone!

AIEK has a new super mini phone. It’s called KK1. This one is great for Bluetooth users. Never seen a phone having this design before!

Main specs: 0.66 inch Display, Bluetooth 3.0, 10 meter Bluetooth distance, 200 contacts in phonebook, 100 SMS inside, MP3 support if you connect it to a smartphone, Magic voice support, 330mAh battery, 96 hours of standby time and 3 hours of talk time!

You can have KK1 phone right next to your ear! It packs some basic features like SMS, Caller History, Music Player and Bluetooth. The thickness is 10mm. But the phone weight is even more impressive just 20 grams!

It’s a multi-language phone with support for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Hebrew and Arabic. Which is most of the world’s largest languages!

Even a lighter is larger than this phone! Your friends will be shocked over how tiny it is! Also packs mega low radiation. Would be cool if you could remove battery but it’s non-removable. And can last for 3-5 days in standby.

The two colour options that exist are Black and White. If you connect it to your smartphone and walk away from smartphone then it can let you know via the anti-lost feature.

With the Bluetooth connection with KK1 you can play music, answer calls and dial calls. Also sync the phonebook from your primary smartphone. So overall this is a mini cell phone which gives you a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth dialer in one tiny configuration!

Probably good for people that takes lots of calls but don’t wanna play around with their larger smartphone all the time. This one won’t be as annoying because it won’t have any annoying notifications as your main phone might give you! Do you like this edition or do you want it to have higher specs, other features or maybe a third colour?

There are lots of super cool random phones out there. For example this LG Wine phone which is a flip phone that runs Android! I made a video here where I played Minecraft on it. It’s a little difficult because holding the phone and play is a bit strange!

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