SERVO V8240 New Feature Phone!

SERVO V8240 is a feature phone with a beautiful design. Usually don’t see feature phones that is this well designed! Let’s go over it to see what it gives the buyer.

Main specs: 1.77 inch Display, 128×160 pixels, 1500mAh Battery, 5-6 hours of talk time, vibration, MTK Processor, 1MP camera, Single core CPU, Under 2GB of Internal storage, under 128MB of RAM, Unlocked phone, Dual SIM Dual Standby and Single band!

As you can here SERVO V8240 is pretty basic especially when it comes to RAM and storage. But feature phones run still well because they don’t come with a heavy OS like Android or iOS!

The camera is just on the back. No front selfie camera for Instagram. Useful features that it has built in are: Message, GPRS, Bluetooth, Alarm clock, MP3 player, Video player, FM Radio and Recorder. The recorder is for audio.

In thickness it’s pretty standard for a feature phone. 13.5mm thickness! But the battery will last a really long time. Which is the best part of a feature phone. The languages that are built in are: English, Italian, Polish and French.

The colours SERVO V8240 comes in are: Black Orange, White Blue and Black Blue. The colour combinations makes it stand out and look a bit unique. You will probably not get amazing camera quality photos with this one but most will buy it just as a spare phone. It’s great to have if you travel and just wanna bring something cheap. If you would lose it then it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

I like how it comes with colours on the side of the phone. Makes it almost look like a premium sports car. But my favorite thing is the round colour on the center button just below the display. Such a beauty! Especially the blue edition.

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