XP10 New Small Phone!

XP10 is a super small phone that looks like it’s designed to look as a mini Samsung Galaxy S8! I really love how you can get something like this for this mega low price!

Main specs: 1.54 inch Display, OLDE Type screen, 240×320 pixels, MTK MT6261DA Chipset, 32MB of RAM, 32MB Internal storage, Micro SD card up to 32GB, 8W camera, Bluetooth 3.0 and 500mAh battery!


What is most surprising to me is how XP10 seem to have a weight of 206 grams! Sounds like a mistake. In thickness it’s only 6.8mm! The standby time is massive 120 hours. And charge time will take 2 hours.

This phone is built using both plastic and metal to get the best from both worlds. Obviously if you want to store more data on this phone then it’s a must you invest in a TF card. I like how this phone comes in three cool colours: Black, Gold and Rose Gold. They probably try to copy Apple a little with the colour options!

It’s only 2G capable since it’s a low cost unit. It also has a design like it has a full screen on front but it doesn’t. It’s way smaller. On the back it looks like it comes with a fingerprint scanner but it doesn’t. It’s again just a design choice to make it look like a mini Galaxy S8.

A little bit fun because maybe people will think you have a brand new phone that they wanna know how to get too! I would love to see a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 mini card phone next. Especially one with a fake stylus! I really love the stylus aspect with the Note phone. Since nobody else offer some premium stylus phone.

Do you like this cute XP10 phone or do you think it’s silly? I hope they also do an iPhone X mini card phone!

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