Massive iPhone Speed Comparison! Which is Fastest?

In this video I am doing an epic speed test video between some iPhone’s that came out a couple of years ago. Many of them still cost a bit of money!

The cool thing that I realised was that I could start all iPhone’s at the same time if you plugged them into chargers and then turn the power on! This was way more effective than if I would have tried to turn them on just with my hands! It’s very hard to do that when you are a 1 man show. EverythingApplePro can do it because he has cool friends that help him with his content!

This video got a lot of attention it does seem like people love to see startup speed tests! Usually the boot speed may not have to do that much with the phone speed when it’s turned on. Usually most people keep their phone on all the time so it doesn’t really matter that much how fast the boot is. The fastest boot phone I have used have been HTC devices that have something in the settings you could enable to make it boot megafast!

I am surprised not more companies have adopted that. Usually takes around a minute still to start a device. I would love to see it get down to 1 second! Because sometimes you want to take a picture of something fast. Then you need a fast boot phone! Do you like this video and do you want to see more like this? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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