Anica T7 New Mini Card Phone!

Anica T7 is a new mini card phone. Great for someone who wants a sleek tiny affordable phone. Anica has created a bunch of other variants too that you may wanna check out. Let’s go over the specs.

Main specs: 1.63 inch Display, OLDE type screen technology, 240×320 pixels screen, 2G Phone, Dual SIM card Dual Standby, Plastic + Metal Build, Unlocked mobile, TF card support up to 32GB, Smart anti-lost, Bluetooth dial-up, 500 contacts in phonebook and 480mAh battery!

The battery will last for 120 hours in standby mode and about 2 hours it will take to charge it. Very light phone just 85 grams. But in mini card category that’s pretty heavy. There are some available with just 50 grams weight.

But it’s very slim just 4.6mm thickness. In features you get basic things as FM Radio, Wechat, MP3 player and Bluetooth support! This is great when you wanna bring a tiny phone in your wallet. You can connect it to your smartphone.

On the front side in terms of protection you get 2.5D tempered glass mirror with a hardness of 9H. It’s also scratch-resistant and wear resistant. More than previous models from the same company.

My favourite thing is all the various colours that exist: Green, Red, Pink, White and Black! Most phones doesn’t exist in both Red and Green edition. One boring thing with mini card phones is how they don’t give you a camera. So it’s not like a low-end Android. This is more basic. Even some Android smartwatches brings you a camera!

The languages Anica T7 comes with are English, Russian, Arabic, Persian and French. Strange how there is no Spanish or Italian.

The distance of Bluetooth with this device is 10 meters. For example when you connect it to your larger main smartphone. Also comes with both speaker and receiver which is nice for the low price of the unit.

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