AEKU C9 New Phone!

AEKU C9 is a super basic phone that is having low radiation. It’s perfect for people that wants a mega compact mobile!

Main specs: 1.3 inch Display, OLED type screen, 480×320 pixels screen, Not a touch screen, 500mAh battery, 7 days of standby, 4 hours talk time, Replaceable battery, MTK6261D processor, Single core CPU, Unlocked cell, Single SIM card and 8mm thickness!

As you can see AEKU C9 is a very basic phone. It has larger buttons so you could see them easier. Also features an SOS button. One-touch dial SOS can be useful! Another thing that is awesome is how they made the back non slip. Sometimes slippery phones can be super annoying. I have owned many Sony smartphones that have slipped off my table just because they feature an annoying glass back!

This phone comes in two different colours White and Black. The SOS button is red on both of them. The charger is using a standard USB cable. This mobile even support TF card for MP3 music files. The phone book can store 100 contacts.

Messages that you can store are up to 50! Bluetooth is 2.0 and data speed is 2G. Both are a bit low but for the price this is pretty standard of what you can expect. It does come with an Alarm clock perfect for early morning when you need to get up for work or feed the birds.

Vibration is built in and you get access to a full QWERTY keyboard. Also come with support for many of the big languages. It does stand out and has a bit more fun design than a feature phone. This is a phone for someone that just want something that is super easy to use!

I wish AEKU C9 came in a few other colours like red and blue and perhaps green. It would make it easier to find if you lost it.

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