iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Water Freeze Test a Very Long Time!

In this video I did a quick test with Apple’s iPhone 7 vs. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 in how they would perform in a Freeze Test!

What was cool with the iPhone 7 was that we didn’t really know how it would hold up in a fluid test. Because Apple doesn’t come out with a official certification for that iPhone about if it was IP rated or not. But usually Apple creates phones that are pretty good in quality so I thought it would be fun to test out the durability!

And of course it would be more fun if I did it side by side with Samsung’s high-end phone by then which was the Galaxy S7. And S7 have an IP68 rating which is one of the best phones comes with. Watch the video to see which one you think is the clear winner!

I consider to do more fluid comparisons if people find it interesting. Some of my most popular videos has been how a phone will perform inside a fluid. Other videos that I have made that have gained popularity has been hammer test and drop test. Is there any specific test you want me to do then please let me know in the comment section down below.

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